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Story Notes:

Story #1 (Chapter 1): An early influence of Steve and Craig's when developing the pretender involved a man who actually lived as one. This teaser is a retro episode featuring one such similar event with Mr. Demara when he had served in the US military during that time period. 

Story #2 (Chapter 2): The Young Komendant featuring a young Syndey Green during WWII. See story synopsis for details.

Story #3 (Chapter 3): "Identity Crisis." This features a young Miss 
Parker during her academy years. 

Story #4 (Chapter 4): "Eye Before Why" recognizes Mr. Demara's later work for various missions, churches and hospitals.

Story #5 (Chapter 5): "Playing Games" A possible early education for Jarod with regard to running simulations.

Story #6 (Chapter 6): "Toys For Timmy" Jarod and Timmy learn to get by during the holidays.

Story #7 (Chapter 7): "Centre Of Controversy" The Centre continues their chase. This time, however, Jarod finally gets them right where he wants them.  

Story #8 (Chapter 8): "One More For The Gipper" A showdown 'out in the open' between Jarod and the Centre.

Story #9 (Chapter 9): "Money To Burn" An imagined rebirth of the series under "SIM" 

Story #10 (Chapter 10): "Back To The Centre" another imagining, upon reflection with regard to the time and plot gaps.

Story #11 (Chapter 11): "No One Left Behind" Kyle's run in an alternate universe.

Story #12 (Chapter 12): "Airline Sim" A possible introduction to running SIM'S for Jarod. Dedicated to

Story #13 (Chapter 13): "Return Of The Pretender" A possible piece of the missing puzzle with making a TV reboot possible.

Story #14 (Chapter 14): "Return of TP" - PILOT PART 2. A synopsis format detailing more of the pilot story toward making a reboot possible. 

Story #15 (Chapter 15): "No tricks, just treats." A holiday teaser for the next generation of pretenders from Jarod.

Story #16 (Chapter 16): "RED SUN." The SIM team joins forces with the FBI to combat an old enemy.

Story #17 (Chapter 17): "The Letter." A SIM/SHERLOCK CROSSOVER EPISODE.

Story #18 (Chapter 18): "Until He Says Ado." A Married With Children Teaser.

Story #19 (Chapter 19): "Time Out." A Rush Hour/SIM CROSSOVER episode.

Story #20 (Chapter 20): "A Reason To Celebrate." An Original Series Teaser.

Story #21 (Chapter 21): "F-13 The Return." A teaser in radio script format.

Story #22 (Chapter 22):"When it's Raines, it Pours." A Dream Corp, LLC Teaser.

Story #23 (Chapter 23):"Taking A Chance Card." A TP/STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION CROSSOVER SPEC SCRIPT TEASER. Another idea toward resolving the series given the circumstances.

Story #24 (Chapter 24): "Taking A Chance Card 2." A Possible Opening Scene/Teaser for the ST/NG version of TP.

Story #25 (Chapter 25): "This Order is to Go!" A SIM-Sledge Hammer crossover promo teaser.

Story #26 (Chapter 26): "The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts Featuring The Pretender" Show Transcript.

Story #27 (Chapter 27): "Fingerfood For Angel." A reflection on SJC in this Rockford Files Teaser.

Story #28 (Chapter 28): "Never Judge A Book By Its Cover." A reflection on SJC productions.

Story #29 (Chapter 29): "Jarod The Rock Star." Jarod joins the band of 38 Special to investigate the music scene to complete his thesis. (ALT U cross over version to episode where Jarod plays a Mistro.)

Story #30 (Chapter 30): "Centre of Controversy." Jarod dates Crissy during a pretend as a doctor and winds up in a final downdown with the Centre.

Story #31 (Chapter 31):"Rendezvous On Centaurus Part 1." Jarod is still currently held captive on Centaurus. After hearing news about Khoal's (Mr. Lyle) killing of escaped Pretenders, he begins planning the takedown of the Triumvirate once and for all. 

Author's Chapter Notes:


Mash/Pretender Chronicles crossover

ESTABLISHING SHOT: MASH 4077th campsite. Another angle: Helicopters
are coming in. From the ground, we see medical vehicles arriving with
the wounded.


We see one tent up close in particular...


Hawkeye, Bj, Frank and Hotlips are operating on patients along
with a few assistants helping them..

Hawkeye: Dammit, looks like we're going to
need a pint or two to compenstate. Clamp.

Assistant: Clamp.

Assistant hands over a clamp. Hawkeye has a moment of delay.

Assistant: Yes, Doctor?

Hawkeye: Yes? To what? My after hours proposition
Or am I just that obviously tired?

Frank: oh, Would you just wake up Pierce!

Hotlips laughs, much to Franks surprise.

Hotlips: Good one Frank.

Frank: Why thanks lovey dove.

bj: look out hawk..youve got competition.

hotlips: Finally, some REAL humor around here for a change.

Bj: (to hawkeye) I don't think she meant yours.

Hawkeye: Insult gladly accepted Margaret. The day something
finally happens here with Frank will be the day we can
all finally get some sleep.

BJ: I know I'll be laughing in mine...

Frank: Ha, Ha.

BJ: ..Or crying.

Another assistant walks in.

Hawkeye: Nurse, give me two pints AB negative.

Frank: AB negative?!

Hawkeye: Don't wake me Frank!

Frank: You know that's in short supply.

Hawkeye: And so are the people waiting in line to use it. Stat!

Assistant: Yes, doctor.

Frank: You know, if we're going to use supply like this we are going to have
to start making sacrifices.

BJ: As if we haven't already?

Hotlips (to Frank): What did you have in mind?

Frank: I don't know. Maybe donating more blood?

BJ: Sheer genious Frank.

Hawkeye: Great. We'll start with our turnip rations. All in favor?

A few raise their hands and quickly put them back down to Margarets and Franks look.

Frank: This is not a laughing matter!

Hawkeye: It might not be Frank. But you on the other hand are very laughable.

Frank: I am?

Hotlips: That wasn't a compliment.

Frank looks dumbfounded.

Frank: Oh.

Hotlips: Enough. We'll look into finding some volunteers later. Ok? Frank?

Frank: Yes. That's right. We'll look into it later.

BJ: Anybody we know?

Hawkeye: Frank?

Frank: What?

They all look at him.

Hawkeye: I know your AB negative. But I haven't been seeing you stand in line

Frank: Well, Uhm. I've been busy.

Hawkeye: Yea?

Frank: ...I'm a senior officer. I'm needed..

Hawkeye: (To BJ) Yes, I agree, its good to be needed. (to BJ) Dont you think?

Bj: Oh yes. It's very good to be needed.

Frank: I've got to stay up long hours..

Hawkeyes: long hours, yes...

Bj: I know long hours.

Frank: And to oversee everything.

Hawkeye: Everything.

Frank: And the stress.

Hawkeye: We know about the stress. By the way, do we know about stress?

BJ: Im afraid we do.

Hotlips: All right stop it you two. (to Frank) Don't reply Frank. They are just egging you on.

Hawkeye: I think he's egging himself just fine. (to BJ) Dont you?

BJ: lots of egg, yes.



We see some Nurses tending to patients. Colonel potter enters, looking at his clipboard.
A couple of medics enter carrying a wounded soldier on a stretcher.

Potter: You can set him down over there boys.

Radar enters.

Potter: What is it Radar?

Radar: Sir, it looks like there is going to be more arriving...sir.

Potter: Am I hearing you right? We are already running out of room for the ones coming in now!

Radar: Yes sir...your hearing me right.

Potter: Over the wire?

Radar: No, sir.

Potter: In that case I can only hope that you're hearing things, son.

Bullhorn: Incoming wounded! Repeat! Incoming wounded!


Choppers, along with medic vehicles are arriving in the distance.


A medic who had helped bring in the wounded soldier approaches Colonel Potter.

He salutes Mr. Potter.

Potter: At ease, Son.

Demarco: Colonel, considering the circumstances I'd be willing to stay
and help out.

Potter: Why, all help is most certainly appreciated Son.

Demarco: Demarco, sir. Fred Demarco.

They shake hands.

Potter: What are your qualifications?

Demarco: Two years in the field as a medic, sir.

Potter: Fine. Radar, get this man settled in.

Radar: Yes sir.

Radar and Demarco exit.



Hawkeye, Bj, Frank and Hotlips are operating on patients along
with a few assistants. Frank is starting to look pale.
Margaret notices and wipes his forehead with a small towel.

Hotlips: Frank is everything alright?

Frank nods.

Hotlips: You're looking a little pale.

Frank: I am?

Frank looses his balance.

Hawkeye: Would somebody hold onto him before be falls over on
his patient!

Frank: Oh, I'll be fine.

A couple of assistants grab him as he faints. They then drag him off.

Hawkeye: Great! Thats all we need around here is another patient.
Meanwhile who is going to cover for him?

BJ: I believe in this case we have too many Indians and not enough Chiefs.

Hotlips: I'll be the one to worry about that!

Hawkeye: Fine Margaret. You be the department worrier. Meanwhile we're left
with assistants helping assistants. And assistants helping to assist others
assistants assistants!

BJ: Could it get any more helpful?

Hotlips: (to Assistant 2) Cover me.

Assistant 2: Yes, doctor.

Margaret moves over to Franks patient and begins working.

Radar and Demarco walk in suited up.

Hawkeye: (to Radar) You're here to tell us this nightmare will finally have an
ending, right?

Radar: No, sir. But I've got somebody here that can help.

Hawkeye: Fine. At this point we'll take anybody who's willing.

Hotlips: Pierce!

Hawkeye: (to Demarco) Can you stand the site of blood or should I say can you stand period?

Demarco: Yes sir. 2 years as as a medic so far.

Hawkeye: So far? Optimism, I like that.

Hotlips: What are your specific qualifications?

Hawkeye: Oh, come on Margaret!

Hotlips: I believe this is my decision to make!

Hawkeye: (to Margaret) Let's cut to the chase. (to Demarco) You haven't been decorated
by the north yet for your efforts by any chance?

Hotlips: Pierce!

Hawkeye: Sorry. Just checking.

Demarco: No. Not yet sir. Though I have been known to assist in OR with your typical battlefield wounds.

Hotlips: Such as?

Demarco: Gun shot wounds.

Hotlips: Good enough. Take over this patient.

Demarco goes to the patient and begins.

Hotlips: (cont) the first one lodged near the lungs was removed. There's one more still deeply lodged
in the abdomen though. Can you handle it?

Demarco: Most certainly, Major.

Hawkeye: A round of applause.

Everybody claps

Hawkeye: (cont, to Demarco) Congratulations. You've gotten farther with the Major in here than the rest
of us have gotten with her on the outside.

Hotlips: Pierce!....Speak for yourself.

Hawkeye: Touche.

BJ: Looks like the competitions back on Hawk! Look out.

Hotlips winks then smiles.



Chapter End Notes:

This teaser celebrates the original pretender and the pretender chronicles.

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