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Story Notes:

Thank you, SimTec, for helping to translate from german into english!

Green Grass
“Loosen the bonds of wickedness,
undo the straps of the yoke,
let the oppressed go free and break every yoke,
then shall your light break forth like the dawn.”
Isaiah 58,6


Chapter 1
Daddy’s Girl

The Parkers House, June 1994, on a Saturday, in Blue Cove, Delaware
“I have to go now, sweetie.” Catherine Parker kissed her 11 year old daughter good bye.
“Do you really have to go?” Miss Parker grumbled.
“Yes, I have to catch a plane.” Catherine answered to her own reflection in the mirror. Through the mirror she
looked into the eyes of Miss Parker and smiled. “What are you going to do today?”
“I am going to pick up Dad from work at 4 o’clock.”
Catherine turned around and took her bag: “Don’t forget to do the dishes, okay?”
“Okay.”, Miss Parker uneagerly answered while opening the door for her mother. Catherine caressed her
daughters hair once more before leaving. Miss Parker closed the door and thought about what to do next.

Surely no dishwashing. At least not yet. Suddenly, an idea came to her. She quickly got dressed and left.


In the afternoon Miss Parker came back home with a satisfied smile on her face. Sitting down on the floor, she
pulled off her heavy riding boots and helmet. Leaving everything on the floor, she then went into the kitchen
and drank straight from the milk carton. While drinking she looked around in the kitchen. The Parker home
was usually very clean but today there empty glasses of wine, half-emptied cheeseboards, plates with pieces
of leftovers and a lot of dirty coffee cups. The little party her parents gave last night was one of the usual ones
and had something to do with the important work they both did at the Centre. They left little Miss Parker in
the dark about what that exactly was.


Miss Parker started to work as the old fashioned clock at the wall signaled with a “Dong, Dong” that it was
already half past three.
She knew two things: First, her father expected the kitchen to be clean when he came home.
Second, this was one of the rare opportunities to spend some time with him but required her to be punctual.
There was no way she could do that in the 20 Minutes she had left until she was supposed to meet with her
But then Miss Parker got an idea how she could clean the dishes and still meet with her father.


Through the backdoor in the kitchen she went out into the garden. In the tool shed she rummaged around until she got what
she had looked for.
She had found a wheelbarrow.
With that she went back into the kitchen, quickly pouring all the drinks into the sink and dumped leftovers
from the plates into a garbage bag. Miss Parker packed the dirty dishes plate by plate and cup by cup into the
wheelbarrow, placing some towels in between them. She then took off her riding jeans and replaced it with a
skirt and blouse.


On the street to the Centre
The dishes clattered loudly as Miss Parker went into the direction of the Centre. Parkers House wasn’t far
from there.
The Centre laid very close to the shore and therefore it had been built on a dike. Miss Parker pushed the heavy
wheelbarrow upon the dike and panted. She went to the suppliers lift and left the barrow there.
Self-confidently she went through the lobby and took the elevator to the management level, her digital wrist
watch showing 4:07. She began running in the last corridor to her father’s office. Full of verve she opened the

…and was very disappointed to find it empty. She sat down on her father’s big leather office chair, which
made her feel very small. Her disappointment turned into feeling guilty because of her being late.
She took the picture he had placed on his desk. On the picture there were Miss Parker’s mother holding her as
a Baby. She watched the approving smile her mother gave and thought about her father, who disapproved
most things she did. Out of boredom Miss Parker started to link the paper clip to a chain when suddenly the
doors opened. Mr. Parkers surprised expression told her, that he has forgotten about his meeting with his
“Angel, what are you doing here?”
“Daddy!” she answered indignantly and got up from her seat.
“Oh yes!” He remembered. “I’m sorry Angel. You’re going to have to wait for me a little. I just have one
more meeting.”
Behind him Dr. Raines entered. Miss Parker never liked him. He always had an expression as if everyone
around him smells of bile, she thought. With this despising expression he looked at her.
Mr. Parker shoved Dr. Raines out of his office. “Let’s talk in the conference room.” Mr. Parker turned around:
“Angel, please do your homework and wait for me in here, ok?”


The door closed. Miss Parker sat down, folded her arms with a defiant glare and spun around heavily in her
father’s chair. She was very annoyed with her father. He was living in his own world.
A Centre-world.
There were no weekends for him. He didn’t even know that she had no school today.
But suddenly she stopped the spinning and smiled. Today her father’s Centre mania wasn’t too bad. She was
very determined when she left the office.

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