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Jarod has an epiphany. (payback doesn't have to be a bitch)


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Published: 17/02/13 Updated: 17/02/13
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I know what you're all thinking: "Mirage, what the hell are you doing here again, you stupid girl? You're like a bad cough! Go away!" I'll forward that to the Lady Muse for ya.

I was working on the next installment of Circles (consumed by the hell) when the Muse mercifully tapped me on the shoulder. I earned myself a weekend reprieve from despair. But *sighs* not from Jarod.

It's not the Thomas-Parker saga (I'm still working on that one). No. Darn it. This is ANOTHER P/J fic. No sex.  No trauma. It is- - surprisingly- - NOT the worst thing I've ever read (yes, I actually read the darn thing).

1. Changing The Story by Mirage [Reviews - 15] starstarstarstarstar (1289 words)

It's Jarod's turn.