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They had tracked Jarod to his latest pretend, something to do with forests and logging.  Parker and a team of sweepers drove up into the forest, trying to locate the remote cabin Jarod was in.  However the weather took a change for the worse, forcing them to turn back.  Parker sent the sweepers ahead in their truck to clear the road for her car, which worked a treat until she missed a turn in the dark and blowing snow and put the car nose first into a deep ditch.  She had no cell reception, and was not prepared for a night in a blizzard.

Jarod had seen the lights of the cars, no one came up here unless they needed to, and no one who knew these mountains would come up with such a nasty storm clearly on its way.  It had to be the Centre.  Fortunately they had missed the fireroad that lead to his cabin, but he was concerned, the weather had closed in quickly, and driving would be treacherous.

More and more concerned something was wrong, he overrode all the  instincts screaming at him to stop, dressed for the weather, and got the skidoo out.  He would go down the road, just to check....

Jarod expected the car to be there, that warning sense was right.  He didnt expect Parker to be in it alone of course she sent the sweepers ahead.  She was cold, very cold, and nearly unconcious.  Hypothermia was dangerous and could kill you.  Too many people underestimated it and died in the mountains every year.

He got her back to the cabin, it was warm, but he built up the fire even higher, and bought more wood in from the shed.  Working quickly as time was critical, stripping the bed, he made a comfy bed on the floor in front of the fire, piling all the cushions and pillows.  He had to get her warm, her core temperature had dropped.  Very gently he laid her on the bed in front of the fire, and stripped her out of her clothes, doing the same he lay down behind her, snugging her up against him, and draped the blankets over them both.

Soon he was too warm, sweating in the overheated cabin, but Parker was cold, cold and still.  Her breathing and pulse were light but steady, and by god she was too stubborn to die on him now!

He lay awake for hours, monitoring her vitals.  Eventually she roused enough to complain of thirst, and after a few careful sips slipped into a more natural sleep. Breathing a sigh of relief, he tended the fire, carefully replaced the sheets with clean ones, put a glass of water within easy reach and climbed back next to her. Tucking an arm under her head, he draped an arm over her, lightly holding one of her hands in his. Hoping they both survived the night, he let himself sleep.

Parker woke, mouth dry and head groggy but quite comfortably warm.  Eyes still closed she snuggled down for a moment, eyes opening as she realised the warmth behind her was a man, a naked man.  The room was completely dark, except for a warm orange glow from the impressive pile of embers in the fireplace.

Parkers brain clicked into gear, connecting the dots OMG this is hypothermia treatment! whoever this guy is he saved my life.  Spotting the glass of water she had a cautious sip, yes it was heavily sweetened.  Another sip helped clear the taste from her mouth and she lay back with a sigh.

Shit, how long have I been here?  how long was I out? and who is this guy? He was sleeping deeply, heavy REM sleep breathing.  She wondered how long he had been awake  tending her.  Hypothermia was dangerous and could kill if not treated properly, though of course all the forestry staff would be well trained.  It could save their own lives as well as others.

Well Parker ,you surely used up a life today, doesn't leave many left now, does it. She hated the annoying voice, it was all to often right.

Sighing she closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth.  It was pleasant just to be, for a change to be alive.  She snorted quietly to herself, dying was not on todays agenda! A bit of a wiggle to settle her hips more comfortably, and a familiar sensation arrested her attention.  A further careful exploratory wiggle confirmed it, she was tucked up against the only erection in the room.  An evil smirk twisted her lips poor boys, even when they are sound asleep their bodies betray them.

'sound asleep' the words rolled around in her brain, and she paused for a moment and took a better look at what they were telling her, her eyes widened and her pulse fluttered she couldn't....tho he was very asleep......and he HAD saved her was the least she could do..

slowly slowly ever so slowly, pulse steadily throbbing now, she parted her legs, moving her hips to a better angle, reaching down to ooh just up a bit and ahhhhhh...........there

She slid herself glacially slowly down onto his firm length, exhaling a little as he filled her warm wet core.  It was naughty and exciting and she still had no idea who he was and the excitement was thrilling. Slow gliding strokes on her clit god this feels amazing, why haven't I tried this before realising the answer no guy awake and fucking you is going to give you this much time to prepare she sighs in sadness for lost opportunities, lost herself in slow gliding sensation.

Jarod woke warm, eyes closed he became aware of the most delicious sensation, his cock was all the way into her hot silky warmth. Eyes snapping open in shock, he realised Parker had a head start on him, her breathing was heavy, sweat glowing under the light of the embers, and her finger stroking stroking stroking.

Inhaling a surprised breath, he coughed at the dry air, and it moved him deeper within her , she sighed "oh good, you're awake" grinding her hips down against him, she purred "yes, yes like that, slow" as he mentally shrugged and followed her instructions  whats a man to do? , she groaned "oh god, thats goooooood"

He followed her lead, keeping it slow and steady, but she had clearly had time to warm up, the pace of that finger slowly increasing.  He was starting to feel it now, feeling it build, and gritted his teeth, hand firm on her hip as he thrust and thrust again.

Moaning, she tosses her head, neck straining back, breathing quicker, stroking quicker, he is riding it now, stroking harder and faster, her breath starting to hitch.  Jarod takes control now, hips grinding into her harder, panting in time with the rhythym.

She can feel the pressure building, the long slow ones always have the best payoff, and this is promising to have fireworks. The sensation of him moving inside her is exquisite, especially as he listened to her, and is following her lead, rather than losing himself in his own lust.  She catches her breath "yes yes yes oh yesssssssssssssssssssssssss"

With a cry she arches back, and with a final intake of breath, curls forward as every muscle in her body contracts in the first violent surge of orgasm.  As her muscles close around him, it drives him over the edge, his own  release pulsing into her, his cry hoarse and deep.

Her body still pulsing around him, she is panting "oh god oh god oh god" and he holds still, deep deep inside her, drowing in the sensation. Holding his breath, eye screwed shut, head back, revelling in just how DAMN GOOD it felt.

Her body has never felt such intense pleasure, the first wave damn near cracking her spine, each following wave receeding slowly, like the tide going out.  After what seems hours, she inhales deeply, every muscle completely relaxed.  She had never felt such perfect peace.

Still sheathed inside her Jarod smiled, he suspected Parker was in for a bit of a shock.  Her generous appreciation for her rescuer was a bit surprising, but Parker was a woman who knew what she liked, and wasn't shy about it.  Reaching up for his glass of water, he took a sip and then handed the glass down to her "here, you must be thirsty"

OH MY GOD!  Parkers eyes snapped open as she rudely pulled away from him, spinning to face him, a variety of emotions flashing across her face.  Jarod is lying there, gloriously naked, sweaty and clearly basking in postcoital glow. And he has the gall to hand her the glass "here, I know this will help".  Snatching the glass from his hand, gulping a mouthful, and coughing as she choked it down, all the while glaring at him.  Slamming the glass down, she sits up pushing away from him.

"Careful" he reaches a hand out "the fire is right behind you" and she registers the heat on her spine.  Jarod sits up, both hands up in a calming motion " you had hypothermia, your core temperature had dropped and you had passed out, I had to treat you, had to warm you up as fast and as gently as possible"

Sputtering "you... it was you, YOU saved me!"  Turning to face the fire "Oh my god, OH MY GOD" remembering the incredible sex they had just had, softer now "oh shit".  Jarod senses her realisation, scoots over and wraps his arms around her, dropping kisses along her shoulder and neck "it wasn't that bad, surely?"
She can hear the smirk in his voice, the heavy satisfaction and oddly, something she would have described as tenderness.

Turning in his arms to face him, disarmed, she looks into those chocolate brown eyes, and smiles a slow satisfied smile of her own "actually it was very good, mind you I did most of the heavy lifting"  Throwing his head back, he laughs once, and then dips his head down to hers in a toe curling kiss "lets have a shower, now you appear to have recovered, and then I might try some heavy lifting of my own"  Suiting actions to words, he stands up, and then crouches, gathering her up in his arms, and completely lifts her off the ground. 

Her surprise turns into delighted laughter as he whisks her into the bathroom. Hot water soon steaming, she smiles a wicked grin as she steps behind the curtain.  Shrugging, he goes to turn away, grabbing a towel, when a long arm tipped with painted fingernails grasps his wrist "where the hell are you going?"

Dropping the towel, grinning with anticipation, he slides into the shower.

After all, he had to do everything he could to raise her core temperature :)

Chapter End Notes:

Inspired by a snow storm story from Ginger

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