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The original idea comes from Liz Barr who did it far better than I. No offence meant.

Saying Goodbye

This isn’t working is it?

Yes, it is, just not how you wanted it. You always imagined we’d settle down, didn’t you? We’d live together, have children and nightmares wouldn’t exist in our land of dreams.

But you collect junk and I hate clutter, you want kids and I’ll be damned if I’m ruining my figure. Sometimes I think it’s the only thing keeping us together.

There is no happily ever after Jarod, because nothing ever ends.

Except, maybe this…

This isn’t working is it?

Stupid question. You always ask stupid questions about obvious, silly things. Ironic that you’re the genius.

No Jarod, this isn’t working. I doubt it ever did. Unconventional relationships aside, standing two feet away from a person and screaming isn’t communicating and no matter how much you may wish it, saying you love someone doesn’t make it so.

You can’t chase away nightmares you star in.

This isn’t working is it?

Not really, no. Sure you come home when I ask and do all the things I want. But you never wanted what I wanted - you always wanted more. And in return, you made me want more.

Somewhere along the way, we lost each other and the need to find one another.

Then again, maybe we never found each other to begin with.

This isn’t working is it?

No. You can’t look me in the eyes and I can’t stop crying. You spend too much time away and I don’t really want you home.

I’m sorry, I know this isn’t how you imagined it, but I never did tell you I loved you too.

If I was a stronger person I’d tell you to leave, or I’d do it myself, but you’re the only constant in my life.

Even if I may hate you.

This isn’t working is it?

“No, Jarod, it never really did.”


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