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Story Notes:
This is a story for the PretenderForsaken 'Four Seasons Challenge'(Autumn challenge # 3 drabbles); "Make up your mind Sydney!" (but it can't be between being a scientist or a mommy) What has Sydney done now? Why is he being asked - again - to make his bloody mind up? You tell us!

Another chance

"Jarod, I can't. I have to-"

"Do whatever you want," Jarod interrupted his old mentor, "just note that you can make a difference. You have the chance to revoke some of what was done... just forget that I'm here."


The pretender threw his hands up in the air and swivelled round, pacing two angry strides before returning. "Just give me a little time, just a little time to help him," he implored, pointing at Angelo cowering in the corner of the room. "He deserves this chance, Sydney," Jarod said softly, "last time we blew it. But he has another chance." He held up the vial, a light blue fluid shining nearly translucent in the artificial light.

"But Miss Parker-"

"-can wait!" Jarod growled. "Make up your mind, Sydney. Angelo can have another chance with this. You can catch me later," he said, shaking his head.

A piano stood - forgotten - in the corner of the room.

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