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Story Notes:
In "Flyer," Jarod discovers Silly Putty, a substance that can be whatever you want it to be. The store clerk asks him if he would buy it if it were called "Versatile Putty." He says he doesn't know.

            I become anything. From the moment I crack a book on a subject, my hands and mind know how to perform it. No shake to the scalpel in my hands; no missing the beat of the music; no relaxing of perfect military posture.

            I become anyone. No longer Jarod, I am the person, experiencing his life, feeling her emotions, taking the actions he took. I have died; I have killed.

            Only a few times have I resisted the Pretend, when I feared that I would harden in the shape of what I became. But I’m versatile. I’m Jarod. The Pretender.

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