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Story Notes:
I just watched "Under the Reds" for the second time, and it quickly became one of my favorite episodes. It revealed some amazing things about all the characters, particularly Sydney and Miss Parker but also Jarod.

Author's Chapter Notes:


            “You are not welcome here.”

            “All I have to do is call a sweeper team.”

            She’d hated using that voice and that threat on him. But he’d startled her with his sudden aggression—Sydney, who was never aggressive!—and he was impeding the search for Jarod. What could possibly be a bigger priority for Sydney than the Centre’s bidding?

            He let her into the room. He sat down in the chair and took the hand of the man in the bed. The world was swirling around Miss Parker. Why hadn’t she ever known Sydney had a brother? A twin brother?

            It was strange how her instinct was to protect. One moment she was threatening Sydney with threats she knew she would not fulfill, and the next she was reaching out in ways she didn’t know she was still capable of. Pulling out the whole story and being there with Sydney. Showing that she cared.

            Then Raines’ order—kill Sydney’s brother? It was laughable, that they thought she would actually kill Sydney’s twin. She comprehended suddenly that it was possible to have loyalties that went beyond the Centre. Sydney’s was to his brother, and hers…was to Sydney. To the past.

            Miss Parker showed me something today. Frightened, I wanted to keep her out at all costs. I had not protected Jacob for so long to see it end now.

            But she showed me that I was right about her, before fear for Jacob clouded my mind. She showed me that somewhere inside her was still the little girl I had once been kind to, that once we had shared more than a job description. She saved Jacob’s life, at risk to herself. There is much more to Miss Parker than what the Centre has made her. I can trust her.


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