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What happens when Jarod doesn't escape from the Centre as he was supposed to before the pilot? The 9th Doctor and Rose to the rescue!

AU: Doctor Who/Pretender crossover

Rated: PG
Categories: Crossovers, Prequel, Alternate Universe
Characters: Angelo, Jarod, Mr Raines, Other Centre Character, Other Non-Centre Related Character, Sam, Willie
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Comedy
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes Word count: 7101 Read: 12967
Published: 17/06/09 Updated: 17/06/09

1. Chapter 1 by Haiza Tyri [Reviews - 0] (2863 words)

2. Chapter 2 by Haiza Tyri [Reviews - 0] (2149 words)

3. Chapter 3 by Haiza Tyri [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (2089 words)