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N for Nothing ever (really) changes




I remember when they were young. I knew them as teens, as children, even infants. I may have not watched their births, but I've known them for most of their lives.

I remember how they were then. The friendship, the complicity; the bond that could break any barriers imposed by the dreadful place they were in.

I remember their constant defiance; their resolve to question the rules, to boldly explore the world around them.

I remember the pranks they would do to me, to Mr. Raines, even to Catherine. They were lovely children, though they could be real pests if they wanted to. God helped us!

I remember, just as I walked into my office early this morning, thinking to myself 'This is going to be just another one of those days.'

I remember seeing an envelope on the desk. I sat on the chair, opened the envelope and read the birthday card from Jarod and Miss Parker.

I got up from the chair and ripped my pants off.

I did not remember that on my birthday they always liked to put glue on my seat.

No matter how many years go by, nothing ever really changes.

Chapter End Notes:

The Centre isn't probably the kind of place where such pranks (or any prank, for that matter) are bound to happen. In any case, who knows? Care to comment?

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