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He is know simply as ‘He’ or 'him', depending on the sentence. ‘He’ brings fear, worries and headaches to those in charge of his needs and wills. ‘He’ is a living terror with a lovely smile. ‘He’ is Lord, sorry, Master Parker and this is his story. One of them, anyway.




The day at The Centre was far from over. Everyone was busy doing their things. Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots analyzing hints left by Jarod; Lyle using his charm to invite his newest Chinese secretary for a nice meal at his place; Mr. Raines devising a new evil project; Mr. Cox embalming another dead road animal; Angelo taking a stroll through the ventilation system; and, on the Nursery Level, down on SL-19, nurse Nancy reading a magazine while Master Parker took his nap.

Or so she believed.

Although ‘He’ is only four years old, ‘He’ honors his genes. The son of Jarod and Miss Parker had his mother’s stubbornness and his father's curiosity. That means that if someone told him not to go outside his Playroom, he'd see that as a challenge and would act according to his instincts.

Therefore, finding himself unwatched, with the camera turned off, ‘he’ decides to venture on a journey outside his area of confinement. Whenever he does that, things are bound to happen. They are not necessarily bad – or good for that matter – just unexpected.

And how, may you wonder, does a four year old walk around The Centre unnoticed?

Quite easily, as a matter of fact. The same way Angelo does. And remember, Angelo isn't in his lair at the time, so it's child's play, pardon the pun, for 'him' to go there and take something shiny, pretty or – when regarding Cracker-Jacks – tasty. Uncle Angelo wouldn’t mind.

Next, ‘He’ goes down to Mr. Lyle’s office – his supposed half-brother –, who's still outside, courting his new secretary. He opens his desk drawer and retrieves a Chinese cooking book. His Inner Sense tells him that Lyle will not need it for that night.

Miss Parker and her crew members decide to take a break and he finds that as the perfect for opportunity for 'him' to go to the Sim-Lab and take some of his daddy’s souvenirs.

And last, but not the least, a trip to SL-25, room 19, where Mr. Raines usually keeps his oxygen tanks stored. He lost his spare key a few days ago. Guess who has it now?

Although it can be amusing, this kind of activity is not without its dangers, especially when a turned off camera suddenly turns on and catches the perpetrator in midcrime. Thus, when Nurse Nancy sees Miss Parker, Sydney, Broots, Mr. Lyle, Mr. Raines, even Angelo, walking inside the Nursery, she knows ‘He’ has done it again.

He’ pretends to be asleep – which isn’t that difficult because he is really tired – but they don’t buy it. Miss Parker peeks under his bed and finds the missing items.

Mr. Raines, the child’s tutor after Mr. Parker’s demise, takes a step forward and says:

You’re grounded!”

Now, when you spend your entire life confined to a room, the concept of being ‘grounded’ is somewhat redundant and, therefore, it can be opened to interpretation.

Does that mean I can go out now?”

No!” Raines replies angrily. “You stay here.”

So what’s the difference?”

Without a good answer to supply, Mr. Raines simply warns: “Don’t get smart, young man!”

He’ grins and thinks to himself. Yeah, right.

Chapter End Notes:

Baby Parker's parentage is one of the mysteries left to solve. Since Mr. Parker wasn't able to father a child at the prime of his age, the chances we would be able to do so at a later age were slim, at best. For the sake of this story, I went went with the version that considers him the offspring of Jarod and Miss Parker.

About regarding Angelo as the real Parker twin, the reason for that is that I find his empathic abilities as very similar to the Inner Sense Miss Parker possesses. Lyle hasn't displayed any psychic ability so far, which is not to say he doesn't have one.

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