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H for Haven




There is a safe place for everyone. I have mine. No one knows about it and I hope no one ever will. I need it to be pure, to be cleansed of The Centre’s influence. I’ve worked there for a long time and I know what happens to good things when The Centre touches them: they change and it's never a good change. They make people change, they make places change. Life turns into something dreadful. I know this. I live this.

To be honest, at first, I thought it was a good place. I really did. I was raised to believe that. Later on, I discovered the truth. And, from that moment on, I tried to make a difference. Goodness cannot be completely extinguished, only temporarily reduced to a minimum. If the right person at the right time does what it takes, maybe there’s a chance. A tiny chance, but a chance nonetheless.

So I thought about going to Sydney and ask for his help, but once I did that, he looked the other way. He refused to believe how blind he had been. I got someone else to help me, but my plans worked out wrong.

I failed.

I’ve left the people I love fall at The Centre’s mercy.

My haven was still there. Waiting for me, but I felt dirty inside. Guilty with what I had done. I wouldn’t go there again. Not then. Not until I felt clean.

He came to me and offered me his help and support as a return favor I’d never thought about claiming unless it was absolutely necessary. Now was such a time. And, besides, no one would know.

Only until everything is over,” he said.

I believed in him. I believed the lie. Again, I was a fool.

But I didn’t have a choice. Also, I was certain he wouldn’t hurt me.

For a while, at least, I would be safe.

I had enough time to devise a plan. Not to escape – too late for that – but, at least, to allow continuity. I asked him to bring Jarod to my presence.

Jarod would listen to what I had to say and he would learn. They would most likely try to make him forget everything. But Jarod would never forget it. I know who Jarod is. The Voices have told me that. And one day he will know it too.

The one still to come will guide Jarod to his true path. That will be his purpose in life.

My caretaker is hesitant about leaving me and Jarod alone. Finally, he accepts it, thinking he has a trump card.

For now.

The ace is growing inside me.

I close my eyes and think of my daughter. My haven. I’m doing this for you. Please understand. Please forgive me.

Chapter End Notes:

Sometimes it's hard to understand the true reasons behind Catherine's actions. How much did she really know? How much did she willingly allowed to go by? I like to think she was trying to do the right, for the right reasons, but made some bad choices along the way. Your thoughts?

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