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Author's Chapter Notes:

How aware is Angelo of who he used to be? Does that trouble him or does he see it as the way things are supposed to be?

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Sometimes, when I’m alone, he comes to me.

Do you remember me?



I remember him. It was a long time ago, but I still remember him. Don’t want to remember. Keep trying to forget he ever existed. No place in the world for him now.

The men came with the night. They always moved when it was dark; when there was nobody around to offer a feeling of protection. Took Timmy to a bad place and left him there for days without food or water. Those were not the bad times, as he was soon to find out.

They were evil. They hurt Timmy. I’m sorry for him. They said he was special. That’s why they wanted Timmy in the first place. Because he was special. Not as special as Jarod, but special enough to deserve the attention of Mr. Raines.

But Mr. Raines was unsatisfied with Timmy. He wanted more from Timmy. Mr. Raines always wanted more. It was never enough. He wanted Timmy to be more special.

He took Timmy below and did horrible things to Timmy. He wanted Timmy to be better. To be perfect. He wanted Timmy to be a success.

Then She came to help Timmy, but it was already too late. She hugged Timmy and asked, with tears in her heart and pain in her voice. “What have you done with Timmy?”

His name isn’t Timmy anymore. From this moment on, he shall be known as Angelo.”

Timmy was no more.

Or so they believed.

Sometimes, when I’m alone, he comes to me.

Do you remember me?, he asks.

Yes, I remember you.

Let me be Timmy again, he pleads.

No. I have to be Angelo now.

There is no more Timmy.

No more Timmy?

No. No more.


Chapter End Notes:

I really hope the new Pretender novels will offer us more insight on all the characters. Some of the stuff we write are just speculation, but I like to consider the idea (no matter how wrong I may be) that I'm not very far from their official perspective.

As always, your opions are welcome.

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