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Disclaimer: “The Pretender” and its characters don’t belong to me they belong to TNT and NBC and are being used without permission. Please don’t sue because I have no money.




Ever After



Jarod stood there looking at his fiancé. He had met Allison Henderson when he had been working at the hospital as a Doctor. It was love at first sight for both of them. They had dated for a couple of months and then Jarod finally popped the question.


Before that he had thought that he loved Miss Parker. After the Centre was gone from their lives he thought that she would love him back. He tried everything, but she kept on pushing him away. He couldn’t take it anymore, so he had stopped and moved on. He was glad he did because he would have never met Allison.


He hadn’t told her anything about the Centre, how he was stolen as a child and that he was a pretender yet, or about Sydney and Miss Parker. He knew that he should, but never found the time to do so.


He sat down at the table as she served him breakfast. Usually he had made breakfast, but he had overslept. She had put the meal in front of him and then she served herself and sat down. They both ate and Jarod had cleared the table and washed the dishes too.


He went into the living room and saw that she was reading the paper. The headline was Centre Trial Underway.


“Can you believe this? A Corporation like this stealing children to do their dirty work.”


“Allison, I have to talk to you.” He sighed knowing that it was the time to tell her the truth.


“What is it, Jarod?”


Jarod eyed the paper in her hands and then back to her.


“It’s about the headline. I’m sorry I never told you this and I have been meaning to tell you. When I was four years old I was stolen in the middle of the night and taken to the Centre. While I was there they trained me to become a Pretender. I would become whatever person they wanted me to become for their simulations. When I found out that they were using my simulations for killing and hurting people I escaped. When I did that I did various pretends trying to make up for what my Sims did inside the Centre. Miss Parker who was my childhood friend inside the Centre and was the chairman’s daughter. Sydney was my mentor and trained me to become a pretender. When I was a little older I was told my parents died in a plane crash coming to see me. Sometimes me, Miss Parker and Angelo would go on adventures inside the Centre. That was until Miss Parker was taken away to boarding school. After that I never saw her until she was put on my retrieval team. Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots were in charge of finding and taking me back to the Centre.”


“You mean you were inside the Centre too?”


“Yes. I was.”


“I’m so sorry that you had to go through that.”


“Thank you, but it wasn’t your fault. It was the Centre fault because they were greedy.”


“I’m glad that the Centre is gone from your life and you found you family.” She said. “One thing I don’t get. How come you, Miss Parker and Sydney in the papers too?”


“Angelo gave me the files and said that it was time to bring down the Centre and that there was nothing in the other files that had me, Miss Parker, or Sydney in them.”


“Angelo did this?” She said. She remembered meeting him when she had met Sydney.


“Yes. He kept in touch with me and my brother Kyle. He was also the one who had alerted me that they were going to get another child to use for the pretender program. I went there and rescued him and took him to a family that would protect him and love him.”


“You had a brother inside the Centre too?”


“Yes. I never knew that he was my brother and we also did a sim together. It would be a year after I escaped that I knew he was my brother and that I had a sister too.”


“I’m so sorry, Jarod.”


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