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Ethan’s Escape



‘Sister, Sister!’ The voice was softly whispering in his ear.

“Mom, mom?” Ethan lifted up his head from the dirty pillow and let out a sigh. He had been staying in this hotel for over a week now trying to remain low. The Centre had a team on him now full time and he was aware that last week they nearly found him.

He reached his computer turning it on and noticed the flashing mail logo. He clicked on the icon running a hand in his hair.

“Hello!” Jarod’s bright face appeared on the screen. “If your receiving this then all hell is about to break loose.”

Ethan glanced at the time stamp and noticed it was sent last night.

‘Sister, sister, sister!’ The inner voice called out yet again.

“No doubt your already under attack, but what you didn’t know is Miss Parker, Broots and Sydney are also facing the same problem. I suspect a new team of sweepers are hunting you as well.”

Ethan closed his eyes recalling the rather hard looking characters that ran him down the streets of Dallas. “Yeah.”

“All I can say is the Centre is facing an attack from the inside. We should meet and soon. I need you to try and find Parker.” Jarod’s eyes were filled with worry and fear. “While I try to find Sydney.”

Ethan glanced around the small room trying to think on were to start.

“Parker is sometimes a creature of habit. Ethan these new sweepers aren’t out to capture us. They are out to KILL us. Make sure that you find safety for anyone that your connected to as well.”

Ethan smiled remembering Natasha’s face. A few months ago he had enjoyed his first serious relationship. The woman’s soft touch on his bare chest, and the feel of her bare back haunted his mind.

“I’ll contact you soon.” Jarod’s face disappeared and Ethan noticed a strange attachment.

The numbers of course was some kind of code and Ethan glanced over the placement.

‘Sister, sister, sister!’ The inner voice was now in a panic.

“I know.” Ethan let out a sigh rubbing his temples as he was able to figure out what Jarod was trying to tell him. Parker was a creature of habit, and that means she would attack. He pulled out a notepad writing the numbers down quickly.

‘July, July’

Ethan closed his eyes while packing up his belongings. July? That was seven months away! What did Miss Parker have to do with July?

“Checking out, Mister Roberts?” The old man smiled as Ethan put down a few hundred dollars.

“Yes, and thank you.”

“Did the fishing trip go well?”

“Well enough, and could you leave this if anyone asks about me?” Ethan put a gold notebook in the man’s hands.

“Sure thing it’s the least I can do for someone that saved my business! You take care of yourself, and come back anytime!”

Ethan sat down on the bike and secured his two bags. He loved the feel of a Harley while traveling. The bike had a strange habit of drowning out his inner voices. The bike was his escape into his ‘Pretender’ side.

‘July….July….. July…..’ The voice faded as Ethan started the bike.

The road made him feel empowered as his body leaned into the bike. He knew were Miss Parker would go. He was sure that she would have taken Broots, Sam and maybe even Sydney into hiding with her. An image flashed across his mind and Ethan let out a gasp as the inner voice came across loudly.

‘We can’t escape our feeling forever, Parker.’ Jarod’s lips moved in closer towards Parker’s.

‘I don’t need you to tell me what I should do!’ Parker reached out pulling Jarod into a heated kiss. Ethan felt his heart twist watching his half-brother and half-sister in the passionate embrace.

Ethan blinked as he did his best to focus on the road. His inner sense was demanding his attention. Ethan turned his head towards a road sign. Natasha’s home was over one hundred miles away. He could kill two birds with one stone. “Nat.” He mumbled quietly as the bike drowned out his own voice.


“This is a huge gamble. He’s already escape twice.” Lyle rolled his eyes playing with his pen. “It’s bad enough Parker has made a run for it.”

“Sydney, Broots and the girl will just slow her down.” Raines glanced out the window. “I’m worried about Jarod and Ethan.”

“Ethan’s nothing.”

“I wouldn’t underestimate him.” Raines turned around letting out a cough. “That’s the problem we have with Jarod.”

“Well we know the problem with Jarod! Miss Parker was in LOVE with him!”

“You idiot that’s the reason Parker was able to keep one step behind Jarod.” Raines narrowed his eyes. “That’s the problem we have with Ethan. The team you have out hunting him have only managed three close calls.”

“Ethan won’t escape again. This time we will have them all.”


Ethan stood in the doorway and let out a sigh. He had left Natasha a short note when he was force to disappear months ago. He knocked and waited.

She had blonde hair that went past her shoulders, and her body was that of a Greek goddess. Ethan had been shy when asking for her number, and even more shy during their first encounter. “Ethan?” Her green eyes became huge as she glanced into his.

“Hello, Nat.” Ethan waited and felt the cold slap of her hand across his face. He moved quickly sticking his foot in the door before she could shut it. “Nat, we have to talk!”

“I’ve got nothing to say!” She hissed but Ethan managed to work his way in the door.

He smiled noticing she was trembling. “I’ve missed you.”

“Go to hell!” She gasped as Ethan pulled her into his arms.

“I’m sorry for leaving you.”

Nat wiggled and felt his lips on her neck giving into her own desires. “Jerk, you left me a note saying people were after you. Are you in trouble with the law?”

“No, it’s hard to explain.”

“Do your best.” Nat now kissed him back but Ethan pulled himself from her arms smiling.

“You need to come with me. I have a place we will both be safe.”

“Is that an order?” Natasha placed her hands on her hips waiting.

“Please?” Ethan knelt and Nat let out a soft laugh. “Please come?”

“For you.”

“Go gather your things! I’ll drop you off.” Ethan put back on his sunglasses and Nat turned around letting out a groan.

“What do you mean… You’ll drop me off? Your not staying?”

“I have to find someone.” Ethan blushed noticing her disappointed face.

“Who?” Nat answered back slightly annoyed.

“My sister.”


She let out a soft sigh running a hand in her hair. “Bite me.” She glanced towards a laughing man. “I look awful.” She lifted up the mirror glancing at the blonde locks.

Sam couldn’t hide his smile nor his soft chuckles. “You look fine.”

“I should have stuck with Broots and Syd.” She tossed the mirror inside the bag glancing up at the clock. “Let’s get going before they find us again.”

“Do you think the Centre really wants us all dead?”

Parker glanced down at her small belly. “Not all of us. Remind me to lash the lab rat if I get a chance to see him again.”

“Yes, Miss Parker.” Sam smiled reaching out for their bags.


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