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Story Notes:
Character musings following Bloodlines eps. I had to write this one, it's been inspired by my favorite poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, "The Arrow and the Song." Usual Disclaimers Apply.

Centre Psychogenic Project #0023.

“Cousin It,” I’d snidely called him when Sydney first brought him to help track Jarod.
I’d thought him a freak, but his pretender abilities enabled him to find Jarod at that little lodge in Stone Mountain, Georgia, all on his own.

“He’s a boy. Let him be a boy,” he’d told Jarod giving him the last dose of his medicine. At that moment I hoped with all my heart that this gentle soul was my twin, and not the twisted Mr. Lyle.

And helpless we watched as with this last noble act, our childhood friend, Timmy, slipped away forever.

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