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Story Notes:
A response to a challenge 'World' at the Pretender100.

He knew how people worked, that had been the most essential lesson while he had been growing up. But the world was much more than that, filled with unimaginable things, even happy things. He drank it all in -taking some of the inevitable bad along, turning it into good- and enjoyed every moment.

Rays of the Sun on his face made him feel free; he had never had that before. He would have ran and never come back, if it hadn't meant the end of her. So he stayed close enough.

For he was a child of the Centre.


The world wasn't a bright, shiny place for her. Everyday events flowed by never quite reaching her existence, registering somewhere but already forgotten. She had one goal: to catch him, to run him down for her freedom. He'd lose his but if she tried to ignore it hard enough, maybe it wouldn't matter to her.

In the end, he made it matter. Her thoughts began swaying between leaving on her own terms, hunting him and simply disappearing. But she couldn't let him go. So she watched over him.

For she was a child of the Centre.


Through that evil they had first met, guiding one another; days just felt less worse, the future was never an issue. Powers that be didn't fully grasp the situation; if they had known, she would have been kept far away from the hunt.

The shared knowledge of their pasts slowly gnawed at the urgency of the chase, the intricacy of hiding. They went through the same old song and dance enough times to finally come to the realization that they shared more than simple knowledge. Together they could pay the PTBs back.

For they were children of the Centre.


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