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A/N: I wrote this awhile back and thought it was about time I post it.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own the Pretender, because if I did, things wouldn't have ended with an almost kiss! The point is, no profit is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.

Moment Of Truth

M. Rose


she's humming again
it's a beautiful sound
one that makes him smile
and when she smiles back
he realizes it's a moment he should treasure




she turns away
and his smile fades

he's not sure why
he knows he should be ecstatic
he should be bouncing off the walls

this incredible woman loves him
and more importantly
wants him!

he could marry her
she'd say yes
he knows that for sure
he's run simulation after simulation

they could disappear
have more perfect moments like this
maybe have a kid or two

but he won't
not because it's selfish to take her on the run with him
subjecting her to constant fear and paranoia
but because he can't

incapable of saying the words
and he doesn't know why


he knows he should talk to someone

someone who knows him
pull no punches
tell him the awful truth

that he's certifiably insane

straightjacket and padded cell here he comes

he picks up the phone
and unshakable fear takes hold

maybe he should just leave well enough alone?

six months without phone calls
six months without leaving clues
six months without constant taunting
six months of silence

but he needs to know


slow and thick, like honey
her voice pulsates
through the phone
and into him


emotions bubble to the surface
and a slide show of visions assault him

a fireplace
moment of truth
eyes filled with desire
and a possibilities of a future
shattered with an innocent interruption

anxiety disappears
replaced by anticipation

his heart is beats at record pace


the silence is unbearable



her soft whisper
devoid of hostility or anger
speaks volumes

and stirs his desires

she can't see his smile
genuine and vast

"It's been awhile."

he knows what he has to do


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