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Published: 15/09/06 Updated: 15/09/06

1. Empty Hands by Eva Parker [Reviews - 0] (2583 words)
Thanks for dropping by. . .hope this opens my new site with a bang, and many apologies for the tardiness.  Blame it on unforeseen illness.  This was nuts to write, too.  Um, the daily fanfic grind. . .feel free to archive where you please, just as long as all the right names and disclaimers stick to it.  I’d also appreciate a note, when you get the chance.

We fanfic writers are slaves to two things:  hits and responses.  So bring your friends, tell your family, and especially, call that friend of a friend in the publishing business .  I’m amenable to collaborations and editing jobs.  If you want to tell me what a great (or cruddy) job I’ve done, drop me a line, but remember KICS (Keep it Civil, Stupid); flames are eaten for fun and profit.

P.S.  Watch your dates; things in courier new are DSA’s, things in Times New Roman are present date.  Ages are approximate; feel free to nail me if I’ve got them wrong.  I know this holds up to the beginning/early-middle of Season 2.  Other than that, don’t count on me for the mythology.

P.P.S. The question marks you see are really the Cyrillic alphabet; the translation, if it is unclear, is "empty hands," but nasty old HTML doesn't adjust to the Russian.  I'm working on it. . .for the moment, you'll have to pretend, da?

Ah, well, nuthin’ for it.  Enjoy!

2. A Critical Break by Eva Parker [Reviews - 0] (4845 words)