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no real spoilers. btw, this is alternate reality. can't stress that enough. my very own little wacked out world where people act how i write, my pen is god, and sahib slug pesters until i'm finished ;·Þ

(ooh yea, in my own little universe i may own all the characters, but in this one i don't… just pretending for a bit 'k?)

Rated: PG 13
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Genres: Angst
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Published: 15/09/06 Updated: 15/09/06
Story Notes:

I'm pleased this story was snagged and archived, because the place it was is no more, and somtime in the past decade I'm pretty sure I've lost any copy I had.  Or it's on 3.5" floppy, which is basically the same thing.

That said, I was about 16 when I wrote this.  I can't bear to look, for fear of the typos and errors and whatever my prose at that time looked like, so if you are reading this, please don't hold me too responsible for what is, essentially, just a piece of my history. 

1. Chapter 1 by a tattered rose [Reviews - 0] (7899 words)
btw, any comments, raves, or flames will reach me if ya send them to: dedtabektn@aol.com of course, the latter i'll give to Cupid- he and Jarod can figure out how to put it to use :>