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Author's Chapter Notes:
Authors note: Thank you for the reviews I have received. I hope this is a little better. Writing in italic indicates a flash back and asterisks indicates thoughts. Thank you Maestra for helping. Big thanks and hugs to Jaccione.
Chapter two...

Ten minutes later, they were at the corporate jet ready for boarding. Miss Parker smoothly got out of the limo, then reaching in, she grabbed a shaken Jarod off of the floor.

Jarod was literally shaking, his pupils were dilated, and his skin pale. Parker was getting worried. He wasn't answering her.

"Stop messing around Franken-boy."


"Jarod I'm deadly serious, quit it now and answer me!!" Parker was starting to get seriously worried.


Nothing. Then he collapsed into her arms.


Little Miss Parker had just finished school for the day and went to The Centre until her father finished work.

"Hi Daddy."

Miss Parker cautiously greeted her father. Mr Parker was sitting at his desk in his office running over some paper work.

"Hello Angel, how was school?" Mr Parker answered the 14 year old girl after giving her the silent treatment for a few minutes. He hates it when she disturbs him from work.

"Ok, I guess. Um, Daddy?"

"What is it Angel, I'm very busy."

"I was just wondering if I could go and see Jarod for a while until you finish working."

At the sound of the boy's name, Mr Parker looked at his little girl's pleading eyes.

"And why would you want to do that?"

This is what she had expected, Miss Parker had her answer already worked out.

"Well you see Daddy, it would help me immensely."

"How so?"

"As we already have established, Jarod’s a genius."

Miss Parker was a little nervous. The looks she was receiving from daddy dearest were more then a little unsettling. She couldn't help but to state the obvious.

"And I would like to use him for a while. I'm have difficulty with some of my mathematics."

After thinking long and hard, as to whether his daughter would ruin any progress made on the Pretender, he agreed.

"Very well then, you may see him if Raines is finished with him."

Little Miss Parker's heart skipped a beat. If Jarod was with Raines that could only mean danger. Yet to her father she looked cool and collected.

"Thank you Daddy." She nodded her head and calmly walked out in search of Jarod.

Once out of view she panicked and run through the sub-levels in search of her friend.

Parker found Jarod curled up on the floor in Sim Lab 7, on SL13.

"Jarod!!" Miss Parker cried and fell to her knees beside the boy.

"Miss Parker?"

Jarod croaked out. He was shaking, pale and his pupils dilated. Parker cradled Jarod in her arms, trying to comfort him.

"What did they do to you?" She asked of no-one in particular.

A split second later, Jarod blacked out.


"Sam!!!!" Parker screamed. The panic and fear was evident in Parker's voice as she screamed.

Sam rushed over to see a panic stricken Miss Parker trying to wake an unconscious Jarod.

"Sam, what's wrong with him? I don't know what happened!! Why isn't he waking up?!"

"Parker!!!" Sam growled as he shock her, she was starting to ramble.


"Relax. Go and get some more men so we can get Jarod into the plane and back to The Centre where he can be check out. Now go!"

She didn't even acknowledge that Sam gave her an order. She rushed off.


Sam knelt down to Jarod. He felt Jarod’s pulse and pulled back his eye lids.

"Jarod, open your eyes." Sam waited. "Jarod, I know you took a slight drug to give you symptoms of shock, but your pulse wouldn't be even and strong. Now open your eyes this instant before I make you open them."

Sam's basic training in drugs and medicines told him that Jarod wasn't really in shock. All sweepers at his level or higher was put through a course so they could better handle a situation that involved medical emergencies or drugs.

Sam said in a low threatening voice. Jarod obeyed.

"There you are, now I knew you would be a good boy." Sam hissed.

Jarod just glared daggers at him.

"Now why did you do that to Miss Parker? She's terrified that she will lose you, like she lost her mother. Now I will advise you to act like you were before, till we are up in the air. And pretend like you just woke up. Am I understood?"

"Yes." Jarod bit out.

Even though he hated all sweepers, especially Sam and Willie, he respected Sam. Because he cared enough for his boss to threaten Jarod so he could keep her safe.

"Good. Now close you eyes and never mention this chat of ours or I will kill you damned the cost."


They had just finished their chat and Jarod had just closed his eyes when Miss Parker and two more sweepers came over.

"How is he?"

"He is fine. Just shock I would presume, his eyes, the pale skin and shaking are result of shock. I just think the surprise on the plane was a little too much for him."

"Will he be okay?" She asked worried.

"Fine Miss Parker, his pulse has evened and is going strong. He should be awake before we reach The Centre." Sam said the last part mainly for Jarod's ears.

Miss Parker let out a sigh of relief at the thought of him safe. Which was ironic, considering she was about to cart his sorry butt back to that hell hole! The sweepers picked up Jarod's limp body and loaded The Centre's prize possession onto the plane, strapping him in.


The plane took off in one smooth motion, Miss Parker paced the aisle in front of Jarod waiting for him to wake. She was worried out of her mind. Is he okay? What was wrong with him?

Jarod could sense her pacing worriedly in front of him, so he decided to put on a good act, and pretend to come out of his unconsciousness. Moaning a bit to act as if he was confused and in a little bit of pain.

"Jarod!" Parker yelled and rushed over to him.

"Ah, what happened?" Jarod decided that playing dumb was the best option.

Jarod received a hard slap on his check.

"Ow! What was that for?!"

"For worrying me sick! Next time you feel like blacking out you tell me first, understood?" She growled.

Jarod just laughed at her.


"Why the hell are you laughing, rat boy?!"

"Your cute when you get mad." He giggled.

"Excuse me!" Miss Parker was totally shocked by his statement. "You better watch that mouth of yours, before you think I'm not cute when I get mad!" Miss Parker threatened, yelling it at the top of her voice.

Sam came rushing in to their section of the jet.

"Are you alright Miss Parker?"

"Fine!" She hissed.

"Miss Parker, I need to make sure the Pretender's restraints are done correctly."

"Check then quickly, and make sure they're tight!" Miss Parker hissed as she turned to stormed out of the room.


"What's the matter with you?" Sam scolded the prisoner.

"I don't understand."

"If you make her mad, you risk getting a bullet through the flesh!"

"They need me alive." Jarod stated confidently.

"As a matter of fact, no, they don't. When you get back there will be an extremely extensive de-briefing. Then Mr Lyle will be allowed to have you for entertainment for a while. After he is done, you will be re-educated and stuck back into the Pretender program. If you are unable to be re- programmed and of no use to them, you know your self what happens to projects not needed. Think about it."

Just before leaving, Sam made sure to actually check the restraints. Tightening the straps across his chest first, then tightening the ones on his wrists, until they bit into Jarod's flesh. Upon hearing the sharp intake of air on Jarod's part, he left the prisoner to ponder their conversation.


Miss Parker stormed back into the Pretender's section of the plane, went straight up to Jarod and kissed him hard on the mouth. Even slipping her tongue in a few times.

Jarod, was completely taken aback by this. What the hell was she thinking? Of course he wanted to be with her, but this wasn't the way he planned it. On a plane strapped into a chair and on his way back to The Centre.

The kiss was getting harder and harder until she bit his lip, drawing blood and instant bruising around his mouth. Now how the hell was he going to explain that to Sydney?

"So Jarod. Now do you think I'm all sugar and spice?" Parker said quietly, licking the blood off of his bottom lip. The coolness of her actions sent a chill down his spine.

If he wanted her, this was the only chance he was going to get before he was imprisoned back at The Centre. Jarod lent in the 10 cm or so and kissed her ever so gently on her lips.

This time when they pulled apart it was Parker's turn to be shocked. She saw his reaction to the last one, and her words scared him like there was no tomorrow. She tilted her head to the side, with the tinniest frown. If her face didn't say enough then, Jarod looked into her eyes and involuntarily went into pretend mode, and became her before he could stop himself.

Why can't he understand that we can't be together at all, its impossible. If they ever found out about that kiss, he will be punished. Most likely isolation in that small, dark, damp room like when he was little. And me, I would most likely be killed. Why can't he understand that? And as if she knew Jarod was reading her, her thoughts changed as well as her face. It went to the familiar ice glare. The bloody idiot is going to get me killed with his little fantasies! If I have to, I will do what it takes to get him to see he is out of his god-damn mind!

"Stop bloody reading me!" She yelled and punched Jarod fair across the face, the blow landing on his cheek bone, Jarod felt it fracture.

What happened? Where did I go wrong? Why didn't she like the kiss? I didn't want to read her! God I'm an idiot!! Jarod scolded himself for his actions. You idiot! Are you trying to get yourself chopped up in thousands of pieces and fed to the sharks?! Why kiss her? You knew she was going to react with violence. You should have listened to Sam!


Miss Parker had left Jarod in the other compartment while she went and got her self a drink. The moron is going to get me killed! What did he think would change if he kissed me like that? Where did I go wrong? The kiss was meant to show Wonder boy that I'm not that sweet girl from so long ago. Parker tried to work out what had happened. WHY did he just kiss me like that? What was going through his head?

The kiss was soft and tender, almost as if it were him, his soul, his heart kissing her. It was delicate yet she could fell the fire and passion lurking underneath waiting, hoping to be given the chance to get out.

After sitting there, thinking, dreaming about the kiss, the magic and warmth it had filled her with drove her to get up. She walked to Sam.

"Sam, do not disturb me at all, even if you hear my gun fired. I'm going to find out more about my mother from Franken-boy! So you better hope that you strapped him in tightly." Miss Parker hissed. It was most definitely a threat but it held no hatred or coldness.

"Yes Miss Parker."


Miss Parker entered the compartment where the trapped lab rat awaited her, and turned the lock on the door behind her. She turned back towards him, a feral gleam in her eye. Slowly she approached him, until she paused before him, like a tigress about to pounce upon its prey. A bewildered and captivated Jarod went to explain,

"Miss Parker, I'm sorry about the kiss." Jarod began. "What are you doing?" Jarod asked, head tilted to the side, a small frown creeping onto his brow, curiosity and fear mingled in his voice.

Miss Parker had bent down and unstrapped Jarod from his chair.

"Stand up now!" She ordered in a deep, cold, growl.

He stood to attention, like a new soldier does to his officer. Scared that if he disobeyed, there would be hell to pay.

"Good boy." She purred.

Just before making her move, Parker looked into his eyes.

They were a pool of emotion. Just like a puddle when a rain droplet falls in. His eyes had ripples of emotion. Mainly curiosity, confusion, then fear, and last was a well hidden hint of hope.

Like the huntress she was, Miss Parker attacked with such speed Jarod didn't know what hit him.

She kissed Jarod, a soft, sweet, enchanting kiss.

Jarod stood frozen in his spot, unable to move, unable to accept the kiss.

Miss Parker pulled back. Looking into his eyes she realised that this sort of kiss scared him more then the first. It scared Jarod because now the rules to their little games had changed, and it was Parker that changed them.

He had always tried to force her to see that he had loved her since they where kids, and that deep down inside, she had liked him too. But now it was her turn. She had turned the tables on the genius, and he was at a total lost as to what to do.

Miss Parker realised all of this, so instead of getting mad at him supposedly rejecting the kiss, she took it in and tried to make Jarod more comfortable.

Placing a hand onto Jarod’s cheek, Parker lent in and whispered seductively, "I'm going to introduce you to something new."

"What?" Jarod was almost to scared to ask.

"The Mile High Club."

And before Jarod had the chance to ask what it was, Miss Parker had lent into kiss his sweet mouth again.


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