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Eyes Closed

She entered the house, gave the door a push with her leg and finally dropped her keys onto the cupboard beneath the wardrobe. Then she hung her coat at the hook in totally apathy and in the dimness she searched for her way to the fireplace.
The room was brightened by light and as she turned her gaze to the window, with her back against the dark, she saw the moon standing over the trees.
Full moon.
Instinctively she had to think about howling wolves and for a short moment she thought to perceive a yammer from outside.
Shaking her head she averted her face and enkindled a fire with a match.
After she placed the matches back onto the ledge over the fireplace, she dragged her exhausted body into the kitchen, to get a glass with ice, which she put onto the couch table - next to it a bottle of whiskey.
Sighing she let herself fall down onto the soft padding, filled her glass full to the brim and took a huge gulp. The glass still in her hands she lay her head down and closed her eyes groaning.

What a horror trip was her life.
Hunting. A never ending hunt.
But most of all, it was being haunted.
And that was the worst of all.
She was haunted by the Centre. Haunted by the past.
Haunted by him.
And she was the one, who couldn't flee.
Her life was the best horror show ever!
And she was watching it.
Every day, since they took her soul away,
she had to watch herself crying
Slowly dying .
She was the witness of her neverending fall.
And they, they didn't care at all?

Half the bottle whiskey was gone...
It was gone, with her very last tear...
As she layed herself down to the couch.
Watching the twilight.
Listening the shadows's whispering slowly fading away...

Her life was hell. But the moment she closed her eyes forever, it felt like heaven.

The End

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