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For the first time in years, no in decades, Miss Parker was actually enjoying herself. The hole thing in this city was ecstactic: its colours, its weather, its people ... Paris was and will always be the city of light, "la cité des lumières" as it citizens call her. Slowly walking on the embankments of the Seine, Miss Parker remembered the first time when she has came to Paris. It was in the late 1960's with her mother. It had been a fabulous week; her mother had shown her all the treasures of Paris and back then she had been the happier little girl on earth. When she had returned to Blue Cove, she had related with a seizing precision all the details of her trip to an extremely engrossed Jarod.
Jarod ... She couldn'y avoid thinking about the labrat... No not the labrat, her childhood friend, yes her childhood friend that she had betrayed, that she had left behind, that she had hunted like an animal... It had been four years since she had last saw the prized pretender. Jarod had completely vanished and Raines and Lyle were constantly pressuring her for results and pragmatism. This had been the main reason for her little escapade to Paris.
During these four years, Jarod had cut all the connections between him and the Centre. No more clues, no more cryptic gifts, no more late phone calls and four birthdays and four christmas whitout any personnal gifts from the pretender. Since she had began the chase, these taunting phone calls and genuine gifts had been a constant in her life that she had secretly craved. But this was definitly ended. This was the past. Jarod was gone and she knew that the Centre couldn't do anything about it. The pretender had finally decided to make a life of his own and she was going to do the same. She wasn't a fool, she knew that she would never be free from the clutches of the Centre, hell she always knew it! But she would rather die than to work harder and harder to please her new found "daddy". Perhaps in the early years of her assignement, she was determined to catch and bring Jarod "where he belongs" but the more and more the years passed the less and less her determination to catch him was and now she has totally discarded the idea and she was determined to move on with her life. Yes she was eager to move on to forget what she had done two years ago.
Leaving these thoughts behind her, Miss Parker increased her pace to be welcomed by the reflects of the glasses of the Arab World Institute building.According to the poster, there was an exposition about the pharaon Toutankhamon. But she wasn't on the mood, today she would probably go shopping on the Champs Elysées or on the Boulevard Lafayette.
As she was reaching the end of the dock and heading toward the subway station, she caught a sight of some familiar form. She quickly realised who it was: Jarod. What was he doing here?
He saw her as soon as she laid her eyes on him. His met her a brief instant. He had forgotten how those blue eyes could be captivating. But he didn't let himself drawn in them, not this time. He has changed; he was a different man. He was no more the naïve and genuine man he used to be. He has experienced the bitterness of life and he was determined to taste it sweetness. And to succeed in this entreprise, he had to flee from the dangerous woman who was merely in front of him. So he did what he had always done in front of her: he ran.

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