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Disclaimer : The Pretender and all character associated with it belongs to NBC and 20th Century Fox. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

'I Wonder If He's Trying To Tell Me Something?'

By Sarah

Miss Parker sat back on the couch with a sigh, glad to be home. Raines had been a real demon today, and she needed some tv to relax her. She surfed to her favorite network, NBC, and prepared herself for an uninterrupted Saturday evening.

Almost falling asleep, Miss Parker heard something that jerked her awake.

"Angel, would you help me with this?" It was her father's voice, and as she watched a tall woman who looked strikingly like Miss Parker helped the older man, who was a dead ringer for her father, put a tape into a mini recorder. Blindly reaching for the phone Miss Parker didn't take her eyes off the screen as she dialed the number from memory.

"Sydney!" she almost yelled as the psychiatrist answered. "What is this I'm watching right now? How the heck did they know about the Centre?!?"

A soft chuckle came from the other end. "That was your brother's idea, Miss Parker. He convinced your father that a television show about the escapades of a Pretender might make some extra money for the Centre. We had hoped to keep this from you, but..." Miss Parker could almost see his hands spread in defeat.

"How long has it been running?"

"Three seasons."


"Well, you were never able to go home before 9 pm in the past."

"And Lyle dreamed this up? What's with the missing thumb?"

Another chuckle. "Your brother wanted to be the bad guy in the series. Apparently he, his character I mean, got on the wrong side of your friend Tomei and the Japanese Yakusa."

"Tomei? Tomei Tanaka? From college? I haven't seen him in years. How did they know about him?"

"He played himself, Miss Parker. As does your father and two brothers. Although Angelo plays an idiot savant, not anything like in Real Life."

"Angelo too? Does everybody know about this but me?"

"Even your husband knows."

That revelation left her speechless. Just then her husband walked through the door. "Speak of the devil," she told Sydney. "Here comes the miscreant now."

"Tell Jarod I said hi," Sydney said as he hung up.

"Hey, Little Missy," Jarod said with a light kiss as he sat beside her.

"Don't you 'Little Missy' me, you sneak!" she said fondly. "How long have you known about this show?"

"Since I simmed how well it would do one day three years ago. It's strange, ever since then I've been getting these phone calls from some woman named Trevor. Something about muscle shirts and spam. Anyway, your brother Lyle told me about it and I helped convince your father. Do you like it?"

Miss Parker put her arms around Jarod and looked him deep in the eyes. "Only as long as you stay away from that Andrea Parker woman. Tell me, do you think she's prettier than me?"

"Of course not! And why would I need Andrea Parker when I've got my own little missy right here?"

"Good answer. Now come on, I want to know what this show is about."

They snuggled up on the couch together to finish out the episode. Miss Parker enjoyed watching her counterpart running about trying to catch Jarod, knowing that if Jarod had ever wanted to go they'd never see hide nor hair of him ever again. A thought occured to her.

"This Miss Parker on the show, she's awfully b**chy, isn't she?" Jarod nodded. "I wonder if Lyle is trying to tell me something?"


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