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Disclaimer: The pretender is owned by Fox TV, TNT (& NBC??) as well as the great creators. I don't own any characters form the show.

Charity, Catherine (Not Catherine Parker), the Rogers family are my own creation.

Thank you Gables for all your help with the typos and ideas to make parts less confusing etc. It's great to have some one to edit my fic's. All mistakes are mine and mine alone.

This is a sequel to Charity Alien Project-mp3-free

For Catherine
By: Starbeam

Introduction: The Centre has been a part of Charity's life now for three years. The Centre muted her visionary ability and only let her use it when they want her to. Charity is Sydney's daughter and he's been able to keep her secluded from a lot of the evil at the Centre.


"Charity, I'm sorry, but you have to wake up." Sydney said softly

"Um" I said

"Wake up I have to take you back to the Centre." He said

"Papa can't I stay here and go in tomorrow morning?" I begged

"Charity, you know the rules, I leave and you stay at the Centre until I return. He said "Now, come on, up you get."

I yawned and turned over.

"We're leaving in five minutes." He said walking out of my room and closing the door behind him.

"Can't they give him a normal schedule?" I muttered getting up. I pulled the outfit from my dresser that I'd gotten ready for the next time we had to leave at night and changed into in. Then I brushed my hair and tied in back with a cloth pony tail holder. My father knocked on the door.

"Are you ready?" He asked though it. I looked at my watch.

"I still have one minute." I said getting up and opening my door. "I just need to get my flute and laptop." I picked them up then grabbed my teddy bear off my bed. We walked to the car and headed back to the Centre.


"We've been waiting for you, Sydney. Wait isn't she one of the Centre's residents?" The man at the door asked.

"Yes, she is. I'm bringing her back from the other side of the Centre. Sorry it took so long, we were in the middle of a project." My father said, making up the story as he went along.

"Why didn't you bring her back thorough the halls? We wouldn't want to lose one of our residents." The man said looking at me with a fake smile.

"Why would I want to leave?" I asked as my bear slipped out of my hand.

"We came this way to give her some time outside. Fresh air is good for people and it's the fastest way from that side of the Centre to this side." Sydney said

"Well better put um?" The man said as he bent down and picked up my bear. He handed it to Sydney.

"I'll see you on the jet." Sydney said taking my arm. We walked away leaving the man at the Centre's main door.

"Gee, what a very creepy man." I said "He's a very scary read. I think he might-"

"Charity stop" My father said suddenly.

"Empathic?" The man said walking up behind us. I didn't hear him coming nor was I trying to read anyone so I didn't feel him either. In fact after reading him I didn't want to feel anything from others for some time.

"Who?" Sydney asked

"Your young charge, whose name I didn't catch." The man said

"Yes, she is." Sydney said as the elevator doors opened and we both stepped in. The man stepped in just before the doors closed.

"Well, I hope you found me interesting, Miss." He smiled

"You seem a kind man." I lied

"Um" He said "And you would be?"

"Sydney's charge." I said

"Interesting name Miss Charge" He said "I'm Mr. Lyle"

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Lyle" I said as my father pushed the button to SL-4.

"I need to go to my office then I'll see you to your room." My father said. I nodded, seeing the problem as he did.

"Why don't I take Miss Charge to her room while you get ready to go. It would take less time that way. " Mr. Lyle said

"That's quite all right we're going to talk over the project on the way to her room." My father said quickly.

"Just don't be late , wouldn't want you left behind." Mr. Lyle said as the elevator stopped at SL-4. My father and I stepped out thankful that Mr. Lyle didn't join us.

"He works here?" I asked as we walked to my father's office.

"Yes" He answered

"But he's-" I stopped and looked around making sure that we were alone. "a murderer."

"Charity, never talk about what you just found out. He's one dangerous man and also a Parker."

"No way." I gasped.

"Afraid so." He said picking up some files.

We headed back to the elevator.

"As in Miss. Parker and Mr. Parker?" I asked as we stepped into the elevator.

"Yes" He said pushing to button to SL-16. "He's Miss Parker's brother."

"And Mr. Parker's son." I said "I feel sorry for both of them."

We stepped out of the elevator and walked down the hall to my Centre room. My father opened the door with his key card.

"I'll be back in a few days. Do you have everything?" He said. I put down my flute and checked my pocket for my key card then nodded.

We walked into my room and I put my laptop and flute down on my desk. Then I took my bear from my father and gave him a hug.

"I love you. papa." I said

"I love you too, Charity. Be careful, don't leave the sublevel and keep an eye on little you." He told me as he did ever time before he left.

"Yes, papa. Travis is here if I need him, right?" I asked not sure if he was back from his sweeper training exercise.

"No" My father answered. "He's still at training." I nodded. That left Mr. Parker as my caretaker.

"See you soon." My father said walking out of my room.


"Sydney" Miss Parker said as he stepped onto the Centre jet. "I almost thought it would be just Broots and I. What held you up?"

"Where's Lyle?" Sydney asked quickly as the jet taxied to the runway.

"My poor brother is sick. I'd thought that you'd be happy he wasn't coming with us." Miss Parker replied.

"God, no" Sydney said running to the cockpit.

"I need you to let me off." Sydney told the pilot.

"Sorry, but I can't" The pilot replied. "We're already in the air. Orders are, as you know, once up, down only at our destination."

"I need off now." Sydney said about to lose his temper.

"Look, Sydney, go back to your seat. I don't want to start something with you. You're a nice person. Please, just sit down. We'll land soon." The pilot said.

"Fine" Sydney said walking back to the seats. He sat in the front away from everyone else and pulled out his cell phone. He seed dialed Charity and waited for her to answer.

"Come on, pick up." He said. After the tenth ring he tried her pager.

He typed this message in hopes she'd get it "Charity, Lyle is still at the Centre. I don't know if he's up to something in regards to you meeting him, but STAY IN YOUR ROOM. I'll be back ASAP. Sydney." He sent the message and returned to his seat next to Broots.

"Sydney are you OK?" Broots asked never seeing Sydney act that way before.

"I'm fine." He lied


I laid down on my cot a looked up at the cameras.

'I'll never get use to being watched like this.' I said to myself as I turned over and faced the wall. 'I'd hate to have to live here all the time.' I drifted off to sleep.


Sydney looked at his beeper wishing that he'd get an answer from Charity. Then he turned to Broots. "I need to use your laptop to send a coded message."

"What?" Miss Parker asked turning to Sydney.

"I'm not going to send anything to Jarod. I just need to get a message to a friend and I don't want the Centre to know." He said

"Fine with me." Broots said. He opened his laptop. He booted it up and opened a file called. Then he logged onto the net.

"To who?" He asked

"I'll type and send it myself." Sydney replied.

"I need to do it, so if we start being tracked I can dump it without them finding out it was us" Broots said

"Um, Samatha." Sydney said

"Samantha." Broots said typing in the name. "Message?"

"Please, stay where you are. Back soon, Sydney." Sydney said

"Fine." Broots said typing in the message and sending it to the address Sydney gave him.

"Thank you." Sydney said sitting back, sighing as he did.

"Who's Samatha?" Broots asked

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