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Disclaimer: That's right I don't own the shows The Pretender or The X-Files. The Pretender and its characters Sydney, Jarod, Mr.Parker, Miss Parker, Broots, and Raines as well as the fictional Blue Cove and Centre are owned by NBC and Fox Television. The X- Files and its characters Agent Scully and Mulder as well as Skinner are owned by Fox Television. This is pure fiction. None of the events in this piece of fan fic are a reflection of anyone I know living or dead. Charity, Terri, Jen, Tammy, Trent, Tye, Mom (Mrs. Rogers), Mrs. Livingston, & Tex are made up characters of mine as is rocket LL22. I'd like to thank Cracker Jack, Ra-Chell and Astro for chatting with me. It helped me work up the courage to post this.

By StarBeam

Another reason.......

Charity’s Apartment
Bethany Beach, Delaware
September, 27 1999
3:00 p.m.

"Please tell me how you did it" Terri begged.

"If I told you then it wouldn’t be a magic trick, now would it?" I told her smiling.

I held onto my sister’s hand and looked down the street. There were so many cars. The area always seemed to become populated in the afternoon. It was different in the mornings. The streets to school were all but deserted. We crossed the street. My younger sister let go of my hand and started running to our apartment complex. "Wait up." I yelled and took off running after her. She was a handful.

There was a man standing next to our building. I’d never seen him before. He was talking to my sister. I went over to him.

"May I help you?" I asked taking my sister’s hand in mine.

"I was just telling him about your trick." Terri said.

"It’s nothing really. Just a silly magic trick." I told him. He smiled and nodded.

Terri and I continued on our way home. There was something about that man that made me feel uncomfortable.

"You know better then the talk to strangers." I scolded.

"He’s not a stranger. I’ve seen him around a lot of times." She told me.

I pulled my key out of my coat pocket and unlocked our apartment door. I pushed Terri inside

"Hey" Terri protested as I locked the door. She stomped of into the living room.

I opened the door half way and looked outside. The man got into a black sedan and drove away. I closed the door and locked it again. I walked from the entree hall into the living room. Something didn’t feel right. It was if some one had been in our apartment. I quickly checked every room. Nothing. I went back into the living room. Terri was in the kitchen. She grabbed a can of pop out of the refrigerator, opened it and took a drink. Then she walked from the kitchen through the dining room and back into the living room.

"Can I go outside and play with Tammy and Jen?" She asked taking a drink of her pop.

"Not until you finish your pop. You know Jen can’t have sugar right now because of her medical problem. And it’s not nice to drink in front of those without a pop of their own." I told her. She put the pop down on the coffee table and went outside.

I got up turn on the TV and VCR and hit rewind. Picking up the remote from on top of the TV I sat down on the couch waiting for the tape of the launch of rocket LL22 to rewind.

I knew that the rocket was going to exploded when I first saw the thing on the lunch pad. It did. I was thankful that it was a rocket and not a shuttle or people would have been hurt. I knew that to by looking at the tape my findings were that anyone on a shuttle accident like the one of the rocket’s would all make it out alive. Hurt yes, but alive. Don’t ask me how, I just know. Call it a feeling if you will. That’s not what really worries me. I can see places in my mind and what’s going on there. That is if there close by. But that’s not the half of it. About a month ago Terri and I were walking home from school. Out of no were came this car. It hit Terri. I had the sudden need to run my hands up and down over her body. I got down on my knees in front of her and did. She got up and walked away as if nothing had happened. The man in the car was sure happy about that.

"Is she O.K.? He asked "I though for sure I’d hit her."

I looked at her as she walked onto the sidewalk, then turned to the man. "You missed her by an inch. Please watch were your going. There’s a lot of children around here." I told him.

He nodded and drove away. I’d healed my sister. She was near dead if not dead already. She must not remember. She never told anyone. Of that I’m sure because I’ve yet to be treated like an alien.

I again had the feeling of being watched. I looked around the room. Nothing. I hit play and began the watch the launch of LL22 again looking for anything that could have been seen as a explanation for my conclusion regarding the explosion. I found nothing. I rewound the tape and watched it again, still noting. Sighing I put down the remote and picked up Terri’s pop. I took a drink then went outside. I walked over to the apartment complex’s playground were Jen, Tammy and Terri were playing.

It wasn’t long ago that I was their age. Terri is six and acts six. Jen is five as is Tammy. I’m ten, but act and am treated like an adult. Tye and Trent soon showed up. Trent on his new bike, which he rides everywhere, and Tye jogging along beside him. Trent is four and Tye is three. Trent is a little monster and acts the part well. He’d do better if his parent’s would supervise him, but instead they leave the job to those who are willing. Tye’s nick name is monkey. He climbs on anything and everything he can. He lives with his grandma ,in apartment #C3, who often asks me to keep an eye on him. At present she’s sick with the flu. If she doesn’t get better soon I might help her along. I kept my eye on the two boys, also. Tye climbed on the monkey bars and started across. At three he has a good swing and often goes from bar to bar without a hitch. I felt that he was about to fall. I ran over to him and put my arms around his waist . I caught him as he lost his hold. "Careful, monkey." I smiled. I held on to him so he could take hold of the bars again.

"Thanks." He smiled hanging there. "Monkeys don’t like to fall." I laughed. I went back over to the bench, sat down and continued to watch my charges. "Jen" I called ten minutes later. "Watch out!" She turned and jumped out of the way just before she got hit with a baseball. Travis ran over and picked up the ball.

"Are you O.K., Jen?" He asked.

"Fine" She smiled. He ran off. "I didn’t see it coming It would have hit me in the back of the head if you didn’t say something." She told me.

"I didn’t see it either." I shrugged. She went back to playing. A while later I looked at my watch. It was seven o’clock. "Time to call it a day." I told everyone. Trent ran over and jumped on his bike. He peddled over to me. "Hey, Trent where’s your helmet?" I asked.

"Um, I can’t find it." He told me. I closed my eyes and pictured Trent’s apartment in my mind. It was a wonder if anyone could find anything in he’s place. It was unorganized to say the least. I looked around. "Here." I said opening my eyes.

"What?" He asked "Try under your bed. The right side half way down." He got off his bike and ran to his apartment. He came back with his helmet in his hand.

"Thanks" He said with a big grin on his face. "I would have never found it there." He put it on.

"Your welcome" I said.

Everyone came over to me so I could take them home. Trent lived around the corner and two doors down from the playground. I dropped him off then we walked around to building C. I took Tye home. Jen and Tammy live close to Tye and ran home.

"Jen seems to be getting better." I said to Terri as we walked home. She climbed up onto the log in Mrs. Livingstone’s front yard which she used as a fence. I grabbed Terri’s arm before she fell onto Mrs. Livingstone’s flowers.

"Careful, You know how much Mrs. Livingstone loves her flowers. She treats them as if they were her children." Mrs. Livingstone is a kind lady. She’d act unhurt, but her garden was her baby.

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