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Disclaimer in the first one I don't own the character just like to play with them. Don't sue me but I was tired and had a half day of school.

by Shannon

Shannon entered the reading room of the library, intent on studying for her AP science test only to discover the room over run with children of various stages, from infancy to young adulthood.

"She got the best of you, didn't she?" Shannon asked the closest person.

"They both did. Set us up good. They actually agreed to the romance but wanted the NC-17stuff that went with it. Only thing that none of us bargained for was taking care of all the children we gave them." A harried look on the writer's face.

"I take it that Rebeckah won't help, even though she wants to run a daycare." Shannon inquired.

"She said that since she never got Parker pregnant, that she would not take the responsibility of the other writer's children." Trisha laughed, while rocking a baby on her lap.

"Who's that?" Shannon inquired, pointing to the infant," I don't recognize that one."

"You won't, she hasn't been introduced to the fan fiction audience, yet,"

Trish burped the infant then placed her in a carrier.

"Oh, that must be the baby from Abode to Life," Niceole asked, as she peered into the carrier.

"Yep, I told you that the birth scene was written, so I guess I have to deal with," Trish threw her hands up in the air.

"So where the hell is our favorite Pretender and his lady love then?" Shannon asked, looking around the room.

"They took a three week vacation, they wanted FUN," Mareen called from across the room," That was my suggestion, sorry."

"Don't be," Shannon called back, as she found someone that was familiar to her, "Maitland, is that you?"

"Yes, it seems that since I'm Jamie's caretaker, that I go where she goes," the young girl rolled her eyes.

"Cute kid," Shannon replied as she looked at the baby," but then again she is a clone. She shouldn't be here."

With a wave of her hand, Maitland and baby Jamie disappeared.

"So Parker and Jarod want to play do they? What was it they asked for sunsets, beaches, conversations, and no children, just the fun of the act that egets these little rug rats? So who wants to help me give them some memories to remember." Shannon glanced around the room and found most of the writers busy with children:

" Well, I guess I could do it." Suddenly the air crackled and sizzled, in the mist of this dramatic entrance appeared the lovely duo themselves.

"You can't do it?" Miss Parker hissed," you're only thirteen. What would you know about fun. And what's with the title-Lady Love."

"First off I'm thirteen and a half, get it right. Secondly, I've read most of the NC-17 stuff that's out there and it's not that difficult, nervous Parker. Question is, where should the deed take place?"

"My God, you make it sound so contrived," Parker shrieked.

"Well, you asked for it. I've got to plan it, script it, and then go with want ever comes to mind," Shannon retorted, "Not exactly my idea of romance, now is it?"

She watched Parker shake her head, then turned and looked at the silent Pretender standing next to her.

"What no bright ideas, wonder boy?" Shannon asked him.

"Hey! That's my name for him," Parker whined.

"Can it! I asked him, he likes to be impetuous and impulsive. He learned all about skinny dipping in about what, ten minutes." Shannon giggled as she watched Jarod blush and Parker turn a critical eye on him.

"With whom, might I ask."

"I don't have to say a word," a twinkle in his eye," Blabber mouth."

"Hey what can I say, it was . . . interesting. The cinematography was wonderful, just not crazy about the who it was with part," Shannon said as she took a seat on the table, receiving a rather cold stare from the librarian,"Stuff it."

"That's not my fault," Jarod cried," that she's the writers favorite on the show, so she gets all the attention, the lovers and the best lines."

"So why then," Miss Parker snorted," did my last lover take a bullet between the eyes?"

"Ahh, Thomas wasn't it. Personally, he wasn't worthy of you Parker. Never liked him on his other show, so why start now," Shannon replied," On that one, he tried to kidnap his ex-wife by drugging her, faked his own death, and set up the ex-husband to go to jail with the help of his father, definitely a snake."

"Sounds like things the Centre would do," Jarod added.

"Now that you mention it, just a minute," Shannon turned her head to the other authors, "Hey, who made Thomas Raines son in a story I read a while back?"

"Me, guilty as charged," Trisha spoke up from the floor where she was playing Barbies with the older girls.

"What, Raines son," Parker grimaced while Jarod chuckled.

"Let me guess, did I reveal the secret?" he asked looking at Trisha.

"Sort of, Angelo discovered the information, then told Syd who in turn told you."

"And then what," Parker asked.

"You called off the wedding, while in the limo on the way to the church, and. . ."

"What, never mind, I know wonder boy and I got together," she said.

"Again kind of, he was the limo driver," trisha laughed then turned to Shannon, "you know, Shannon, we seem to have gotten off the subject here. They wanted FUN and no responsibilty of caring for all these children, so the first thing that we have to do is this. "

Shannon watched Trisha get up off the floor, telling the little girls she'd return in a moment, then she headed for a computer. Quickly her fingers were flying over the keyboard.

The other writers turned and watched as Jarod suddenly grabbed Parker around the waist and planted a rather torrid kiss on her lips. The hoots and hollers that erupted caused the librarian to faint dead away. When Jarod broke the kiss, Parker's cheeks were red and she was as flustered as a school girl. He, though was grinning.

"So where do we send them to finish this bit of fun? We have at least two weeks," Shannon asked the others, fielding such suggestions as the beach, a remote cabin in a snow storm, a hot spring, the floor of Parker's house with a roaring fire.

"I have an idea," the pretender spoke up, then whispered in Shannon's ear.

"I like that idea, but I doubt that Parker here would go along with it, but then again Daddy is missing."

"What does Daddy have to do with anything?"

"I thought we could go to Daddy's house," Jarod erupted in a fit of laughter at the priceless look on Parker's face.

"Why the hell not?" she said as she linked her arm through the Pretender's," this could be fun after all." Turning around, Parker looked Shannon in her brown eyes, "Just fun, right no. . ."

"Safe sex, Parker. I promise." Shannon smiled rather amused at the looks she received from the others including the characters," Hey, I'd prefer that they were married, but since they are willing, At least I think about important issues that have merit, instead of which Backstreet Boy is cute."

"I'm holding you to that, or you'll become best friends with my 9 mm."

"Don't turn all bitchy on me now," Shannon retorted," Or I'll more brat isn't going hurt anyone here just your ego."

"Parker, let's go," Jarod pulled her to him, the sound of keys on the computer clicking away," She promised. Let's go have some FUN. That was the whole point, right."

The writers watched her shake her head; the two dissipating into the mist again.

by Shannon

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