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Disclaimer: We all know who owns 'em, and it certainly isn't me. Also, I have to apologize to KB and Danielle :-) for this - I just couldn't resist. I'm coming down off a stress high (flute recital today...), so I'm in a bit of a strange mood....

by Shannon

~Some time later

As the group of writers disappeared into the darkness, Jarod and Miss Parker stayed behind while the others began to roam the stacks of library books searching for ideas or a way out. The two began to argue.

"You and your brilliant ideas, wonder-boy," Miss Parker sneered at Jarod.

"Oh, shut up," Jarod replied, or I'l ....."

"You'll what," she snapped back at him, only to watch him advance toward her.

"I'll kiss you and then daddy will have a heart attack right here."

Parker shrank away from him, but backed into a wire book rack holding hundreds of paperbacks. Jarod pulled up short and stared just past Parker's head, a silly grin plastered on his face.

"Lost your nerve, rat-boy?" Parker whispered, slightly disappointed.

Jarod continued to look over Miss Parker's shoulder and his smile grew wider and wider, then he pointed to that which had caught his attention. Parker turned her head to look at where Jarod's finger was directed.

"Oh my god! I thought I had burned that." Parker muttered, her eyes wide at the shock of seeing the book that Jarod wrote about her, "I can't let Daddy see that. It was bad enough that Broots and Sydney saw it."

"Why not? I like my art work," Jarod asked grinning, "anyway I have my copy."

"Daddy just might get the wrong idea." Parker fumed.

" Well if he's going to get the wrong idea about one book cover than we are in B-I-G T-R-O-U-B-L-E." Jarod said, shaking his head.

"What are you talking about?"

"Look," Jarod picked up a copy of the next book and sure enough there on the cover was a picture of both of them," this one is called Light and Dark: An Anthology. I must tell you, the picture is pretty good. I like how we're in the light and the rest of the gang is in the dark."

"My god, this entire rack is loaded with books about us. What the h***?" Parker hissed, " but I must admit that this is a pretty decent likeness."

The book that Miss Parker had in her hand was entitled, Recovery by Shannon. At the moment, a burnished-brown haired girl dressed in an outfit that caused Parker to salivate, rounded the corner of the book rack. The jacket was navy wool with a mandarin collar, under which she wore a top in a rich royal blue jersey. Her pants were grey wool and by Brooks Brothers. But it was her shoes that practically had Parker on the floor, python stilettos with thin leather bows.

"Down girl!" the girl hissed with an eyebrow arched," Play nice with Jarod and I may just share the shoes. As for all the books, its a library, honey. Duh!"

"Do I know you?" Jarod asked." You look a bit familiar."

"Sort of. That book you are holding. Mine. I'm Shannon aka Giglbarbe."

"Nice art work." Jarod said sweetly.

"Thanks. . .my teachers thought so too. Won a blue ribbon for that drawing at the art show in town. Writing hasn't been graded yet but ....."

"You mean to say that you use us for writing assignments in school?" Parker asked, shocked.

"Sure I do. You are great to use. I mean look at all I get to work with. You have a great sense of fashion, something we share, and the attitude that goes with it." Shannon grinned and placed her ringed-finger under her chin, "and Jarod, here is such a kid at heart that its fun to let him try new things after being locked away in a dungeon for so long."

"Hey, that's my mother's ring." Parker spluttered, looking her own ringed-finger.

"Copying is the highest form of flattery," Shannon answered, "but be nice, Parker or the gown I put you in for the charity fund raiser that you're going to attend with Jarod, will come off of the thrift store rack, where step-mommy shops," Shannon watched Jarod smirk at that thought. Parker recoiled in fear.

"Sorry, I must admit that the designer clothes that have graced my closets in your story have been wonderful," Miss Parker muttered softly.

"I agree. Jarod has wonderful taste in clothes and lingere. Doesn't he?" Shannon smiled evilly.

Parker blanched at the fact that wonder-boy knew what looked good on her and Jarod continued to smile.

"So do you plan on finishing this story anytime soon?" Jarod asked.

" Hey, don't rush me. If you guys just rolled with the story lines instead of whining then maybe some of us could get back to writing the stories at hand, but no all you want is a little payback. Hate to tell you this, but it won't change anything. We'll keep on writing whatever our hearts desire and you can't stop us. Keep it up, Parker and the next time you end up pregnant..." Shannon had caught Parker rolling her eyes.

"What. . . .?" Parker asked nervously.

"How do triplets sound to you??????" Shannon said with a laugh that scared Parker almost out of her stillettos and left Jarod in stitches so that he was holding his sides.

"Adieu, for now." Shannon waved a ringed hand at them,"I have some reading to do because this story looks so good. She waved a book in front of them, it was a little gem by Nicoele Levy entitled Destinys series. All they heard was the clicketty clack of her stilettos on the library floor as she faded into the darkness.

"Reminds me of you, Parker." Jarod stated.

"Maybe, but what kind of screen name is Giglbarbe."

"I heard that Parker. Triplets are starting to look real good." came the reply in the darkness.

"Damn." Parker muttered.

by Shannon

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