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Pulling Away

Tell me something please
Why is it whenever we get close you pull away?
Is it because I'm that bad?
Is it because of what the future might hold?
All I know for sure is that I need you

Please stop pulling away
Every time you pull away it breaks my heart
When I see the pain in your eyes I feel it too

Who am I?
Who are you?

You're not who they want you to be
You're the one they want to change
If you let me in we can stop them

You say that I run and you chase but maybe it can be different
You say that I'm the prey and you're the predator
You know that's no true

We're both searching
We're searching for the truth
Maybe if we help each other we can find it
All you've got to do is let me in and don't pull away

You told me to forget what happened
How could I possibly do that?
I know what I feel and so do you deep down inside your heart

I need you and you need me
Together is the key

I'm willing but the question remains are you?
Will you open up to me and stop pulling away?

Stop pulling away
Please don't pull away
Pulling away
Stop pulling away
Pulling away

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