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Disclaimer: I don’t think you need to read that again, now do you?

Title: After Hours
Subtitle: Umm… Porn?
Rating: NC-17 I guess.
Timeline: pretty much timeless but in my mind, it would be located somewhere in the first two seasons (don’t mind a sentence or two at the end from IOTH)
Summary: What do you mean ‘summary’? Hey, this is smut, no summary needed.

For Cassy
Happy birthday! All huggles and cuddles in the world for you, girl! Have a great day! May all your wishes come true.
Love and more hugs

After Hours

It wasn’t the first time he had been in her house, but it was the first time he didn’t leave as soon as he had delivered whatever he had intended to give her. This time Jarod had strolled through her house, knowing it would be some time before Miss Parker returned from another day at the Centre. He had ended up here, in her bathroom, somewhat morbidly mesmerized by all the little things she used on a daily basis.

Jarod sat down at the edge of the bathtub and took one of the little bottles that stood on the shelf above the bathtub in his hand. It was nearly empty. Unscrewing the cap, he inhaled.

As soon as the scent invaded his nostrils, he closed his eyes.

It was her scent; it still was. Even after all the years it hadn’t changed. He had always smelt it whenever she was close enough during the hunt.

He could still remember when he had first smelt it all those years ago. She had come down to one of the sub-levels with her mother. Catherine had wanted to talk to Sydney, so Miss Parker and he had quietly wandered off. He didn’t remember what they had talked and laughed about, but he remembered having a good time - just as they always had when they had been together. In the end they had sat in some corner of the room, shoulder to shoulder, talking in hushed voices.

It was then that he had smelt the scent for the first time.

He smiled at the memory, of having her that close without anything to overshadow their relationship, or love, or whatever it had been. He had assumed for a long time that he loved her, but he wasn’t so sure anymore. Back then she had been his best friend.

They had met at such a young age and combined with the fact that he had known no one else, their relationship - or love or whatever it had been - had just happened. They had simply grown up together, been children together, and the closeness of it had produced in them an illusion of love. There had been no second thoughts about it back than. It just was.

These days, it wasn’t quite as simple. She wasn’t the same girl - woman - she had been back then and he had changed as well. Time had changed them. They had grown apart, and yet he still cared deeply about her - and if he were honest with himself, he still desired her.

He sighed and opened his eyes, shaking himself out reminiscent thoughts. Closing the bottle and putting it back, his hand traced its glass wall of it for another second.

The unmistakable sound of a gun being cocked behind him had Jarod tensing instantly, berating himself for being carried away by the memories.

“What the hell are you doing here, lab-rat?” Miss Parker snarled.

He still had his back to her so that she would never see the shocked expression on his face. Making sure that he had his features under control, he slowly turned around. “You’re home early today, Miss Parker.”

“And I’m getting a lab-rat for leaving that hellhole early for once. If I had known it would be that easy to catch you, I would have come home early a year ago.” She flashed him a predatory smile.

“Actually, I only intended to give you something from your mother,” he replied smugly.

She quirked an eyebrow. “Well, it can wait until you’re back in your cell. Then I might even enjoy it.”

Despite her words, he could see the interest and longing in her face. “Sorry, but it can’t wait. You won’t get it when I’m back at the Centre.”

She stretched out her hand. “Ok, give it to me,” she ordered.

“Ok,” he got up and took a step towards her but she back away.

“No way. Stay there and hand it over.”

“Sorry, Miss Parker but that’s not possible.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Jarod, I warn you. I’ll have you strip searched if necessary.”

Strip-searching. That did have some prospect. He barely managed to keep a straight face. “Sorry, you won’t find it.”

Her trigger-finger twitched. “Give. It. To. Me.”

Again, he took a step forward but she retreated once more. “Miss Parker,” he said softly as if reassuring a small child, but he went on before she could further think about the tone of voice he knew she would hate. He made eye contact. “You’ll have to stay there so I can give it to you.” It was partly a challenge and he knew she always rose to a challenge.

He took another step and this time she waited, the distance between them shortening.

Jarod took a second and a third step until he was standing directly in front of her, the muzzle of her gun pressed against his chest.

She watched him suspiciously. “So, hand it over.”

He leaned in closer, still not making any physical contact but keeping the eye contact. His face only inches away from hers, he tilted his head slightly to the side. “Who said it was something to hand over?”

She frowned. “You.”

He smiled brightly. “No, Miss Parker, I didn’t,” he whispered so softly she had to lean in closer despite their already close proximity. “You assumed,” he leaned in further but before his lips had found their intended goal, Miss Parker took a step back.

“Bastard,” she snarled, intensifying the grip on her gun.

Jarod tilted his head to the side. “What are you afraid of?”

“I’m not afraid.”


“Of course not. I have you at gun point, Jarod. Why should I be afraid?”

He shrugged with one shoulder. “I don’t know. Why should you?” He could see the confusion in her eyes so he took a step towards her again, re-establishing the old closeness. He put his left hand on top of her gun and gently removed it from its position in the center of his chest.

“Your mother asked me to give this to you one day,” he whispered and then closed the remaining distance, brushing their lips together. It was just a feather light, brief touch, but it was enough to send a jolt through both of them.

His hand still on her gun, he felt her arm tense and about to come up, so he leaned in for a second time, kissing her once more. This time, the kiss wasn’t as undemanding as before. His right hand came up to her cheek, angling her head to give him better access.

He let his tongue slide over her lips, asking for entrance. Somewhere in the back of his head he was still worried about the outcome. There were two ways to fall; one that would end with another ventilation hole somewhere in his body and the other - definitely more pleasant - would probably end on a soft surface.

Miss Parker opened her mouth and her tongue met his in a battle, fighting him for control. Later, he would probably remember to laugh about this little fact - fighting was what they did best after all, so why should this situation be any different? But for now he was busily exploiting her permission to explore every inch of her body he could reach.

He removed the gun from her hand and put it on the counter next to the door when he started walking her backwards, his hands working on the buttons of her blouse. He briefly glanced down, proud to see that his hands weren’t shaking as badly as he would have guessed.

Meanwhile, Miss Parker had managed to find some flesh and Jarod groaned when her fingertips stroked up his sides.

She drew away from him, abruptly breaking the contact between them. Jarod’s eyes snapped open at the loss of contact, fearing to see her walls back up again. Before he had focussed back on reality - somewhere along the way, his sight must have gone blurry - she had used the time and pulled the shirt over his head. She tossed it aside and fused their mouths together again, starting to work on his belt.

His mind was still trying to catch up with that when she had archived her goal and slid a hand inside his pants, her fingers closing around his length. Another groan slipped past his lips and his eyes closed on their own account.

He could hear Miss Parker chuckling and withdrawing her hand, but before he could question it, he was falling, only to land on a soft surface. He must have been slipping because he hadn’t even realized they had arrived in the bedroom until then. He filed that piece of worry away into another part of his brain for later use. Right now, there was no capacity to think beyond the woman in front of him.

He sat back up and drew her down onto his lap, grinning at her surprised shriek. He slid the blouse down her shoulders and then unhooked her bra while his mouth found hers and their tongues resumed their battle. Miss Parker drew back and shrugged out of the now loose garment. One hand in her hair, Jarod drew her with him as he slowly lay down on the bed.

Her mouth leaving his, Miss Parker kissed a path down his chest, following it with her fingers. His eyes had slid shut again but he reacted by lifting his hips when he felt her tugging at his pants. Only moments later, he hands were back around his length. He moaned and bucked forward. Distantly he could hear her chuckle again but he couldn’t react to it. He barely managed to open his eyes.

She was watching him, and when he met her gaze she smiled wickedly and slid down his body. He didn’t have time to comprehend what she was doing before her mouth closed around his cock while her hand moved further down, playing with his balls. His eyes rolled back and he just went with her rhythm. Heat pooled in his groin and he tried in vain to hang on to his self-control, already feeling the telltale tingling.

Her tongue traced random patterns along the underside of his length. Changing the rhythm and sucking him off in earnest, she then hollowed her cheeks, severing his hold and forcing him over the edge.

Still panting, he tried to piece himself back together and forced himself to open his eyes. He could see her lips moving but he couldn’t make out the words over the rushing in his ears. He merely nodded dumbly, agreeing to whatever it was she was saying.

Slowly, sight and hearing returned, as did some brain function. He grinned up at her. “Seems like you’ve got some catching up to do.”

“Think you can manage a second round, rat?”

Instead of an answer, he reached for her and drew her back up on top of him. In a quick move, he then flipped them over, pinning her underneath. Holding himself up with one hand, he let the other come to play with her breasts. He dipped his head down, sucking at her neck, making sure to leave a mark. She would be furious about that later, but for now she didn’t complain but rather arched her head to give him better access. His hands moved lower and he quickly found the zip of her skirt. Just as she had done earlier, he hooked his thumbs in her panties and pulled them down together with the skirt.

His mouth trailed down towards her breasts while he ran his hand back up her thigh, slowly moving to her clit, playfully circling round it. He let his tongue play with her nipples, and a moan escaped her and he felt himself already growing hard again.

When he lightly scraped his teeth over her breast she arched up, and he let two fingers slide into her. She cried out in pleasure and arched up further, trying to get even closer.

He looked up at her. Her head was thrown back, her neck exposed. Kissing his way back up, giving momentary attention to her neck, he kissed the side of her mouth.

She turned her head towards him and drew him closer when her hand found its way into his hair. She deepened the kiss, leaving them both winded.

Jarod kept the slow rhythm of his hand. Lazily moving his fingers in and out of her, he could feel her clench around him. The sensation went straight to his groin.

Painfully hard again, he slid his hand free and lined himself up at her entrance. As she drew him into another kiss, he slid inside her. They both groaned at the sensation.

Her legs wrapped around him and she pushed him deeper. He went with it, letting her take the lead, and then set up a rhythm not slow enough to make them last for long.

Feeling her clenching muscles around him and the answering rush in him, he sped up. When he changed the angle ever so slightly, she gasped loudly and then arched up from the bed, climaxing. He thrust once more and then completion washed over him as well, muting everything around them.

When he regained control over his motor functions, he slid out of her and rolled onto his back. They lay side by side, letting their breathing return to normal.

“That certainly wasn’t your first time, rat.”

He grinned but didn’t turn towards her. “Yours either.”

She chuckled and then he could hear the soft rustling of the sheets. He turned his head around and saw her watching him, her chin propped up in her hand. “Somehow I don’t think this is what my mother asked you to give me.”

“Well, actually that first kiss was from her,” he turned fully towards her then, “but the rest was from me.” He smiled softly.

Her features darkened. “What shall we do about this,” she gestured vaguely at the two of them. “I mean--“

He interrupted by putting a finger to her lips. “I don’t know, but I know what we should not do. We shouldn’t ruin this by talking it into pieces.”

She watched him for a long moment, surprised that he would be the one not wanting to talk - normally that was her speciality - but then she nodded.

His smile softened and he stretched up to kiss her again.


The bed was empty when she woke up but the sheets were still warm.

There was a note on the nightstand and she reached for it, noting the signs of pleasurable soreness after last night.

She smiled when she read the words:

Until next time, Miss Parker

In the evening, she would come home to find a new bottle of her favourite scent in the bathroom and she would laugh.

Despite their after-work encounters, the game stayed the same:

He ran and she chased - until work-day was over.

The End

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