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This is not completely new. Considerable parts – a bit changed - are actually from a longer fic I wrote a while ago. But nevertheless, I thought it fit, and I wanted to use it as my ‘inaugural’ drabble Thanks to Bec for checking and helping me out!

Title: Straight Talk

He held the phone close to his ear and listened to her. She was back to the ‘old’ game; daring him, cursing him, but not directly insulting him. He listened silently, and wished he could see her. To him, looking into her eyes was the only way to really talk to her.
Her Eyes.
Blue like ice on an Antarctic morning. Gray as steel in a cloudless sunrise. Clear like the spring water in uninhabited mountains.
Her eyes.
Straight forward, never blinking, challenging and intimidating. Always trying to conceal her real feelings, but at the same time telling novels to someone who cared enough to take a closer look.
Only -- few people ever did.

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