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Disclaimer-The Pretender and its characters do not belong to me nor do I own any part of them, no Infringement is intended. I’m not trying to make money out of

This is a series that I wrote. The series “It Ends” is actually a series of series. They all tell a way of ending the pretender for good! They don’t make much sense if you read them out of order. This is the first part of the first series.

Archived on date- well I wrote it on 1/1/2001
Timeline- This could probably fit in just about anywhere
Authors Notes- As I said I only saw 1 series!
Falling in the dark Falling in the dark

It Ends; Falling in the Darkness
Part 1- Capture

by Likesalaughie

Swimming through the darkness, he regained consciousness. He felt a presence in the room. Wishing to stay as he was, he kept his eyes shut. What had happened? Could he remember? Suddenly the memories filled his mind, the whole thing. The sudden sharp pain in his shoulder and side told him that it was true. He was back, back in hell.

Miss Parker stood in the doorway of her office, surveying the now empty room around her. It was strange, she had what she wanted but…no it was nothing, she could live her life now, finally. But the memory of the day before wouldn’t leave. Her hand reached for the door handle once more as she glanced sadly around the room. She frowned suddenly and closed the door, her office empty now. “Sad…regrets” a voice whispered from the ventilation shaft above Miss Parker’s office.

Everything had been going so well he thought. Jarod had managed to get a job as a handyman at an apartment building where the previous handyman had been murdered. He almost had it. How had she found him? He remembered so clearly what had happened he had been on the roof fixing a leak when she came up behind him, resting her gun against his neck.

“Jarod, Wake up” a voice said, this time in the present.

Hearing Sydney’s voice he opened his eyes looking up at him. A nearby heart monitor beeped “How are you?” he asked his voice full of concern.

Jarod just glared back. The noise of the gunshot still lingered in his mind.

“Look, Jarod…” Sydney mumbled shifting un comfortably.

“What?!” Jarod demanded. The last thing he needed was Sydney begging him to cooperate.

“It’s nice to have you home” he said then turned and left. Jarod looked to the drip going into his arm. What did they have him on?

Angelo sat at a junction in a pipe overlooking Jarod’s room. Medical equipment filled the room. There were no windows, just the same old lights that ran along every corridor.

“Alone, not alone” he mumbled as he rocked back and forth, looking down on Jarod, in his hospital bed.

“Stand up!” Miss Parker had snapped, “Slowly”. Jarod had carefully done as she asked as two sweepers came up behind her either side. One reached his

hand over and grabbed Jarod roughly by the elbow. Now or Never! Had flashed through his mind. Jarod elbowed the sweeper away and kicked the other. He ran. He ran fast, towards the edge of the roof.

“Stop!” Miss Parker had yelled. “I’ll shoot!” she warned but he ran on anyway. The pain ripped through his side and he struggled onward. He heard her run after him and felt the second bullet rip through his shoulder as he sank down to the ground, struggling all the way. Why had it happened? His blood seeped onto the ground around his. He tried to keep focused but he lost his grip on consciousness as the sweeper rolled him over and said:

“I thought they wanted him alive.”

Sydney worried about him. Miss Parker had almost killed Jarod. Although she had gotten him back… at what cost? He hated her even more now. Didn’t he? Sydney had been so happy when he heard the news. Jarod was back now, but then he was suddenly sad. Was he being selfish for wanting him to come home?

Even if Jarod wanted the opposite. Even if this wasn’t his home but his prison? Sydney frowned to himself as he closed the door to his office.

“Just heard the good news” a voice rasped behind him.

“Yes Jarod is back with us” Sydney said, turning to Raines.

“A good day for the Centre” Raines said as he walked away, the wheels of his oxygen tank squeaking as he went.

Jarod was sitting up now. He knew that it was more than just painkillers they were giving him. His head throbbed with pain. He couldn’t go on, not like this, he had to get away. I’ll be, no I won’t not ever.

“It’s about the current situation” Mr. Parker said “Will he cooperate?” Sydney shifted uneasily “I don’t think so” he said, defeated.

“Mr Raines wants control of the project” Mr Parker said as he took a file from his desk drawer.

“I don’t think that that would be wise” said Sydney

“Without results, he’s got it, so I advise you to get results” Mr Parker then seated himself at his desk and waved Sydney away.

Jarod sat staring at the wall thinking, thinking about his mistakes and how to get out. He looked around the room searching vainly for an escape. The walls were blank except for the tiny window in the door and a tiny ventilation grille, he’d never get through. How could he get out?

Jarod felt the drowsiness. He knew that they had given him something, he just hoped that he would wake up again. The darkness pulled him in, and he reluctantly went.

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