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Disclaimer: Yes, sadly it's true. I own nothing. All Pretender characters belong to some major television corporation .C’est la vie!

Parker tossed the remaining content of the glass back, the alcohol leaving a trail of heat as it went down her throat.
“Why do you always do this to yourself” ? she thought. “It’s been so many years now, you have to at least try to get over it.” “But I can’t go back there, she died there and I cant bring myself to step into that place again.” “I just can’t go back there.” she reasoned with herself.
“Still talking to yourself sis?” Lyle laughed.
“What does he want?” Parker asked him.
“What. I can’t come and visit my big sister without having motive or been sent by daddy?”
“How did you get in ?”
“I have a key.” He waved it at her.
He sat next to her on the couch. “He wants us to have dinner together“, he said
“I’m shocked.” “When?” she sighed
“Tomorrow night, at your favorite………
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tell him I’ll be there.” she interrupted
“Why are you so mad at him.” Lyle asked her.
“I’m not” she responded. “I just…. I jut want him come here himself and ask me for whatever he wants.” “I .. I want to see him or hear from him at least 2 times a week.” “I don’t want to be sitting here waiting around for months before I get to see him, when he wants the family together or when he wants something.”
“Then why don’t you come work with us, huh?” “You can see him anytime you want.”
She looked at him as if an alien was attached to his head.
“Ok.” “So I know that you don’t want to go back to the center.” “But come on Parker.” “I have seen you training tapes, your records.” “You have potential.” “We could run the place together.”
“I don’t want anything to do with that place.” “I just want to forget that the place ever existed.” She got off the couch. “Ever since I left for boarding school, I promised myself that I would never go back to that place.” “It caused me so much pain to even think about it.” “It would have been much easier if Daddy wasn’t part of that place, he was the only family that I had left and I couldn’t hate him.”
“Come on Parker, it has been years, it’s time for you to move on.”
“Don’t you think I know that ?” she yelled.
“I know I don’t want to be that little girl anymore,” she cried. “Lyle I would love to let it go.” “Trust me, but I can’t.” “You weren’t there, you didn’t see and touch her lifeless body when she died.” “I just can’t get that image of her lying there in the elevator out of my head.” “It’s everywhere in my dreams, and I would love to move on, BUT I CAN’T.”
“Parker I……. She ran off to her room ,leaving him behind..
“I’m sorry.” Lyle whispered as he left her house. Her muffled cries flooding him with guilt.


Parker woke up slowly from the bed, her eyes sore from all the crying that she had done yesterday.

She walked unsteadily to the bathroom. She saw her reflex ion in the mirror.

“ What have you become ?” she asked herself. And as always the answer would be silenced by a drink and anything else that could make her forget.

She never would have dreamt that this was where she would end up. Not married, no children, no actual relationship and dying from stress. She had dreams. She still does, but fear always got and still gets in the way. The fear of having her heartbroken. Not again, she wouldn’t allow it. She could love. It wasn’t exactly impossible, but she could never trust or love completely. Not even Lyle her own twin brother. A nagging feeling of dread. What was to come always followed her. She knew in her heart that in order for her to be able to live, trust and love again she had to overcome her fears. And what better way to conquer your fears than to go back to the place where it all began.

A week after Parker’s return to the Center.

“ Tomorrow, she gets her own project” Mr. Parker said.

“ What is it Daddy?” she asked.

“ It’s a surprise Angel” he said.

Parker smiled happily. “ He’s calling me his Angel again” Parker’s heart sang.

“ To my daughter and her return” he said then raised his glass.

“ Here, Here” Both Parker and Lyle responded then drank the champagne.

A minute later Parker was on the floor clutching her stomach in agony.

“ Parker? Parker?’ Lyle was at her side. “ Call the infirmary” he yelled.

Mr. Parker picked up the phone then dialed quickly, they were there in less than a minute.

The sweepers pulled Lyle away fro the body as the doctors tried to see what was wrong with her. Mr. Parker stood in the background talking to someone on his cell phone.

“ Prepare for the operation. We have the perfect chance. She’s being sent to the infirmary” he said.

“ Yes Sir” Mr. Raines responded.

Broots run into Sydney’s office “Sydney you wouldn’t believe what just happened” Broots said.

“ What is it Broots?”

“ It’s Ms. Parker. She was just rushed to the infirmary” he said out of breath.

“ What?”

“ Yeah, I saw them take her.”

Sydney quickly got out of his seat and headed for the infirmary. He met Lyle at the door.

“ What happened?” Sydney asked

“ The doctor said that she has an ulcer. And all the drinking and stress and you know, it finally got to her.”

“ Is she going to be okay?” Sydney asked.

“ Yes. She just needs to take some medicine and watch her stress levels.”

“ She needs a vacation”. Sydney said

“ Something like that.” They walked into her room together.

“ Talking about me again boys?” Parker voice sounded hoarse.

“ Are you okay Parker?” Sydney asked.

“ I’m fine Sydney” she looked over at Lyle.

“ He had a meeting come up.” he said.

“ I’m sure he did.” she tried to get up unsuccessfully .

“ Parker! Where are you going.?” Lyle asked.

“ I just…..nowhere.” she gave up when she saw look in Lyle’s eyes. It was like he was daring her to move.

“ Good. The doctor wants to keep you here for observation.”

“ No!” Parker stated.

“ Parker, please.” Lyle begged.

“ I do not want to spend the night in the Center.” she said.

“ I’ll stay.” Lyle offered.

After a while of debating Parker decided it was okay.

“ I’ll see you later” Lyle said.

“ Hurry back” Parker said. He leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“It’s good to see them getting along” Sydney thought.

“ Get well” he said.

“ Thank you for coming” she said then squeezed his hand softly.

“ Of course, would you like me to stay till Lyle gets back?” he asked.

“ No, Sydney you don’t have to stay. I’ll be fine.”

“ Ok. See you later.” he said then left.

“ Are you sure you want to go through with this” Mr. Parker asked himself.

“ It’s for the good of the Center” Raines rasped behind him.

“ Did the doctor get the material?” he asked.

“ Yes, she’s about to go prep her for the ……

“ Good. Let’s just get it over with.” Mr. Parker said. “ Forgive me” he thought as they looked at the video feed coming from the room.

Parker looked around at her surrounding and shuddered. The doctor walked into the room with a chart.

“ How are you doing, Ms. Parker?” he asked.

“ I’m just swell” she said in pain.

“ Well here is something for the pain.” he said as he injected her with the contents of the syringe.

“ We are keeping you over the night for observations. We wouldn’t want your ulcer to get out of hand” he said “ I’ll be back in a second to check on you.” he said then left.

“ Ok I ………” Parker fell asleep in a flash.

“ We’re ready for the insemination.” the doctor said to the hidden camera.

“ Proceed” Mr. Raines said.

“ Yes, Sir.” the doctor felt remorse for what he was about to do but, he also had a family to protect. He asked quietly for Ms. Parker to forgive him.

He put on his gloves then took out the genetic material from the canister that Mr. Raines had brought.

Lyle drives up to the gate of Labtec and Co.

“ I’m here to see Mr. Chasez.” he said to the security man.

“ He’s in France, Sir. He’s not expected back until tomorrow.” the security man said.

His assistant had told him that Mr. Chasez was expecting him. A feeling of dread fell over him. “Parker!” A voice in his head whispered. He reversed the car and drove quickly back to the Center.

He ran quickly up to her room as soon as he got to the Center. Repeating to himself that she was fine.

She was sleeping on her bed. He let out a sigh of relief.

“ Lyle?” his father came up behind him.

“ She asked for you” Lyle told him.

“ I tried to get here as quickly as I could.” he said.

“ I’m sure you did.” Lyle thought.

“ She’s going to be okay?” he asked.

“ Yes. They’re keeping her here for observation.” he said.

“ Mmmh. I’ll see you tomorrow. Tell her that I was here to see her”. he said then left.

“ Of course.” Lyle mumbled then went into the room.

He pulled a chair up to her bed. Smoothing her hair back. He rested his head next to hers on the pillow then went to sleep.


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