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My Padawan
by Maestra

Something jabbed my leg and I turned and knelt down to see a small boy behind me clutching a Mr. Potatohead, complete with the tiny light saber that had been the child’s weapon of choice.

“I’m Darth Tater!” the child yelled pointing at the Star Wars Episode III poster with it’s menacing mask of Darth Vader, and promptly attacked me again before being yanked back to his mother’s side.

“Luke! I’m so sorry, sir,” his mother apologized.

“It’s ok,” I smiled as I turned to purchase my ticket. I entered the movie theatre to the sound of screeching tires and slamming car doors and smirked...too late Miss Parker!

“Did you get it Jarod?” my younger version asked as he offered me Pez in the darkness.

I patted the hidden DSA in my jacket which I’d just stolen from the data annex next door and chuckled, “Trust in the Force, young Jedi.”

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