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Disclaimer: I don't own them, NBC does.

Note: This is Part 2 of what I call the "Musical" Series

"Musical" Series
Part 2
Long Way from Happiness
By A.H. Crocker

Portland, Maine

Jarod(passing as Jarod Roberts) was standing on the roof of a hotel in Portland, Maine. In his hands was a red notebook. Inside was an article with the headline "Whalers caught illegaly hunting in Atlantic". Jarod smiled and started to walk down the street. He went into a little corner store to get some PEZ because he was running out. Inside the store he was greeted by a woman in her early thirties. She seemed to be very nice but she also seemed disturbed by something. Jarod had been planning to leave town that day but he decided to stay and help solve this woman's problem. Little did he know what he was getting himself into.

Jarod was staying in an apartment with a young man whose name was Jim. Jim was just out of collage and was sharing the apartment until he started his career.

Later, Jarod went back to the corner store. He was there, not only to help the woman but to buy his young friend some soda. He was greeted again by the woman, whose name was Ann Doyle. She had a terrified look on her face and Jarod asked her what was wrong. She said that her husband had been killed and the guy was caught and put in prison but now he's out and after her. Ann started crying and Jarod said that he would protect her.

The Centre
Blue Cove, Delaware

Miss Parker was sitting in her office talking to Thomas on the phone. She was planning a date wheb Raines wheeled in. She said bye to Thomas and turned to Raines.

"You love dragging your air tank into my personal life, don't you."

"Watch it, Miss Parker."

"Why were you spying on me and Thomas?"

"Protection." Raines said.

"Mine, yours, or the Centre's" Miss Parker said. She stormed out of her office and into Sydney's.

"Now Dr. Wheezy is getting into my personal life."

"Your life is the new gossip around here." Sydney said.

"Shut up, Syd."

Old House
Bangor, Maine

Jarod moved Ann to an old house in Bangor to protect her. Jarod put her in a room and left to make sure the doors were locked. He locked the doors and stopped to listen. The only sound was the sound of the radio in Ann's room. Jarod was going upstairs to his room when he heard Ann scream. He was up the stairs in a flash and ran into her room. When he got there he found a terrified Ann in the corner and some guy trying to get in through the window into the room. Jarod kicked the man back out the window, grabbed Ann, and ran. The man followed them from outside and aimed his gun at the shadows in the windows. He shot at them three times. Two of those three missed.

Jarod screamed. The bullet hadn't it the right target. It had hit Jarod in the side. He fell and luckly fell into a chair.

"Jarod!" Ann screamed. Thinking that he had shot her, the man disappeared, leaving behind a terrified Ann and an injured Jarod. Ann tried to help Jarod but she couldn't do much to help him.

"Hang on, Jarod. I'll call for help." she said

"Sydney, Call Sydney." Jarod said weakly.

He was losing a lot of blood. She had to get help quick. She thought that maybe Sydney was a doctor. She quickly hit the speed dial on Jarod's cellphone and waited for an answer. Miss Parker answered the phone.


"Is Sydney there?" Ann said.

"Yeah hold on." Miss Parker said to her. To Sydney she said. "Syd, there's a panicked woman on line one." Sydney grabbed the phone.

"This is Sydney."

"Sydney. My name's Ann."

"What's the matter?"

"Jarod's been shot. I need a doctor and Jarod told me to call you."

"Where are you?" Sydney asked.

"I'm in Bangor."

"Maine?" Sydney asked.

"Yes." Ann replied.

"How did it happen?" Sydney asked.

"Jarod was protecting me and he got shot when someone tried to kill me." Ann said.

"Get him to a doctor and he will live. Do it now or he'll die." Sydney told her and she did.

Old House
Bangor, Maine

"Thank you, Ann. You saved my life. Now I can figure out what to do about your ex-husband." Jarod said.

"My ex-husband? What does he have to do with this?" Ann said.

"It was Chris Adams, your ex-husband, who killed your husband and shot me." Jarod said.

"I told Chris it was over. The marriage was over and he said that I would be sorry. I didn't think he was serious." Ann said

"It's ok. I have a plan to catch him."

They discussed the plan and then they left the old house. Ann told Jarod that Chris worked for a real estate company and that he had a summer house in Kennebunk. She said that Chris would be there. Jarod grabbed his gun and they left the house.

The Centre
Blue Cove, Delaware

"I know where Jarod is." Sydney said as he walked into Miss Parker's



"Let's go. Drag Broots along as well.

Chris's Summer Home
Kennebunk, Maine

Jarod crept into Chris's summer house, diarmed the security system, and crawled back out again. He looked for Chris's bedroom from outside. He found it and climbed throught the window, gun drawn. Chris saw him and ran. Jarod followed him, shooting at him the whole time. Chris then tripped over the rug and Jarod turned on a light. Chris was scared.

"Please don't kill me." Chris begged.

"Why not? You did, after all, kill Ann Doyle's husband like this." Jarod said.

"Yes, I did." Chris said spotting his own gun on the table. In a quick movement, he kicked Jarod's gun out of his hands and pointed his gun, point blank, at Jarod. "and I can kill you the same way."

"What are you going to do, shoot me again?" Jarod shouted.

"What do you mean, again?" Chris asked.

"You were planning on killing Ann but what you didn't know was that I was there to protect her. Instead of shooting her you shot me." Jarod said and kicked Chris and grabbed both guns. Ann came out of the room across the hall with the tape recorder. "It's over Chris."

Ann's Store
Portland, Maine

The next day, Jarod went to the corner store. A song by Elton John was playing on the radio. It was call A Long Way From Happiness.

"Thank you, Jarod. Without your help I'd probably be dead right now." Ann said.

"It was no problem." Jarod said.

"I'm also sorry about you getting shot."Ann said.

"That's ok. That was nothing. I've had a gun pointed at me so many times that I've lost count."

Just then, a Centre van pulls up and out of it came Miss Parker, Sydney, Broots. They walked into the little store.

"You never saw me." Jarod said as he ran out the back door.

"Have you seen this man?" Miss Parker asked, holding up a pictuer of Jarod.

"No, but maybe my son has. Jim!" Ann called.


"Have you seen this man?"

"Yeah, he left about an hour ago to catch a plane. He left me something to give to a woman named Parker.

"Can I see it?" Miss Parker asked.

"Sure." Jim said.

Jim gave Miss Parker an envelope. She opened it to find a picture inside. It was a picture of a horse.

Long Way from Happiness
By Elton John

I guess your okay
You seem to feel better these days
I've known you for so long
I've seen your brightness go from blue to grey

You know that it's true
You can shake your head but I can prove
I've seen things through your eyes
You think you win but in the end you lose

And there's no second guess
We take no second bets
Chances are we're a long way from happiness
Don't cover up the road to love with words that can express
The truth implies your high and dry
And your a long way from happiness

I'm one step behind
Looking out for you all the time
I'll put my faith in you
And steer you clear of love that leaves you blind

And there's no second guess
We take no second bets
Chances are we're a long way from happiness
Don't cover up the road to love with words that can express
The truth implies your high and dry
And your a long way from happiness

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