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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM and NBC Productions and used without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

Freedom Rings
Pretender episode script
By Amanda Haun

Setting: a dark windy night

The camera shows the sky full of stars with a shooting star crossing the sky. It slowly comes down to show Miss Parker’s house. Outside its dark and windy there’s a single light from Miss Parker’s front window. The camera slowly zooms into her front window to see Miss Parker looking at a picture of her mother with one tear rolling down her cheek.

* * * * *

Miss Parker’s house

Ring, ring…

"What" Miss Parker said

"Miss Parker I have found out who killed Tommy ".

Miss Parker swallowed hard "w-who is it?" She said as her voice weakened.

"Meet me at Lazy J motel in about 20 minutes come alone and I will or rather he will tell you"

"He? Who is it Jarod!" There was silence then a dial tone.

She hung up the phone and sat at her desk crying for a few minutes and got up she picked up her gun and her jacket and walked out the door. She got in her car with tears rolling down her face. She thought to her self "who could it be ".

The whole way there she did the pros and cons on different people. Mr. Raines, Mr. Lyle were some of the people she believed

Who killed him? She got to the motel and saw Jarod standing outside a room he saw her and walked into the room.

Miss Parker hesitated she wanted to know who killed Tommy so bad but she didn’t all at the same time. She took a deep breath and walked to the room she knocked. Jarod opened the door, he pushed her back away from the room and said "this will be painful and you will be shocked but please don’t lose your temper". She looked

Into his eyes and said "I will try "he smiled and they walked

Into the room. She looked around the room; she saw two beds, a desk with some of the motel stationary, a black Sony TV in front of the two beds, a brown chair next to the window, a big mirror where the sink was and a bathroom, but she didn’t see anyone else in the room.

"Where is he Jarod" she screamed

"Right here {he points toward the bathroom} close your eyes"

She closed her eyes. She could hear a sound as if something was being dragged, "open", he said. She was too afraid to open her eyes.

Jarod came to her and said" its all right he’s not going to hurt you anymore". She opened her eyes and saw her father in a chair tied up she gasped and fell on the bed she started to cry

"It can’t be it can’t be," she said Jarod hugged her and said I’m so0rry but here is the file on Tommy and who killed him is there in bold black ink. She took the file and looked at it. After she finished she looked at her father and said, "Why did you kill him? You bastard why!"

"It was a part of my job"

"Oh so that makes it right well! She looked at him with so much hate she walked up to him, slapped him, and walked out of the room.

Jarod followed her and ran to her she was almost to her car when she collapsed he caught her before she hit the ground then put her in his car and drove her to her house he had gotten the keys from her pocket, so he could open the door. He opened the door, then ran back to the car and picked her up and carried her into her house and he laid her in her bed and covered her up.

* * * * *

Morning came and she smelt pancakes.

"Dam it, it wasn’t a dream "she quietly said to her self. She put her bathrobe on and walked out into the living room to see her father still in a chair tied up and Jarod cooking.

She walked up to the counter and sat down in the chair and just watched Jarod cook.

"Well, good morning," Jarod said with a smile. "Would you like some coffee?"

"Sure" she said with a weakened voice. "Is this just a bad dream or did it really happen?"

"Yes, unfortunately it has happened, you need to talk to your father"

"What father, my father died when my mother died."

Miss Parker gets up and walks over to her father and sits down on the couch, she just looks at his face. She takes a deep breath and begins to speak.

"What about my mother did you kill her too?"

"No, I would never kill her I loved her"

"If you didn’t kill her then who" she said her voice getting angrier tears started rolling down her face.

Her father started to cry too, he said, "I’m so sorry can you ever forgive me?"

She looked at him, her eyes filled with tears.

"No that will never happen"

She got up and walked to her room and closed the door.

Jarod walked over to Mr. Parker and said "You’re lucky I didn’t kill you myself!"

"Do you see what your Centre has done to you and Miss Parker" He got up and walked to the table, sat down and started to cry.

Miss Parker came out of her room and looked around for Jarod and saw him crying she walked to him and hugged him

"What are we going to do with my father?"

"Miss Parker do you ever what to be free of the Centre? I’m like never having to be near there ever again?"

"Yes, I was going to leave with Tommy before he was killed to Oregon. But when he died I had no where to turn so I stayed, but now I defiantly want to be rid of the Centre"

"If I could make that a reality would you take it?"

"I think so. Yes I would take it but that’s not possible so I have to keep on going".

"Oh but it is possible Miss Parker. We could make it look like a struggle occurred and you were dragged to the beach and the sea washed you away".

"Well that sounds all good but what about him" with a sarcastic voice she looks at her father.

"You know how the Centre brain washes people? Well I have found the recipe for it and I can make it, I can make him forget what happened here today and yesterday, so what do you say?"

She looked at him and said, "let me think about it for awhile"

"Sure ". She walked into her room and sat down on the bed and looked at a picture of her mother. She started to cry " I wish that you were here you would know what to do" she said to her self, she thought about everything, Broots, Sydney, would she ever be able to see them ever again? My life would be better if I left but I would be constantly on the run. I guess I know what Jarod feels like.

* * * * *

In an hour she had to go to work so she gets dressed and walks out of the room to Jarod.

"If I did leave would I be on my own or with you ?"

"Depends on you want to be with me or on your own?"

"I think that if was with you I would be safer"

"True!" He said, " So will you come or not?"

She walked over to her father and looks at him and says: "Goodbye father this will be the last time I will see you" she looked at Jarod and smiled.

Jarod told her to go to work as normal and get some things. She was told to get some more of the DSA files and try to get all the red files that she could especially the one on her mother.

* * * * *

She saw Broots in her office, she came up to him and asked what he wanted "Nothing really, its just well I get the feeling that something is up and I can’t figure out what it is".

"Nothings up " She looked at him and said "Broots your like a brother to me and I wanted to thank you for all of your help".

He smiled and left.

She saw Sydney down the hall way and called to him she said that she wanted to say "Goodbye " he looked at her with a puzzled face. She gave him a look and all his thoughts were silenced, he whispered in her ear

"Goodbye Miss Parker I will miss you" and walked off.

She looked out a window and saw Mr. Raines, coming into the building. She didn’t want to have a confrontation with him today so she got the files, DSAs, she had gotten all but 20 red files that were in a separate locked cabinet she stuffed every thing into her briefcase and walked out the back way. On the way home she wondered where they would be going and what her life will be like on the run.

* * * * *

She came up to her house and saw Jarod in the window, she got out of the car and walked into the house. She saw Jarod, Broots, Sydney, and her father. She smiled at them all she gave Jarod the files and the DSA’s. Then asked

"What are you All doing here?"

Broots said, "well when you spoke to me in your office I thought something has to be up so I called you at your house and Jarod picked up the phone and told me to come here so I got Syd and we came, but what I want to know is where are you going?"

Syd looked at her and said, "she’s going with Jarod, aren’t you?"

She looked at him and said "yes".

Jarod smiled.

"What I can’t figure out is why you have your father tied up ".

"Well to make a long story short he killed…."

"Tommy" Broots said

"Yes he killed Tommy that son of bitch" Miss Parker replied.

"Why on earth would he ever want to do a thing like that" Sydney said.

"I don’t know why " said Jarod but we won’t have to worry about that anymore"

"Why what are you going to do?"

"Nothing" he said

"remember Miss Parker he said it was a part of his job".

"Yeah I remember".

Well we need to get to work and I need you all to go no witnesses"

"OK Jarod. Goodbye Miss Parker" Sydney said

"Miss Parker"

"Yes Broots?"

"Goodbye I wanted to thank you for everything you have done For my Debbie and me, she really likes you a lot and she will miss you and I think of you as my big sometimes mean sister {he laughs} goodbye" he hugs her and walks out.

Jarod watches them leave and starts to go to work. Jarod says, "we need to make it look like you struggled with someone".

So he pretends to struggle with Miss Parker.

"I need to take your blood so it looks like you got shot" then draws her blood and makes a puddle with it, and then drips some of it on a clothes and makes like a trail of blood to beach. He has Miss Parker make foot prints on the sand. He gets her gun and a jacket and shoots at it Then throws it on the floor. He jimmies the door and breaks a few lamps and pulls down some chairs. Making it look like Miss Parker put up a good fight. He got his DSA brief case and all the Red files and put it into the trunk of his car.

Miss Parker got her mothers picture and some clothes, but no suitcase. The case would make it look like she had left. She found a camera and took a picture of her house.

"Why did you take a picture of the house?" Jarod asked

"To remember" she said and got into the car. Jarod went into the house and gave Mr. Parker the Brainwashing liquid he became unconscious, Jarod untied him and picked him up and put him in the back seat and buckled him up

"Always buckle up " he said with a smile.

Miss Parker asked, "Where are we going?"

"First by the Centre to drop of your Father and then on to Maine"

"For Ben" Miss Parker interrupted.

Jarod shakes his head and they drive off

The end

By Amanda c. Haun Please leave feedback at :

Copyright 1999

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