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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM, TNT and NBC Productions and used
without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

End Of The Beginning
by Kammy

Mr Parker stared out of the window. He wasn't looking at anything in particular, just staring without seeing anything. He was thinking. For a few seconds more he stood at the window before he started pacing around his office. He had done this restless pacing for the last couple hours.

Finally the door behind him opened and a young man came in.

"Jacoby came back from the conference room. He's in his office." The man said as he stood at the desk.

"What about the evaluation?" Mr Parker asked without turning around.

"I don't know yet, sir."

Mr Parker turned to face the younger man. "Get me that report and now." He ordered.

The man left without a word.

Mr Parker turned back to the window. The evaluation he so desperatly wanted, was made by Jacoby to judge his work at the Centre. People from upstairs had requested one. Mr Parker couldn't belive that there were doubts about his work, but it was very real.


"Any news Syd?"

"No, Broots. Still no sign of Miss Parker."

"Oh, where do you think she is? I'm getting really worried."

"I haven't heard from Jarod either."

"You think..."

Sydney didn't answer. He didn't know.

"Things are crazy enough around here."

"You mean with Mister Parker and Mister Jacoby? I saw Jacoby returning to his office. He spent four hours in the conference room explaining his evaluation."

"This is war, Broots. Jacoby won't stop untill he has all the power. Which won’t be until Mr Parker is out of the picture. But I'm afraid that innocent people will get hurt in the proccess."

"Like Miss Parker and Jarod?"

Sydney didn't answer again. That only made Broots worry more.


Jarod took a long breath. He enjoyed the beach and the sun very much. It was the first time after sometime he was able to return to the real world. He had taken care of some important things, but now he was back. Back to help others and bring justice.

Suddenly he heard somebody yelling behind him. Before he could understand what was going on, he felt something hit him in his back. He turned around and saw two young people staring at him, both of them looked startled.

"I'm so sorry!" the woman said. "I didn't mean to throw it at you!"

Jarod noticed a shoe in front of him. That must have been what hit him.

"I ment to throw it at him!" The woman pointed at the young man.

"Nice, Sarah!" The man said.

"It was your foult! You *made* me throw you!"

"See? See now how immature you can be!"

"Immature? So it's not only that I'm naive? Now I'm also immature?"

"Oh, what's the difference."

"I'll show you difference!" Sarah ran towards him and pushed him into the sand.

Jarod had watched the whole thing from away, but now he had to interfere. He held Sarah back so that the man could stand up again.

"Frankly I think you're both a little immature!"

Sarah struggeled away from Jarod. She was still furious. She gave both of the men an angry look and started walking away. "You better look for another place to live!" She yelled back.

The man wanted to yell something back, but shut his mouth.

"What was that all about?" Jarod asked the man standing beside him.

"My girlfriend...soon to be ex."

"I'm sorry to hear that, maybe you can work things out?" Jarod said apologetically.

The man sighed. "Sorry that you had to see that."

"It's ok, every couple has their problems."

"I guess." The man shrugged his shoulders.

Jarod didn't know if he should leave him alone or ask some more. "Well, since you don't have a place to stay tonight, you could sleep on my couch." He offered.

"I don't know...I don't even know you."

"Well, my name is Jarod." Jarod said and held out his hand.

"Dylan, Dylan Harper." They shook hands after they introduced.

"I'm just trying to help." Jarod said, persuading Dylan

"'s not like I have somewhere else to go." Dylan nodded in agreement.

Jarod took Sarah's shoe from the sand and they began to walk away.


"Look at this, Sydney." Broots handed Syd a report.

"Jacoby's evaluation? Broots, where did you get it?"

Broots smiled. "They are selling copies in the cafeteria. You have to ask for a vanilla tart...vanilla tart? Valuation? Get it?"

Sydney didn't find it similar at all, but he was too busy going through the valuation. "This is even worse than I expected..."

Sydney couldn't finish. He stared at a person who had just walked in. It was Miss Parker.


"Wow, this is a nice place you have here." Dylan said, looking around the room. The house was quite big with modern furniture in each of the rooms. There were many windows to let the sun in.

"Make yourself home." Jarod said and shut the door behind them.

"Thanks again for letting me stay."

"No problem." Jarod walked in and put his jacket on the back of one of the chairs of the lounge suite next to him. Dylan walked further into the room. "Can I ask what were you and Sarah arguing about?"

"Some people just aren't ment to be together." Was Dylan’s response.

"Well, I don't know you or Sarah, but people who have such passionate fights must really care for each other."

"I do care about her, but I'm sick and tired of these endless little arguments."

"This was one of these *little* arguiments?"

"No, this time we both really messed things up. We have known each other for six months and recently we moved in together. At first it was really exciting, but soon some things started to annoy me. I never said anything. Not until this morning. As it turned out there were a *couple* of things that she didn't like either. She actually hates the way I leave my work papers on the kitchen table or my clothes on the bed. She doesn't like the way I fall asleep on the couch some nights, or if I go downstairs to get a cold drink in the middle of the night."

"These are all small things comparing to your love."

"Try telling her that! She was the one who told me to start looking for a new place to live!"

Jarod nodded. That only ment that he *was* going to try to tell her that.


"Miss Parker? Is that really you?" Broots soon realised how stuped that question was. "I mean, where have you been?"

"I had some business to take care of." Miss Parker answered shortly.

"You didn't call? No word? Nothing. We were worried." Sydney said rather upset. He knew Miss Parker wasn't going to explain her absence.

"Didn't know you cared that much." She said mockingly.

Sydney didn't reply. He stood still for couple of moments and then handed the evaluation to her.

"I've already seen it." Miss Parker said not going to take the report.

"Wow, things move fast around here." Broots said.

"It's a painfull stroke for your father." Sydney said to her.

"So it seems." Miss Parker didn't seem very worried about the elvaluation. Sydney knew what that meant.

"You're not telling us something." Sydney said to her.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Miss Parker was colder than ever. She left again without saying another word to them.


Mr Parker was much more upset than his daughter. He was walking down the hall fuming. He had never been so humiliated in his life. He was furious. He had given his life to the Centre with no questions asked then something like this happens. He had made the place what it was. Or at least what it had been.

Jacoby made a big mistake by walking down the same hall.

Mr Parker stopped. For a couple of seconds he just looked at Jacoby. When he moved again, he went straight at him and pushed the man against the wall. He didn't control himself anymore.

"What the hell are you doing?" Jacoby asked the enraged Mr Parker.

"How dare you write a evaluation about my work!" Mr Parker hissed at him.

"I did what I was told!" Jacoby tried to push him away, but Mr Parker only tightened his grasp. "He has betrayed the Centre's trust in more then one way? His biggest mistake was never recapturing Jarod? Which shows that he is uncapable of his job? He has failed in every mission that the Centre has ever given him?" Parker grew angrier with every word that was said. "It wasn't ment for you to read."

Parker breathed in. "You are a nobody." He growled.

"Doesn't look that way to me, Parker. The evaluation had one purpose and one purpose only - to destroy you. I belive I'm very near to that." Jacoby grinned. That's when he made his second mistake.

Mr Parker hit him right in the stomach, without warning. He raised his fist to strike Jacoby one more time, but Jacoby was already trembeling on the floor. Mr Parker left him behind and walked away. He didn't care about the looks that followed him. He felt much better.


The door that was in front of Jarod opened after he knocked. "Oh you, what do you want?" Sarah asked him, opening the door wide enough to see who it was.

Jarod showed her the shoe. "I came to bring you back this."

Sarah let him in. "My name is Jarod. Dylan is staying with me for a while. He told me what happened." Jarod introduced himself.

"Oh he told you how he's annoyed by the way I sing when I'm taking a shower or the fact I have shoes for every possible event? Did he say how he thinks I'm naive to believe that both of us could change?"

Jarod sighed. He had heard it all from Dylan.

" both waste way too much energy finding reasons why this relationship can't work. If that's what you really think then fine, but if instead you'd focus on the good things? The way you felt when you first realised you were in love with each other? Laughing at each other's jokes? Even if they weren't funny you loved the way he told them? Taking a hot shower knowing that someone's waiting for you in living room? Hearing your special song together? Watching TV in each other's arms when it's pooring rain outside? Having him tell you, you're beautiful? Having him play with your hair? Holding hands with him? Watching the sunrise together..."

Sarah's eyes were filled with tears. "Don't stop..."

Jarod smiled. "You can still do all that. You just have to remember the small things whenever you're having hard times."

"I do miss him."

"He misses you too. Somewhere around midnight he realised there's no point in getting a cold drink when you're not there waiting for him. Even if you were upset that he woke you up."

Sarah smiled. She was crying because she was happy. "Do you think he'd forgive me?"

"I know he would. He already has. Can you do the same?" Sarah nodded. He gave Jarod a hug for all the beautiful words he had said.


"I can't believe you really punched him."

Miss Parker was amused. She was in her father's office and Mr Parker was sitting behind his desk. "Better believe it. I've never been so serious in my whole life."

The door opened and Lyle came in. "Am I interrupting?"

"No, come in." Mr Parker said to his son.

"Look who decided to show up! Where were you?" Lyle asked when he saw Miss Parker sitting in one of the chairs in front of their father’s desk.

"I guess vanishing must run in the family." Miss Parker said.

"Angel, he's just worried, we both were." Mr Parker said to her kindly.

Miss Parker looked into her father's eyes to see if he really meant it. There was nothing there.

"Well. I just came from Jacoby’s office. He had complains about my work. Hell, I don't have any work anymore. Next he's gonna put me to answering phones." Lyle didn't try to hide his irritation. He could only take so much. "I want to know what are we going to do to stop him?" Lyle didn't get an answer from either one. "Dad, what about the evaluation? You have to get back to him!" Lyle exclaimed.

Mr Parker grinned. "I doubt, he's going to do anything else for a while." Mr Parker was sure he had showed Jacoby who was the boss, but his daughter knew better.


Sarah and Dylan met again at the beach. The same place they had left angrily couple days ago, but which they now loved. They didn't need many words. Jarod had helped them see. They were not ready to let the small things slip away. They had to keep them with them as long as possible. There couldn't be anything better then walking on hot sand holding hands with the one person you love, kissing the one person you love. Compared to all the problems and questions in the world it was the smallest thing ever, but it was *their* small thing.


"What now?" Miss Parker was stopped by Broots and Sydney.

"Well...hmm...we decided we want to know what's going on and we won't stop until you tell us." Miss Parker gave Broots a look which made him regret he was ever born. For couple of moments all three stood in silence.

"Alright." Broots couldn't believe his ears. Neither could Sydney. "I could use your help anyway."

"Oh...sure." Broots was still suprised how easyly that had gone.

"The evaluation Jacoby did about my father’s work didn't go exactly like he wanted it to go. It was not as effective as he wants others to believe."

"How do you know all that?" Miss Parker didn't answer. "All the time you were gone? You were after Jacoby?" Sydney was very close to the truth, but what he didn't know was who had been helping her.

"Important thing is that people from upstairs were disappointed in the evalution. They don't like that Jacoby wants to play alone and doesn't know how to share. They also said that if he goes after my father...kills him...they'll be after him."

"So your father is not in danger at all?" Sydney asked her.

"That's where you're wrong. We found instructions to an operation. An operation to kill my father." Miss Parker told them.

"We?" Broots didn't understand anymore. But Sydney did.

"Jarod?" Sydney asked.

" a little help from him."

Miss Parker didn't want to explain what had happened in Raines' house. She definatly didn't want to explain how she would accept help from Jarod.

"Lets focus here. The operation? It is a well planned accident. My father is doing business with some people who are actually hired by Jacoby. He's going to get a war between these men. We looked hard, but there is nothing we can use to prove Jacoby being behind the "accident"."

"What about these instructions you found?" Sydney asked.

"That's not enough. I could have forged them." Miss Parker shook her head as a negative.

"What are we going to do?" Broots asked her.

"We have to stop Jacoby. Unfortunately I don't know when he's going to do it." She told them.

"Well it can't be tomorrow." Broots said.

"Why not?"

"It's his and his wife, Laura's anniversary. He's taking her to a romantic dinner or something."

"Did you say Laura?" Miss Parker took a paper from her pocket.

"Yes. That's his wife's name." Broots nodded.

Miss Parker showed them the paper. It said: Operation Laura


Jarod smiled proudly as he saw Sarah and Dylan coming towards him.


"Hey, Jarod!"

"I'm glad to see you worked things out."

"Yes we did. I promised to bring a glass of water with me to the bedroom every evening before going to sleep, so I wouldn't have to wake her by going downstairs."

"And I promised that from now on I'll try not to sing when taking a shower. Maybe sometimes...our special song?"

"That I can deal with."

He kissed her forhead.

"What about you? Will we ever see you again?"

"I hope so, but right now I have to go. For a change...I have to take care of some *big* things."


Mr Parker got out of his car. He was carrying a briefcase with money for his new business partners. He stopped on the corner of the street. Two other men came towards him. The men Mr Parker had waited for. Suddenly both of them took out their guns and pointed them on him, Mr Parker didn't understand what was going on, until another man stepped in front of him.


"So we've come to the end of the road." He was speaking calmly. "See these men?" He pointed at the men with guns.

"What's going on here? Carter? Hamilton?" Mr Parker asked, not sure if it was them, but it looked like them. The men didn't move.

"Don't even try. They aren't exactly who you thought they are, but no one has to know that. You see, the Centre thinks you were doing business with them. Now, I'm gonna go away...I have a romantic dinner planned...and a moment after I'm gone people are going to come onto this street. Actual people...not hired by me and they're gonna witness how Carter and Hamilton here are fighting about the money you have in your briefcase. In middle of of them accidentally shoots you. I don't want to ruin the suprise by telling you which one."

Jacoby grinned. His plan was working. He started to walk away. Mr Parker saw a couple turning into the street. He wanted to escape, but already Carter and Hamilton were fighting about his briefcase. Both of them tried to take it away from him. Suddenly they both stopped. Carter had pulled the trigger, but the gun hadn't fired.

"It's not nice to attact an old man."

Mr Parker, Carter and Hamilton turned their heads to the couple who was suppose to witness their crime.

"Jarod? Angel?"

"You all right daddy?"

"I'm...fine." Parker was shocked by everything that had happened. He looked at Jarod who stared right back at him. Parker knew that he was in no position to take him in. Instead he pointed at the direction where Jacoby had left. "Jacoby! You have to get him!"

Jarod and Miss Parker didn't move. "What!?"

"It's taken care of." Jarod pointed at a tiny bug on the briefcase. Mr Parker took a closer look.

"You recorded everything?" Jarod nodded happily

"People from upstairs had a Jacoby - Special tonight." Miss Parker added.


Jacoby stopped his car in front of a restaurant. He opened the door. Suddenly two Centre cars pulled right next to him. Six men came out. They walked right to him and forced him out of the car. He was powerless. They took him away. Away for ever.


"I hope things get back to normal now." Broots took a look around to see if everything really was back to normal.

"Nothing will be the same. Jacoby is gone, but he took the Centre's history with him."

"But Sydney, why do you think Jarod helped us and why did Miss Parker let him help us. That doesn't make any sense."

"That's because we will never know what happened at the time they were away."

"You're right, we'll never know."

They stood still for another moment untill Sydney put out the lights.

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