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Disclaimer : The Pretender and all character associated with it belongs to NBC and 20th Century Fox. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended

Note: This is a sequel to: sequel to: Dark Half

New Genesis
Part 1
By Holly

The Centre
Blue Cove, Del

The dark hallway was very quite since it was the end of another workweek for the employees of the Centre. Everything seemed calm except for the shadow that was slowly moving towards the tower office. he dark figure stopped as it paused and then slowly knocked on the one of the double doors.

"Come in Devon." The low voice said as Devon slowly opened the door.

"You wanted to see me?"

The chair was not facing Devon, as the man occupying it did not bother to register his presence.

"I just want to make sure we are clear on what has to be done tomorrow."

The man paused as he moved his chair around and faced Devon. The stranger’s face was covered in darkness since the office’s lights were turned off and only the far light at the end of the room illuminated on Devon’s silent form.

Devon merely coldly smiled back at him.

"Yes I know what I have to do. You don't need to remind me."

The man nodded and picked up the folder that was on his desk and slid it over towards him.

"Here are the rest of the details regarding the project. I'll expect a full report after you've completed the first phase."

Devon nodded as he picked up the folder.

"I understand." Devon turned to leave.

"Just one more thing?"

Devon paused as he looked annoyingly back at him.


The man dark form leaned ominously on his desk.

"Don't screw this up my boy. You know what will happen?"

Devon's face tightened in a cold hard mask and then he gave his most feral smile.

"I know."


San Maria, Peru

Amelia Velasquez stood by and watched as her niece Tessy was playing around with a soccer ball. Her seven-year-old niece was already showing the signs that she would grow up just like her mother. Tessy’s dark brown eyes seemed so much like her mothers, not to mention the dark hair that was done up in a pony tail. Amelia smiled as she thought about her sister who was probably having a great time enjoying her second honeymoon with her husband Marcos Her sister deserved it since she had been so busy with work and, not to mention having to raise three children!

"Look Aunt Amy!" Wailed Tessy as she balanced the soccer ball on her head. Amelia smiled, as she was about to compliment her niece until she was pushed.

Young Tessy growled out loud and turned to see her older brother Nicholas had the ball in one hand and a smug looking smile on his face. The boy was nine years old, with light brown hair and dark blue eyes and in Amelia's opinion was the spitting image of his father.

"Your going to pay for that you jerk!"

Nicholas merely looked knowingly back at her and stuck out his tongue at his sister.

"I'd like to see you try!"

Tessy gladly did as he requested by flinging herself at her brother but she missed as he effortlessly stepped away and was still holding the ball in his hand.

"Jeez you're slow! With your speed, there's no way you can even play soccer."

He put his hand out to stop her sister's punch and then merely grunted.

"Don't you know girls shouldn't play soccer. Go and play with dolls like a good little girl!"

Tessy remained silent for a few seconds and her brother began to take it as defeat but he was wrong as he felt her foot sweep under his, causing Nicholas to fall on his backside. Nicholas growled and quickly stood up.

"Your gonna pay for that you little brat!"

Amelia quickly stepped in between the two causing both children to gasp in surprise since they hadn't heard their aunt move towards them.

"That's enough children." Amelia looked sternly at Nicholas. "Leave your sister alone. Besides isn't it time for you to play with your friends?"

Nicholas looked at his watch and gasped as he ran off. Tessy looked curiously back at his brother.

"Hey wait! I want to come too!" But she wasn't heard since her brother had disappeared down the corner.

"Go ahead dear, I'm sure your brother won't mind you watching. Just don't get in his way or you'll be fighting again." Tessy smiled at her aunt and then ran off to follow her brother.

Amelia sighed as she looked at her young niece running eagerly away. Amelia smiled as she thought at how those two resembled both their parents whenever her sister and husband fought. Then her face fell as she began to think back another distant memory of the past causing Amelia to look sadly back at her old home. She had remembered wonderful times in this house with her family and friends. But then she remembered the dark times after the attack of the Rising Sun malitia group Her eyes grew distant at the horrors that she had seen happen to her and her mother and father. Another image replaced that dark memory with that of a young little boy as she thought of another distant place not long ago were she experienced her own hell, which she had been solely responsible for, but Amelia shut her eyes and pushed the memories away. She knew she didn't want to think of sad times.

"Aunt Amy?" Whispered a small soft voice. Amelia slowly looked down and saw her young niece Margarita. She squatted down towards her niece.
"Yes dear, did you want something!"

Margarita’s dark blue eyes looked shyly up at her, through the mass of dark brown hair that resembled Amelia’s own as she clutched her doll.

"I think I peed in my pants again!"

Amelia picked her young niece and began to walk inside.

"Don't feel so bad Margarita, it's not bad if this happens. You just haven't been able to control it yet. I'm sure you'll be able to hold it in when you're older."

The girl sighed in her arms and then looked at her aunt in disbelief.

"I don't think so. I'm four years old and I'm still doing it. Amelia smiled as she set her niece down in her room and began to look for fresh new clothes.
"Well if it makes you feel any better I was still peeing in my pants until I was five years old."

The child's eyes widened in shock.

"Really Aunt Amy! But you're so smart! Mommy said you could talk by the age of two!" Amelia smiled and then began to undress her niece.

"That doesn't mean I couldn't pea in my pants." She quickly dressed Margarita and turned her around to redo her hair into two neat pigtails. Once she was finished she set her niece down on the ground.

"There you go. Now you’re all set to go outside and play." Margarita smiled at her and then took Amelia's hand.

"Great! We can play dolls!" Amelia laughed and was led outside of the room.

As they were at the end of the stairs, Amelia stopped as she heard a car screech to a halt. She felt a prick of her senses beginning as she become alert. She stopped her niece and pulled Margarita behind her. Amelia didn't understand her reaction herself, but something told her something wasn't right.

"What's wrong Aunt Amy!"

Amelia put a finger on her niece's mouth as she silently sneaked towards the window. She peaked through and gasped as she saw several men who were dressed all in black, getting out of two four by four trucks. Amelia quickly picked up her niece and ran upstairs and straight towards her sister's room.

"What's wrong?" Margarita asked as she looked worriedly up her aunt.

"No-Nothing dear. I just think it would more safer right now to take the secret exit!" Margarita smiled in glee as she clapped her hands.

"You mean the one that mommy told us never to use!"

Amelia smiled weakly at her.

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