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DISCLAIMER: The Pretender and all its characters belong to NBC. Except Devon, he's all mine! ;-)

Dark Half
Part 1
By Holly

Miss Parker drove in a fast rush to get to her destination. She felt the terrible sense of dread and death deep in her heart. She should feel exited and satisfied that she finally got a tip on the whereabouts of Jarod but this had to be the worst timing in her life! She cursed Jarod as she thought this must be his fault in some way.

She looked down at the DSA case that lay next to her seat and then back on the road. She took out a disk from her pocket and sighed as she looked sadly at it.

Then from out of nowhere a gun shot was heard and the sound of her tire popping. She gasped as she began to feel the car swerving out of control. She tried to control the car and made sure not to step on the breaks even though the need was great to do so.

Another gun shot was heard as she heard the sound of the other tire popping. Miss Parker let herself cry out this time as she saw her car fly over the road and fly into the water that lay below. Her last thought was of her mother and how she may never avenge her death.


The Centre Blue Cove Delaware

“It’s been over two days now and we still haven’t heard from Miss Parker!”, Sydney snapped.

Mr. Parker’s blue eyes darkened as he looked up at Sydney.

“Don’t worry so much Sydney. I’m sure my daughter will get in touch with us as soon asshe can. She probably got a lead on Jarod. At least she’s doing her job. Unlike someone who is worried about something so trivial”

“Trivial?!!” Sydney walked closer to Mr. Parker’s desk and slammed his hand down on it.

“I’m telling you something is wrong. It’s not like her not to contact the Centre. Something must have happened to her. Can’t you just let me go look for her. While Broots can keep searching for Jarod!”

Mr. Parker slowly rose up from his chair.

“I will not have the search for Jarod be interrupted. Now go back and keep looking for Jarod. That’s an order” Sydney stepped away as his eyes glistened in anger.

“Fine. It wouldn’t be the first time you stood by and let this happen again!” Sydney walked away and slammed the door shut behind him. Broots rushed towards him and paused as he saw Sydney’s dark and angry gaze.

“Are you all right Syd?” Sydney kept walking as Broots followed.

“I can’t believe how cold Mr. Parker could be to his own daughter’s disappearance!” He’s gaze turned to Broots. “Were you able to track her cellular phone?”

Broots looked sadly back at him. “No I haven’t”

Sydney sighed as he tried to think of another way to find Miss Parker. Brootse’s eyes narrowed in concentration as he thought about the problem. Then it lightened as another thought came to mind. “Maybe you could ask Jarod to help”

Sydney shook his head as he reached his office. “There is no way of contacting Jarod at this point. I haven’t heard anything from him and I can’t send him an email since that time Mr. Lyle tried to lure him into a trap”

Broots looked sadly down as he put his hand in his pockets. “I wonder if Raines might be responsible?”

Sydney sat down on his chair as his eyes narrowed in concentration. “I thought that too, but I don’t think so”

Broots huffed in disbelief. “What makes you say that. Raines hates Miss Parker. He has every reason to kill her”

Sydney paused as he remembered the day before Miss Parker’s disappearance...

Sydney had come into his office and saw Miss Parker sitting in his chair. He could see she was visibly shaken about something. “Miss Parker are you all right?”

She looked up and then away as she composed herself. “I’m fine Syd. I just needed to ask you something.”

Sydney sat down across from her as he looked at her with concern in his eyes. “What is it Parker?”

She turned her seat to face him. “Did you ever meet the triumvirate or any one of the members while you were in charge of Jarod?”

Sydney shook his head sideways “They never showed their faces but they always had the DSA’S to let them keep track of Jarod’s progress” He looked curiously at her as he leaned closer towards her direction. “Why are you asking?”

She stood up as she began to pace back and forth. “I think I may have a clue as to my mothers murderer”

Sydney’s eyes widened in shock as he stood up. “Are you sure”

She stopped pacing as she sat on the desk. “I received a DSA disk at my home yesterday night” She paused in thought and looked away. “I thought it might have been from Jarod but I don’t think so. My gut instinct tells me it’s from someone else”

Sydney crossed his arms as his eyes filled with concern. “But who?”

She ran a hand through her hair. “I don’t know but I’m going to follow the clue the DSA disk is leading me too!”

“Where is the clue leading you too?” She stood away from the desk as she was about to leave. “California”

Sydney followed her to the door as he looked worriedly at her. “Be careful Parker this doesn’t sound right. You could be in danger if you are getting this close to an answer”

She nodded and then opened the door. “Don’t worry Syd I can take care of myself. I’ll see you in an hour. I need to look at this disk again.”

He put his hand out to stop her. “Can I see it?” She turned her head sideways as she tried to hide her fear. “No, not yet. I’ll show it to you and Broots tomorrow.” Then she rushed out of his office.

Sydney’s memory ended as he heard Broots calling his name.

“Sydney are you all right you seemed to be in another world” Sydney looked away and began to leave. “Where are you going Syd?”

Sydney paused as he looked back. “I’m going to have a look around Miss Parker’s house and you are going to keep a search out for Jarod. I don’t want Mr. Parker to realize that we are still looking for her.”

Broots nodded as they both left Sydney’s office.

Both men didn’t notice the dark figure that was silently watching them. He began to dial his cellular phone and as he moved his arm up to the light it only showed his black gloved hand. “They don’t know a thing.”, he whispered. Then he hung up and turned around to walk back deeper into the darkness.



She slowly opened her eyes as she saw the light shining in her eyes. She looked away and groaned as she felt the pain in her head. “Where am I?”

“Your in my summer cottage. I go here to relax but it seems I was sent here early to save you” Her head snapped back to look at him with surprise. “You saved my life?” He put the light away and smiled down at her.

“I’m Allen Foster, you were in a car accident and I found you and brought you here.” Her eyes widened in shock as she tried to get up.

“No don’t get up you took a nasty hit on the head. It looks pretty bad. You should lie down.” She lied back down and tried to push the pain she felt all over her body. She looked up into dark green eyes, brown wavy hair and she estimated him to be about six feet tall.

He sat beside her and took her hand in his. “It was a pleasure to save a beautiful woman in distress.” She smiled back and then flinched as she felt her head hurting again. “You need some rest so I’ll get out of your way.”

He paused as he was about to leave and looked curiously back at her.

“By the way I never got your name? I need to know the damsel in distress I saved.”

She laid back and then tried to concentrate and gasped as the realization hit her. “I don’t know!”

He walked back to her and took her hand and tried to comfort her.

“Don’t worry your memory will come back to you. It just takes a little bit of time. Now get some sleep, Doctor’s orders.”

She looked up at him with hope in her eyes. “Your a doctor?” He chuckled as he nodded yes. “Do you mean it! My memory will come back?”

He rubbed her hand in between his own. “Of course it will. Now get some sleep” She smiled back and closed her eyes to sleep.


Miami, Florida

Jarod opened the door to his latest apartment. As he walked inside he sighed and sat down to relax. He had been careful to keep the Centre away from him for six months. But he needed to see if Miss Parker had found out anything on her mothers killer. He chuckled at his false thoughts knowing he had missed there usual small chats. Jarod had also been thinking a lot of the kiss they had shared in Montana.

Jarod took out a photo of his mother holding him when he was a baby. He sighed and wondered if what Fenigor had said was true. He looked at his cellular phone and began to dial Miss Parker’s phone number. He heard a beep and then a voice.

“I’m sorry that number is no longer in service. Please check the number again.”

Jarod paused in surprise as he tried to dial again and got the same message. Maybe Miss Parker had decided to change her number after so many annoying calls from him. But Jarod pushed that silly thought away, he knew Miss Parker would never do that. She wanted to stay in contact with him so she might get a clue as to his whereabouts. Jarod had that small worry growing at the pit of his stomach as he dialed Sydney’s number.

“Yes this is Sydney.”

“What’s going on Sydney, I tried to call Miss Parker but I couldn’t get through?”

Sydney sighed in relief as he heard Jarod’s voice. “Thank god you called Jarod. Miss Parker’s missing!”

Jarod’s eyes widened in shock. “What! But when and for how long?”

Sydney sat down on his chair. “It’s been four days so far.”

Jarod began to walk around in his room. “What about her father. Hasn’t he been searching for her or called the police?”

Sydney growled in frustrations. “No he thinks she’s fine and probably following a lead on you. He won’t listen to me and told me to do my job”

Jarod sighed as he walked to the outdoor patio. “Did she talk to you before she disappeared? Or do you have any idea why she would be in danger?”

Sydney became silent, wondering if he should tell Jarod.

Jarod sensed his hesitation and whispered, “If you want me to find her you’ll have to tell me everything Syd.”

Sydney closed his eyes and hoped Miss Parker would forgive him. “She received a DSA disk that gave her a clue to your father.”

Jarod’s eyes widened in shock and then narrowed.

“How?” Sydney sighed as he looked up. “She said she found a DSA disk in her house. She thought it may have been placed there by you but--”

“You know I wouldn’t Syd especially if it had something to do with my real father.”

“I know that Jarod and Miss Parker knew that too. She had a feeling it was obviously someone else who put it in her home. But before she was about to investigate she had disappeared!”

Jarod looked out at the night sky in thought. “Did you see the disk?”, Jarod asked.

“No I didn’t. Miss Parker was going to show it to me the day she disappeared.”

“If you would have seen it you would have disappeared as well.” Sydney sighed and leaned on his chair.

“I still wonder what kind of clue is on that disk?” Jarod’s eyes darkened in anger. “Whatever it is Syd, it’s obviously something that no one is meant to look at. I think Miss Parker was set up to be terminated.”

“But why?” Sydney asked as his eyes widened at what Jarod was saying.

“I don’t know but I have to find her Syd. I need to know what she saw on that disk.”

Sydney grimaced and leaned back on his chair. “Is that the only reason you want to find her Jarod? Because of the DSA disk!”

Jarod leaned on the balcony and looked up at the moon. “You know me better than that Syd. I’ll contact you later.”

Then the line went dead and Sydney looked up at the ceiling and prayed that Jarod would find Miss Parker.



“So there you are I thought you had gotten lost in these woods!” Kate looked up as she saw Allen walking towards her.

“Sorry about that I just had the urge to take a long walk.” She looked up at the birds that were perched on the tree. “I just have so many questions in my mind. I feel like I just needed some air to try and clear my head.”

Allen nodded in understanding. “Don’t rush it Kate. Your memory will return I’m sure of it.”

She looked down at the ground. “I wonder what my real name is. I mean, you gave me that name but I know in my heart it’s not who I am.”

Allen put a comforting arm around her. She shrugged away as she felt uncomfortable in his embrace. “Sorry I forgot you don’t like getting close.”

She sighed as she looked apologetically up at him. “I’m sorry Allen. you’ve done so much for me, but for some reason I have a feeling I don’t get close to people that much. I wonder why?”

Allen shrugged and smiled down at her. “I don’t know but your behavior seems to be a sign that you may be getting your memory back.”

She sighed as she crossed her arms. “I don’t know Allen, Sometimes I wonder if I should get my memory back?”

Allen’s eye brows rose curiously. “What do you mean?”

She began to pace around and ran a hand through her hair. “You know I have nightmares at night of hurt and death. I see a woman who looks exactly like me being shot in an elevator for god sakes! Whatever life I lived obviously wasn’t a good one. I wonder if I’m better off not finding out who I am!” She hugged herself and looked up at the bright blue sky.

Allen walked closer to her as he patted her shoulder. “At least the pills I’ve given you have helped you sleep a little better at night.”

She looked up at him and smiled. “Yes they have helped. My dreams aren’t as vivid anymore. I want to thank you. You’ve really been there for me.”

He’s green eyes sparkled in the sunlight. “I’m glad to help Kate. Ever since that night I found you I’ve come to care for your well being and if you don’t want to remember then I’d like it if ---” He stopped as he looked shyly down at the ground.

She looked curiously up at him. “What is it Allen? You’d like it if what?”

“Could you stay with me here, in my cottage. I’d like to get to know you Kate and I want you to stay with me.”

She smiled up at him and nodded her head. “Yes I want too stay.”

Allen slowly smiled at her. “That’s wonderful Kate. I promise you. You won’t regret your decision.”


The Centre Blue Cove Delaware

Mr. Parker stepped into the main tower and stooped as he faced a man with short blond hair and steely gray eyes.

“Get out of my way Byron.”

The man merely looked down at him and crossed his arms. “Why Mr. Parker it’s a pleasure to see you too. The Triumvirate was about to call you. They just
stepped inside. They want to talk to you.”

Mr. Parker merely ignored him as he walked past him and into the Tower room. He looked at the table before him with three figures looking up as he entered.

“It’s about time you showed up Parker. For a minute there I had a feeling your daughters incompetence was rubbing off on you.”

Mr. Parker looked up at the man sitting in the middle. “At least I’m still here. Unlike Mr. Lyle who had that unfortunate incident with the Yakuza Mafia.”

The man stayed quite as he merely stared coldly back at him. He lit his cigarette as the light showed the deep dark hair streaked with gray.

One of the other members stood up and tried to stop their arguing.

“Enough of this! We need you both to work together in order to capture Jarod. It’s almost been three years! This has gone on long enough!”

Mr. Parker sat down and leaned back on his chair. “I can take care of it.”

The man sitting in the middle chuckled. “It doesn’t look like it Parker I think it’s time we give Devon a chance. He’s been trained and who better to catch Jarod then him.”

Parker stood up as he looked angerly down at the Triumvirate “My daughter can handle Jarod!”

“Your daughter has disappeared and has been too busy trying to find out who killed her mother. Face it Parker she can’t handle the job. Devon can finish it!”

Mr. Parker’s blue eyes sparkled in anger as he slowly walked towards the dark figure sitting in the middle. “And whose fault is it that she disappeared?”

The dark figure merely shrugged.

Mr. Parker leaned threateningly closer to the dark figure and growled in anger. “You killed her didn’t you!”

The man stood deadly still and looked up at Parker. “Of course I didn’t. How could you say such a thing.”

Then he looked both ways as he addressed the other two members of the Triumvirate. “I think we should give Parker a chance and see if he’s daughter will show up. Let’s wait two more days and if she doesn’t show up then I suggest we make sure she’s terminated and that my son take control of the re-capturing of Jarod. With no interruptions from Parker or Raines.”

Mr. Parker was about to protest but was cut off as the middle figure asked, “That is unless you are trying to protect your daughter Parker. Are you trying to put her well being over the importance of the Centre?”

Parker held back all the rage he felt building inside of him. He looked at the dark figure and quietly seethed. “Of course not. My only interest is the Centre. I accept your plan and I know my daughter will appear again. And if she does then your son must stay out of my daughters way in the re-capture of Jarod.”

The middle figure nodded his head in agreement and cheerfully said. “Fine, I know my son will be out there looking for Jarod soon enough.” Then looked back at the other members of the Triumvirate and they nodded there heads in agreement.



She could see the dark shadow approaching her as she felt fear over come her. “Who--Who are you?”

The man didn’t answer as he slowly approached her. He pointed his gun at her as she cried out! She saw a bright flash of light as she saw herself chasing after a man dressed in black. She called out his name....

Then her mind flashed again as she saw a young boy looking at her smiling down at her. In that instance she felt warmth and friendship deep in her heart. Then the boy began to disappear causing her to cry out for him to come back. She awoke in a cold sweat as she sat up and took deep breaths of air.

Allen ran into her room to see what had happened. “Are you all right Kate!”

Kate sighed as she held her head in her hands. “I wish this dream would stop haunting me.” She looked sadly up at him. “But I don’t think this is ever going to go away.” She sighed as she leaned back on her pillow. “But at least this dream was a little different.”

Allen’s face became impassive as he looked at her. “What do you mean? How?”

She thought back to her dream as she looked out at her window. “There was a young boy in my dream. There was..... something about him.” Her head furrowed in concentration. “I felt warm and happy with him,”

Allen green eyes darkened in concern but hid his expression as he looked away. “I think I should give you, your medicine. It seems like you need it.”

She looked up at him and then away. “No, not tonight Allen thanks.”

She laid her head on top of her hands and looked up at the ceiling. “I think it’s time I faced my past. I want to figure out who I am even if it is dangerous.”

Allen sighed and sat down on her bed. “Are you sure Kate. You’ve been happy here haven’t you?”

Kate looked at him and smiled. “Of course I’ve loved it here. But I need to find out who I am. I know at first I didn’t want to know and you keep telling me it’s dangerous for me and that I should stay here with you but--?”

He put his hand on hers. “I understand. I’ll help you any way I can. But can you at least take the pill so it can help you sleep. I’d hate to see you having nightmares again.”

She smiled as she nodded her head yes. He quickly went to the kitchen to get a cup of water and the sleeping pills. She sighed as she drank the water down and swallowed the pills. Kate felt sleep overcome her as she began to fall asleep.

Allen walked out of her room and went back into his own. He’s green eyes darkened in anger as he picked up his phone and began to dial.

“It’s me. Kate isn’t responding to her medication.” He paused as he listened.

“I agree.” He sighed and then looked out his window. “Yes it will be done tomorrow” He paused as he looked at a picture that was on his desk. “We’ll both be waiting for the helicopter to come and pick us up tomorrow night.”

He then hung up and looked sadly at the picture of him and Kate smiling together in the woods.


Weston, Vermont

Jarod drove down the small road and stooped as he looked to his map next to him. He could hear the tracking device beeping continuously telling him that he was close. He turned the device up and as he turned it down the mountain the beep turned into an alarm. He pointed the machine at the large river and the machine indicated that the car was in the river. Jarod was grateful to Raines for once, since he always had a tracking device installed in Miss Parker’s car. Jarod turned off the machine and began to drive the opposite direction down the mountain and towards the river. He stooped as he saw the river ahead and walked closer to the mountain. He bent down to examine the ground and found scrape marks. He followed the clue that led to the river in front of him. He closed his eyes as he pictured the car sliding down the hill and splashing into the river below. Jarod opened his eyes as he tried to push the image from his mind and got ready to swim below.

He swam deep into the river and in the darkness he could see a shadow of a large object below. He dove more quickly and felt his heart racing rapidly as he approached the vehicle. When Jarod approached he stopped and only looked at the car that lay ruined on the ground. He closed his eyes and gave a small prayer. Then he swam closer and his eyes widened in shock because he saw that the drivers-side door was open. He searched inside but found no trace of Miss Parker’s body. He looked on the bottom of the seat and found the DSA case. He took it and began to swim back to the surface. Jarod took in a deep amounts of air and quickly swam to shore.

He put the case in front of him and opened it but didn’t find the DSA disk. He swore in anger as he felt frustration well up inside of him. He looked around the woods in hope of an answer as too were Miss Parker could be. He got dressed and decided to look back at the map. Then he looked away from the map as he scanned the area with his eyes. He decided to take a drive around the area and hoped Miss Parker would to be alive. “She has to be all right.” Jarod whispered to himself.

“She has too!”

Kate walked deep into the forest as she went to her favorite place. Allen had told her that most of the time Vermont was covered by snow but in summer all you see are the lovely trees and rivers. She walked over to the large oak tree as and was rewarded with a wonderful view of the river below. She looked to her right as she saw a large brown rabbit coming out of the bushes. She smiled as she watched the small creature bounce away as it sensed her presence. She laughed and looked up at the clear blue sky and closed her eyes and felt the sun warm on her skin. Kate was glad she had worn shorts and T-shirt since it was so warm.

She sighed as she began to think about her dream again and began to remember the little boy in her dream. She must be close to him somehow and began to feel warm as she thought about the kiss she had given the boy. She must have liked this little boy very much and wondered if she had lost him? She looked sadly up at the sun and her eyes widened in shock as she could see that the sun was beginning to set. She looked at her watch and saw that it was already six thirty. She gasped and began to get up but stopped as she heard a car driving below.

Kate looked down and saw a Jeep driving just below were she was standing. She ducked down and felt the air rush out of her as she saw the driver. He had dark hair and somehow she knew he must have the dark luminous eyes. She sucked in some needed air and knew this man was from her dreams. Then her mind flashed to the same man she had been chasing after. She had called out his name many times before. But she blocked the memory away because she knew this man was trouble. She quickly stood up and ran back to the cabin.

Jarod stopped his car as he sensed someone watching him. He looked at the area below and then he heard footsteps. Jarod looked up and quickly got out of the car and ran up the large hill. He squatted down to examine the footprints and began to follow. He gasped as he finally caught site of the cabin and ran as fast as he could until he stopped in shock. He saw Miss Parker run inside of the cabin and slam the door shut.

Kate sighed as she leaned on the door. She looked outside the window and couldn’t see anyone around and closed her eyes in relief. She leaned away from the door and called out Allen’s name. She looked all over the cabin but found no one. Then she saw a note on the table in front of her. She picked it up and then rolled her eyes heavenward. “I guess I’m alone.”

“I wouldn’t say that.” said a deep voice.

She gasped as she turned around and saw the man she had seen earlier.

She looked hesitantly away as she stepped away from him. “What are you doing here?’

Jarod walked closer to her as he smiled smugly down at her. “You shouldn’t be surprised I found you Miss Parker. You know me well enough to know I’m capable of doing anything. Even finding you.”

She looked curiously up at him. “Who’s Miss Parker?”

Jarod looked at her in shock as he looked more closely at her. His eyes widened as the realization hit him. “You don’t remember do you?”

Her eyes narrowed at him as she put her hands on her waist. “No I don’t and you better tell me what you want from me.” She gasped as another thought crept into her mind. “If your here to kill me you better think again you wacko!”

Jarod smiled down at her as he tried to reassure her. “I’m not here to hurt you Miss Parker. I’m here to try and bring you back were you think you belong.”

She looked suspiciously up at him. “What do you mean were I think I belong?”

He sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. “It’s a long story I think we should get going because you are still in danger.”

She shook her head sideways and stepped away. “I can’t! Why should I? Besides I can’t leave Allen!”

Jarod’s head snapped back at her as he his eyes darkened. “Who’s Allen?”

She stepped closer to the window and looked out at the darkening sky. “Allen is the one who saved me and has been helping me ever since.”

Jarod looked at his watch and saw it was already seven o’clock. He sighed as he looked back at her.

Kate looked hesitantly back at him. “If your not here to kill me then why are you here?”

Jarod paused as he thought about an answer. “You were missing for a week and so I was sent to look for you.”

She looked at him and knew he wasn’t totally truthful with her.

Jarod looked curiously at her. “You don’t remember anything at all?”

She thought back to her dreams. “I remember chasing after you.” She paused as she looked back at him. “Why am I chasing you?”

Jarod sighed as he debated whether to tell her. He knew she would regain her memory but he hesitated and took a deep breath as he stepped closer to her. “Your job is too chase after me and to bring me back to the Centre so you could get your fathers approval and your freedom!”, he coldly whispered.

She gasped as she stepped away and looked shockingly up at him. “I ----- DON’T BELIEVE YOU! YOUR LYING!!”

Jarod stopped as he watched her horrified expression. He let his cold demeanor drop as he looked worriedly at her. He put his hand on top of her shoulders to comfort her. “I’m not lying Miss Parker it’s all true.”

She shook her head wildly and shrugged him off. “Why should I believe you!”

He sighed as he looked at her. “Because we have known each other for a long time and I know you better than you know yourself.” He looked away as he leaned on the wall. “Even though you would deny it. In your heart you know I’m telling you the truth.”

She looked up at him and then her mind flashed to the young boy in her dream. She gasped as she looked back at him. “Your the boy in my dream aren’t you?”

Jarod nodded and looked curiously at her. “Yes and you were the only one who was ever a true friend to me and kind to me.”

She gasped at the look on his face which seemed so earnest and sincere and thought back to the image. “Why--Why did things change between us?”

Jarod’s face turned to pure anger as he looked straight back at her. “Because you believed your father’s lies about me.”

She looked sadly up at him and could sense his deep anger towards her.

Jarod sighed and looked out at the night sky. “We can’t wait for your friend for long. It’s getting late and we can’t let whoever wants you dead to realize your still alive.”

She crossed her arms and began to pace back and forth.

While Jarod looked at her more closely. He was very surprised that she was alive, but relieved. Jarod was shocked at the clothes she was wearing. Jarod never imagined Miss Parker to be the type of person to wear anything casual. He looked away from her shorts and looked at his watch. “It’s up to you Miss Parker. But if you stay you’ll put Allen in danger too.”

Her eyes widened in shock as she looked at him. “You don’t mean that they would hurt him? But---But Allen doesn’t have anything to do with this mess!”

Jarod sighed as he reached out and slowly tipped her face to look up at him. “The Centre won’t care.”

She nodded in understanding as she quickly ran into her room and took out a piece of paper and pen and scribbled on the sheet of paper. She put the note down on
Allen’s desk and looked sadly at Jarod. “I was hoping to see Allen before we left.” She paused as she took a deep long breath. “It’s too bad I won’t be able to say good-bye.”

Jarod looked down at her and gave her a warm smile. “He’ll understand.” She nodded as they walked outside.

“So you were going to leave me without saying good-bye!”, snapped Allen who was covered in the darkness. Then a click of a gun was heard as Allen came into view. “You should know better than that Kate. You haven’t introduced me to your new friend.”

Jarod turned around as the light of the moon showed his face. Allen stepped closer to them both, his gun pointed straight at Jarod.

Kate gasped as she saw the cold angry look on Allen’s face. She walked in front of Jarod and put her hand out towards Allen.

“What are you doing? Put that gun down. He’s trying to help me don’t you see that!”

Allen still held the gun pointed at Jarod and looked coldly down at her. “Your wrong Kate he’s the one whose trying to hurt you. Don’t you see what he’s trying to do. He wants to take you away from me. He want’s to hurt you! I’m the one whose trying to protect you not him. Now walk over to me!”

She slowly closed her eyes as she felt so much confusion! She looked into Allen’s angry eyes as they stared past her towards Jarod.

She slowly looked behind her and saw Jarod looking darkly back at Allen. Then he turned his gaze at her and looked earnest and solemnly back at her. “Follow your heart Miss Parker. You know I’m telling you the truth.”

She felt deep sadness well up inside of her as she looked back at Allen and her eyes illuminated what she was feeling.

While Allen’s’ eyes looked angerly at her as he walked closer to her. “From the look on your face you’ve already made your decision.” His face turned to rage as he grabbed her arm and roughly pulled her towards him. “It’s too bad you don’t really have a choice in the matter Kate.” She looked at him with shock as she felt betrayed.

Jarod started to walk closer but was stopped as Allen held the gun pointed at him. “Not so fast! You aren’t going anywhere! Your going back to the Centre were you belong!”

Kate gasped as she felt her world crumbling down. She looked up at him with hurtful tears running down her face. “You----You work for the Centre!”

He looked sadly down at her. “Yes I do Kate. Don’t worry once Jarod is gone. We will go on with your treatment.”

“Treatment?”, Jarod growled as he looked angerly at Allen.

“Yes, you see when I return you to the Centre. Kate will come back to me. I’ll have to make sure she doesn’t remember any of this.”

Kate looked brokenly up at him as she felt total betrayal and anger build up inside of her. The anger seemed to form inside of her like no other kind of feeling she had ever felt before, it was even past the feeling of rage! Her head rose slowly as she looked coldly up at him. “Are you telling me you were the one who caused my amnesia.”

Allen sighed as he sadly looked at her. “Yes I did.”

She looked away as she felt all the rage well up inside of her. “How?”, she brokenly whispered. Allen looked apologetically down at her.

“It’s the pills. But Kate you must believe me when I tell you that I’m not to blame. He ordered me to do it.”

Her eyes narrowed at him as she slowly growled. “Who?”

Allen looked away from her and straight at Jarod. “I can’t tell you.” She looked defeated and sad on the outside. But inside the rage was building to the point were she couldn’t stand it anymore! Allen didn’t notice as he began to pull her away with him.

“Let’s go Kate.”

”MY NAME IS MISS PARKER!!”, she shouted as she elbowed Allen on the ribs and knocked his gun away from him. She then punched him on the jaw and gave him a quick karate kick on the groin as Allen cried out and fell to the ground.

Jarod flinched on that last move as he slowly walked over to her. “Are you all right?’

She looked down at Allen and then turned away in anger. “No I’m not! How would you feel if the person you cared about and trusted had betrayed you!”

Jarod sighed and put his hands on her shoulder. “I know how that betrayal feels Miss Parker. I’ve felt it twice!”

She couldn’t look at him and shook away from his grasp.

Jarod looked curiously at her. “Did you get your memory back.”

She looked back at Allen and then back at him. “Not all of it. It’s like I found a part of me once my anger took control of me, but there are parts of my memory that feel like a blur.” She began to walk away. “Let’s go, before I actually kill the bastard!”

Jarod sighed and nodded in understanding. As they were walking they heard a sound of a helicopter and looked up to see bright search lights scanning the dark sky. Jarod and Miss Parker looked at the helicopter in alarm and ducked into the bushes to hide from the search lights. The helicopter’s lights shined on Allen’s still form and then it began to land by the small opening not far from the cabin.

“Let’s get out of here before they find us!”, Miss Parker whispered Jarod looked at her and silently nodded in agreement but he stopped as he looked back at the dark figure who was slowly walking towards Allen’s still form. Jarod stood deadly still as he looked at the man, whose face was shown brightly by the helicopter’s search lights.

Miss Parker followed Jarod’s gaze and then did a double take and gasped. “Oh my god!”


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