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Disclaimer: "The Pretender" is a protected trademark and I'm Just borrowing the characters. I promise to give them back once I've used them, hopefully more or less intact

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Educating Ms Parker
part 1
by Giton

Sydney's front-room, Friday, early in the evening

“Stop broadcasting so loudly, Parker,” said Sydney, letting go of Ms Parker’s hands and pressing his own hands to the sides of his head as if that could stop her shouting inside his skull. Well, letting go of her hands had helped a bit. His own Inner Sense worked better while he was in physical contact with a person. Unfortunately it also worked rather well when he was in close proximity.

“Sorry, Sydney, didn’t mean to…”

“It’s not your fault, Parker. I should be teaching you better. Let’s leave it for half an hour before we try again, okay?” he was rubbing his temples painfully. Her last “broadcast” had given him a pounding headache.


Some weeks earlier

As he had expected, she had come to him shortly after finding out about her Inner Sense. Asking him the same question her mother had asked him all these years ago. “Help me understand it, Sydney, please! It’s driving me insane! I don’t know which thoughts are mine and which are other people’s.”

Of course he had agreed to help her, could he do otherwise? He had not been able to deny her mother, why would it be any different with the daughter?

He had decided that it would be better to have the sessions at his home, away from the prying eyes and ears of the Centre.

Ms Parker had a difficult time trying to understand what was happening to her. Her mother’s voice was coming to her unbidden. It was advising her, telling to trust her Inner Sense but she could make no sense of it. There were other voices too. She wasn’t sure anymore whether the voices were genuine or her own imagination running riot. Finally she had turned to Sydney, having homed in on his Inner Sense.

“What’s happening to me, Syd?” she had asked pleadingly.

“It’s your Inner Sense, Ms Parker.”

“Yeah, right, that’s what my mother’s voice is telling me, but I still don’t understand what it is and why me?”

“It’s the gift… or the curse,” he added softly, “that your mother passed down to you. That’s the ‘Why’. It had lain dormant in you, Parker. I have seen glimpses of it over the years but you had a natural talent, totally unknown to you, to block it. I didn’t want to force the issue. Or maybe I had hoped that it wouldn’t develop. For the ‘What’, we have to establish to what extent you have this ability, which direction it is going and than how to help you control it.”

“You mean you don’t have a straightforward answer what this is?”

“Each individual has it in a different form or sometimes even forms. Some have developed stronger senses some weaker. Some have never known how to tap into it and are blissfully unaware. Some have learned to control it, use it to their own or other people’s advantage. And some have let it control them completely and ended insane. No, Ms Parker, there is no straightforward explanation. If it is any consolation, I think yours was triggered when you found out about Ethan.”

“Does that make me a freak like Angelo or Ethan,” Ms Parker asked softly.

Sydney smiled gently at her and cupped her chin in his hand, staring directly into her eyes, he asked her softly, “Do you really see Angelo or Ethan as freaks? They are different, yes, and had the Centre not twisted their minds you might have passed them in the street and not even known they were special. Am I a freak to you? Or was your mother?”

“Why you, Sydney?” she asked in wonderment

“You know the answer, Parker. Why else did you come to see me about it?”

“I just wanted to know what is happening to me.”

“With time, we will find out.”

That’s when they decided to have the sessions.



“It is all so frustrating, Sydney,” she said when they had settled down, after Sydney had downed a few aspirins to help ease the headache, “We had, what, three sessions now and I still don’t know what is wrong with me.”

“There is nothing wrong with you, Parker, on the contrary. As I said before, it is an extra sense. To some it’s a gift, to some a curse. See it as an extra arm. It can be handy sometimes or very much in the way of doing things. I’m here to help you control it. Once controlled it might act as a gift.”

“Why do you keep contradicting it?”

”What do you mean?”

“Well, you keep saying it is a gift, but than on the other hand that it could also be a curse. Why?”

“Ah, I see what you mean. I meant, if it can be controlled it can be wonderful, to you and others you might be able to help. If it’s uncontrollable, when it is intruding rather than helping, it can be a curse. Look at Angelo. He’s an empath, He can’t control it, he feels other people’s emotion very strongly and he can’t shut it down. It’s driving him to the point of insanity. Ethan only controls it to an extent. Luckily he’s faring better now since he’s learning to control it.

In the end your mother was finally able to control it. With it she helped many children in the Centre. Unfortunately, the Centre’s policies stood in the way.”

“What about yours, Sydney?”

“What about mine?” he asked evasively.

“Is it a curse or a gift to you?”

”A bit of both really,” he answered truthfully, “Luckily mine did not develop until I was in my teens. I would have gone insane if it had developed when I was still in Dachau. For a while I saw it as a blessing, when I was able to help others with it. But something happened, which made me shut it down for quite some time. I was able to help your mother. And then the Centre’s policies…” he did not continue. She had no need to fill in the blanks.

“Did Jacob have it?”

”Yes, but his was not as strong as mine, except when we were together. He treated it as fun, as he did with most things in life.”

“What is mine?”

“Well, for one thing we have established you are a receiver,” he explained when he saw the questioning frown on her face, “Its evident so far that you can pick up messages from, for want of a better term, ghosts like your mother. We don’t know yet if you can receive messages in the telepathic sense. You sensed me, but to what an extent you can receive, needs to be seen.

You must be able to send them, judging by the “loudness” (-he rubbed his temple with one hand and a smile on his face-) but we don’t know its range yet. A combination of sending and receiving is not uncommon. You might even be mildly empathic.

As you can see, it is not easy to pinpoint your ability yet. I know it is difficult but you have to have some patience.”

He saw that she tried hard to understand, He also saw her impatience bubbling to the surface.

“You want to try again?”

“If you’re up to it.

They were sitting opposite each other. As before, Sydney lightly held her hand in his own. Their eyes were closed to help them concentrate. Sydney’s soft and gentle voice guided her along, “Okay! Try to relax,” he said, keeping his own Inner Sense tightly in control while still monitoring hers, “That’s it. Now, try to open up your mind… slowly, don’t rush it. Picture something which made you happy.”

Although he had been prepared to the way she transmitted, the vibrancy of the colours she was projecting nearly blinded him, “Easy, Parker,” he said in a tight voice, “Don’t push it too hard.”

The colours toned down somewhat, “That’s it. It will be less of a strain to yourself and others if you do it gently. Now try and make the picture clearer, as if you are standing away from it.”

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