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Disclaimer: I do not own The Pretender or anything affiliated with it. It is owned by TNT, NBC, and Steve and Craig. No profit is being made and no infringement is intended.

Author's Note:
Another random drabble.

Summary: They smile at a memory of the past that has become the present. He smiles back.

by: chopsticks


She looked at him and felt the tears well up. She tried to smile and will the tears away, but no such thing was possible. They made little rivers down her cheeks.

"Is this what he looked like at this age?" She had never seen him when he was this age.

"Yes." He remembers seeing him at this age on the DSAs.

"We never saw him at this age." A statement of fact to her companion, her errant husband.

"No." He agrees easily, for it is the truth she, his errant wife, speaks.

The boy looks over at the companions (husband and wife) and smiles timidly. They smile back.


the end.

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