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Disclaimer: NBC/MTM and TNT own them , I don't. This is written for amusement only so please don't sue. I don't have much money anyway...

Title: In the cards
By: Chris
Spoilers: absolutely none
Rated: G


Parker was sitting at her desk and stared at the glass in front of her. It contained only water even if she wished it were something else. The weather was ugly, rain was pouring down her window and in the distance thunder was rolling. She knew Lyle had left his cabrio open, so he would have a wonderful new bath-tub, she mused. This day was everything but amusing for her so she told herself to stop smiling and make a serious face again. Broots entered the room and gave her the daily mail. It were lots of letters and Broots just stood by her desk while she looked through her letters. Before she opened the first one she turned towards Broots and looked at him. Without another word he turned and left the room. She shook her head and opened the first letter. Nothing interesting. Then she held a card in her hands. A picture postcard with palm trees, a wonderful sunset, a sky red as flames and an ocean. For a short time she let her mind wander, imagined the warm sand beneath her feet, heard the waves rolling upon the shore, smelled the salty air. She snapped back to reality. Who had written this postcard? She turned it around and read the sender: JAROD.
"Hello Miss Parker, I bet you're surprised to receive a postcard from your favorite labrat. I'm sitting at the beach a drink beside me, relaxing. I've just finished my latest pretend and am on my way to the next one. Do you want to know something? I kinda miss you. Yes, you've got me right, I miss you. Your hunting me, your calling me labrat, your large blue eyes... I've met a young girl with amazingly blue eyes. She's so gorgeous: Well. she's only 5 years old so she's no real rival for you. She's living here on Hawaii (so you know where I've been, but don't set your hopes too high, I'll be long gone when you receive this card). To give you a hint, the place I'm planning to visit next is not far from here and has something to do with Pearl Harbor. I'm sure you know what I mean. I hope to see you there (I know you've been there before) I'll write another card there. Greetings Jarod."
What was that supposed to be? A hunting down? Didn't he have anything better to do than sending her silly postcards? Pearl Harbor? She called for Broots and when he came in she instantly bombarded him with questions. He looked at her and somehow she regretted having asked him so many questions. She looked at the stamp and suddenly she knew where she had to search Jarod. Broots looked at her. She showed him the stamp which was dedicated to the fallen of the Pearl Harbor attack. Jarod was in Japan. She called her father on his cellphone and told him that she was off to Japan with Sydney and Broots.
The Centre jet already waiting, they started the take off and were on their way to Japan, to find Jarod. Another time, another try and Parker hoped this time she would succeed in catching him.

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