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Disclaimer & some personal notes:

Its TNT and/or NBC playground – I don’t really know which. They own the characters, dialogues, plots, quotes etc. These analysis are for pure entertainment only – mostly my own.

About the analysis:
Ok, this will NOT be an episode guide, though you will find plenty of spoilers! My analysis are purely subjective, my opinion, my take. Simply for the reason that I’m the one on the keyboard!

Disagree with me? Let it be heard! Give feedback and gimme hell if you want! Write a note or your own take!

Special Note:Don’t expect me to go into any length about the pretends, because I won’t. For me its only about the characters, their individual development in each episode and their interaction with each other. The central theme for me is the Centre-related story, and only when the pretends and the people Jarod meets along his travels, are important to his character development or the Centre-related-plot, I will pay attention. And more often than not you will wonder if the series’ main character might be Miss Parker and not Jarod. She of course is as important to the show as he is. Even when her scenes are only short in an ep., you might be surprised at the length I can go about it. It’s a personal thing. I was drawn into the series by her character, and I do regard her not only as very important but also as my favorite one. Go, and hate me for that. *grin*

Oh, and of course, obviously these have been written all AFTER I saw it all. So sometimes I can go ahead of the series – I will try to not do it too much though and try hard to not dwell on it a lot.

And take into account that these analysis are NOT betaed! My first language is German so please don’t mind the inevitable errors!

Review of ‘Keys’
Season 1
Ep. 117

Keys is the episode that most fans call the beginning of a possible romantic ending for MP and J. I believe most viewers regard it as the ‘first’ real shippery story. Though for me the idea of a remote possibility at a romantic relationship was established long before this ep. I was certain of a peculiar love-hate-relationship ever since episode three.
Nevertheless, Keys is the first ep where the grown up MP and J finally meet eye to eye. And there were quite some exchanges of looks, that I’m sure made the hearts of every shipper beat faster.

The two actors’ interactions sizzled. There were moments I thought my screen will catch fire. Really! Electrifying chemistry these two share!

Since it was a more Centre-related story than usual, the pretend of Jarod played not such a huge part..

The moments that Jarod and MP share on the island are of course a highlight. It was wonderful to watch the scenes, first when Miss Parker has Jarod tied to the chair and later the situation is turned around and she gets tied to the pole by him.

Personally I was a bit angry at Jarod for, first rescuing her but later leaving her back, securely tied up. Not at the fact he did it, but HOW he did it! Consider this: he saves her from the maniac who wanted to kill them both and then he leaves her in the SAME room with that killer! How smart was that hero-genius? Ok, Jarod had that killer trapped in a steel-cage, but he should have known her! Of course Miss Parker comes up with an idea to get out, and this time she doesn’t need Jarod to come to her rescue.

But she also gets out too late to catch Jarod, so the pretender gets away once again, smiling and waving at the frustrated and defeated woman, arriving just seconds late.

But for me the major highlight of this ep are two different scenes at the Centre. Two encounters of Miss Parker, Raines and Mr. Parker. One scene at the beginning and one at the very end. The latter was Miss Parker’s return and her grand entrance in her father’s office. It is in fact the first time we are introduced to Mr. Parker and I was pleased to realize the character is played by Harve Presnell. I have known him for long, but remember him mostly for playing the father to another strong tv-woman. *grin*

We have seen Miss Parker angry, impatient and revengeful before, but never like in this scene. She grabs Raines by his oxygen-tube, closes his air-support and leans in, while her father watches on (with considerable pride in his eyes I must add). For the first time she really stands her ground against Raines, for the first time she throws down the gauntlet, daring him to mess with her. What a difference these scene is to her earlier meeting with Raines and her father at the beginning!

The reason for this new demeanour of course is revealed in the story-plot. Trapped in the storm on the island and tied to the pole by Jarod, she starts to remember an important occurrence of her childhood. Memories spurred by the thunderstorm and a few words by Jarod.
She remembers that her beloved mother had been beaten, and then she finally remembers who was the man that left her mother bruised and bleeding. Raines.

At this memory, Miss Parker’s relationship to Raines changes considerably and for good. And this is not only a great moment in this ep, it’s also very important and telling for future episodes. Where she was quite intimidated before, she is now not backing down anymore and only full of open hatred for Raines.

All in all, a great episode with some major character-development (mostly Miss Parker) the introduction of Mr. Parker and some very funny moments as well. Some hilarious lines! Give it 5 points of 5!

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