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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM and NBC Productions and used without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

Nothing bad is meant by us mentioning Steven and Craig... After all, we love them cuz they created our favorite show... we're just having a good time at basiacally everyone's expence, so please don't take it seriously and sue... : - )

A Talk With the Creators (Dedicated to KB who finally convinced me to join in!)

Pretender Payback
PART 20: A new LIGHT story
by Niceole Levy

The characters were shouting out questions so fast that Craig and Steven were clearly being overwhelmed. Fearing the whole meeting was deteriorating into a screaming match, KB and Danielle : - ) stepped between the characters and their creators.

"Hold on you guys, you can't get any answers if you don't let them talk," KB yelled loudly, bringing a sudden silence into the room. Jarod and Miss Parker looked at each other, and then at Sydney and the younger versions of themselves and at all the others who had joined them. Then, Miss Parker shrugged.

"She's got a point."

"Okay then," Jarod continued, "one question at a time. First, what is up with this no last name thing."

Craig and Steven looked at each other, and then Craig hesitantly ventured an answer, "Well, uh, Mich--, I mean, Jarod -- we wanted to be able to keep the audience guessing about who your real father was, so we couldn't give you a last name that could be traced back to any of the potential dads."

"And did you ever wonder how I would feel about not knowing who my father was? You know, I've spent three years looking for him -- and then, I finally find him and you two make sure I lose him by shooting her." At this, he shrugged towards Miss Parker.

"And what is up with that? Didn't you already give me a hard enough time by nearly killing me once with the god awful ulcer thing and by killing my boyfriend? Like I really needed to get shot in the back too."

Now Steven, still very confused, decided to join in, "Well, Miss Parker, we didn't plan on causing you any permanent injury. You must know that. You're way too important."

Suddenly a loud, obnoxious screech was heard from the back of the group of characters.

"What about me? I'm important."

The creators and the writers looked to see that Brigitte has stepped to the forefront of the group, a lollipop stuck between her lips as usual.

That prompted Niceole to step to the front of the writers.

"Well, boys, is she important? I certainly hope not, because quite frankly the whole Brigitte and Mr. Parker thing is pretty gross and I'm really counting on you to resolve that quickly!"

The two men were trying to decide what to say when Miss Parker, unable to resist, jumped back into the conversation, "And while we're on the subject of things to resolve, what is it with the whole sexual tension thing? I mean, do you realize what you put in the minds of these writers by making Jarod and I stare dopey eyed at each other every chance you get? They have me having children for god sakes -- This one, what's her name, Niceole had me having three!"

Craig, now a little angry, looked at Miss Parker, "Hey, it isn't our fault that Andrea and Michael have such great chemistry, it just happened. Believe me, we didn't really plan it that way -- I mean, for a long time, I thought Miss Parker was Jarod's sister -- but then, I don't know, it just happened."

Miss Parker crossed her arms and glared at the Craig with such intensity, that he reached over and pulled Steven in front of him. Taking advantage of the momentary quiet, Steven decided to speak up, "So, wait a second. Can I ask a question?"

The writers all looked at each other, and then at the characters. What could it hurt?

"Go ahead." The response came from Shaddyr, who stood shoulder to shoulder with Niceole and KB, ready to stop any arguing that might result from the creators question.

"Okay, you all watch the same show with the same characters and the same story lines -- so how is it that you all come up with such different ideas about the show?"

The writers looked at each other now, amazed. Were the creators admitting that they read the stories each of them had worked so hard on? Danielle: - ) eyed them suspiciously, "What exactly do you mean, different ideas?"

"Well, like Niceole here. I know she's only written one series, but clearly she's totally hooked on the idea of Jarod and Miss Parker ending up together. But KB seems totally opposed to that -- in fact, I think she even gave Jarod some other true love to take Miss Parker's place. And then there's that whole Jarod is gay thing -- where did that come from?"

"Well," Shaddyr replied, "We all have our own reasons for loving the show, and that make us wish it would work out the way we want it. For instance, some of us really love all the darker aspects of the show, like all the Centre intrigue, and other people really love the pretends and Jarod's do-gooding."

"That would not be me," Niceole added. "Give me the Centre baddies at work any day."

"So," KB added, "does that answer your question?"

"I guess so," was all Steven said.

"Guys, uh, this has been really, really fun," nervous laughter followed Craig's words, and then he continued, "but if you guys want a new episode every week until November sweeps are over, you better let us get back to work."

Everyone looked around and there seemed to be agreement between both writers and characters that it was time for the meeting to end. Still there were a few conditions to letting the creators leave.

"Promise that you'll tell us who killed Thomas this season," said Niceole.

"And that you won't forget about Major Charles and the Clone for months, like the story never happened," said Rebekah.

"And that you will talk to those jerks at NBC and tell them to do more promotion for our show -- we happen to want it to stick around for a while longer," added the Princess of Hate, whose rather intimidating muse was glaring at the two men.

"And," added Jarod, "give me a love interest. I haven't had sex since the first year I was out."

"Just make sure she's not prettier than me," added Miss Parker, who winked at both men, making them blush.

"AND you have to let us know what happened to Miss Parker's Bunny- you *do* remember him don't you? The one you had Jarod give her the first Christmas, who was never heard from since??" Danielle : - ) was very glad to to finally let them know how much this bugged her.

The two men gave their promises and then vanished back into the vortex of their reality. Soon, the writers left to go back to their stories, and Jarod and Miss Parker and the others were left to wait and wonder what would happen next.

Niceole Levy

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