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Disclaimer: Like always, they are not mine and I don’t intend to make any money with them. I’m just writing this little story for fun. So please don’t sue.


To End The Evil


Nearly thirty years

It was April 13. Nearly thirty years before her mother had died in an elevator.

Well, at least it was what she believed for most of her life. She knew now that her mother didn’t commit suicide on that day all those years ago. She was let to believe it and she did for a long time. But now she knew that this wasn’t what had happened.

Her mother was murdered some month later by Raines after giving birth to Ethan, hers and Jarod’s half-brother.

But even if her mother died several month later, April 13 would always be the day for her to mourn.

Today was no exception.

She was walking to her mother’s grave clad all in black, dark thoughts on her mind.

The only difference to all the other years was that Lyle was walking next to her.

When he had appeared on her doorstep in the morning just before she wanted to go to the graveyard, she was angry.

She wanted to be alone on this day. It was her time to think about what had happened till this day.

When Lyle then had told her that he would accompany her to their mother’s grave, she had been ready to shoot him.

She didn’t want him anywhere near her mother’s grave. Not when she herself was there and especially not on this day. If it was for her she didn’t want him there ever.

Her mother was a special person and Lyle was not worth standing at her mother’s grave, mourning. He was just too… ‘sick and perverted,’ she thought.

Lyle had been very persistent in his request to accompany her.

“Com‘on, Sis. Why don’t you let me come?” he had asked her.

“Oh, you know exactly why I don’t want you anywhere near mom’s grave, Mr. Psycho!” she screamed at him.

“You know I’m not that evil,” he exclaimed a hurt expression on his face.

“Yeah, sure. Tell that your great-grandfather! Or, no, better not. He will probably believe you for it was him who founded the Centre in the first place,” she growled.

“Sis…,” he pleaded.

She was ready to reject him again when she heard her mother’s voice in her head.

“Let him come, precious,” she whispered in her mind.

‘Mom, you don’t even know this man. I don’t want him there. He is…’ she thought back.

“Let him come,” her mother whispered again.

“Sis? “ Lyle asked again.

“Ah, to hell with it,” she snarled. “Lyle, if you make even one wrong step, one statement I don’t like, I swear to god, I will make you pay. Is that clear?” she threatened, advancing on him.

“Crystal! Shall we go now?” Lyle asked, backing away slightly.

“I will regret this,” she swore under her breath.


And here they were, walking together through the graveyard.
When they reached their mother’s grave, they both noticed the bouquet of flowers lying on the ground, in front of the gravestone.

Parker went over to the flowers and kneeled down to touch one of the rose petals.

“You think someone else was here today, to mourn?” Lyle asked.

“N-no. The bouquet is from me. I called the florist and had her sent the bouquet,” Parker replied quickly.

In fact, she had done nothing like this. But she already had an idea where the bouquet came from. She scanned it over and saw a small corner of a piece of paper lurking out of the flowers.

“Aha,” was all Lyle said.

“Yeah, they did a good job,” she said, again touching the flowers and quickly drawing an envelope out, all the while effectively blocking Lyle’s view. Tucking the envelope securely away into her coat pocket she then straightened and slowly went back to Lyle’s side.

They stayed at their mother’s grave for some time neither saying a word.

“Come on, let’s go,” Lyle said, slowly turning away.

Parker, too, straightened. She quickly scanned the area while turning.

Localizing Jarod standing a in the distance slightly covered by an old tree, she pattered her coat pocked, looked at him and nodded curtly. Then she turned and followed Lyle.

Jarod just smiled slightly and went to the exit opposite to where the twins were headed, where his car was parked.


After dropping Parker off at home, luckily Lyle went his own way.

Parker had feared that he would keep on staying right besides her during the rest of the day. She was relieved that this wasn’t the case.

She slowly slipped out of her coat and went into the living room. After pouring herself a glass of wine she sat down on the couch.

The visit of her mother’s grave had been a strange one. She didn’t feel as close to her as she usually did while on the gravesite on this day.

She didn’t need to pretend to be the person the Centre had forced her to become in front of her mother. She could mourn openly but with Lyle next to her she had been forced to constantly stay on her guard. She had not been able to relax and feel her mother’s presence.

Somehow she felt unsatisfied.

She toyed with the thought of returning to her mother’s grave now that she was alone again but she dismissed that thought. She didn’t feel like going there again.

Taking a small sip of wine she pondered what she should do next.

Her thoughts returned to the visit earlier that day.

It had felt strange being there with Lyle; and then the flowers. What did Jarod want to accomplish by that.

‘The envelope’ she sat straight up on the couch. ‘How could I forget the envelope?’ she thought to herself.

She put her glass onto the coffee table and quickly went to fetch her coat.

She searched through the coat and swiftly pulled the piece of paper out of depth of the pocket.

Returning to the couch she turned the envelope over and it nearly fell out of her hand.
On the front stood:

To my precious angel” in her mother’s handwriting.

Shivering slightly she sat down on the couch and stared at the envelope.

She gently touched the writing. Turning the paper again and opening the envelope, she pulled out two sheets of paper with shaking hands and unfolded them.

Taking a deep breath she started to read…

To be continued…

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