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Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, I believe that NBC has the official right to manipulate these characters, but like others, I like to wonder what they would do in *my* world. Indiana Jones belongs to Lucas Films, just another fan here, don't sue. Please do not archive without my permission. (at the very least you'll guarantee another hit on your site :)

Author's Note: Hi all, This is a sequel to "Never Stand on the X" well, maybe not a sequel, but I've got a bit of a theme going here. BTW '//' means that the movie characters are talking-Gables

X Marks The Spot
By Gables


Detroit, Michigan

Jarod sat with his arm around Kim. After their first dinner date, they began to see each other more often, at least when he was in town. Tonight they were at his apartment watching movies. She was disappointed that he actually wanted to watch the movies, but figured it was ok, because he *should* see the Indiana Jones trilogy. Of course, she didn't plan on watching all three of them tonight. He had checked out all three and the movie marathon began.

Jarod looked down at Kim and realized that she was asleep. He adjusted his body so that she could be more comfortable, but the movement woke her up instead.

"Has he saved the day yet?" She asked with her eyes closed.

"No, The Last Crusade just began."

She yawned and tried to snuggle closer to him hoping that he'd get the hint. Jarod relaxed when she moved and turned his attention back to the TV. Dr. Jones was lecturing to his class about what archeology really is. Jarod laughed to himself when he saw how oblivious Dr. Jones was to the girls who were staring wide eyed at him.

//Archeology is the search for fact - Not truth. So forget any ideas you have about lost cities...//

Jarod nodded. Kim looked up at him.

"You've been an archeologist too?"

Jarod mysteriously smiled, "I've done some digging to search for some facts about the past."

//...We do not follow maps to buried treasure, and X never, never, marks the spot.//

Jarod laughed.

"Now what?"

"Sometimes it does."


Same time
Abandoned Warehouse

Miss Parker, Broots and Sydney arrived at Jarod's latest lair, again, too late to catch him. The warehouse's main feature was a raised platform about eight feet off the ground. Miss Parker climbed up the ladder and stood in the middle of the square platform, arms on hips looking down at her colleagues.

"Any ideas why Jarod is building his own stage Syd?" She asked with a hint of disgust.

"Perhaps Jarod just wants to look at the world from a new view."

"He can just as easily from atop a box in the Centre."

Broots walked around the box and noticed what looked like a door.

"Miss Parker? I think I found something."

Before she could move, Broots tugged on the door. It didn't open, but he and Sydney heard a squeak, and then a thud.


Broots looked up to see why Miss Parker was yelling at him, but realized that she wasn't on top of the box anymore.

"Uh Miss Parker? Where are you?"

"Inside the box you IDIOT! I fell though a trap door!"

From inside the box, Miss Parker could see only two things. First was the rope that had been the link from the door that Broots pulled to the latch under the trapdoor. When he had pulled the door, the rope was pulled too and the fragile knot holding the trapdoor's latch in place was yanked undone. That's when the trapdoor gave way. The second thing she saw was the trap door, swaying back and forth, slightly squeaking, with a big red 'X' painted on it.

"Miss Parker, are you alright?" Sydney's calm voice came in through the opening.

She looked up at him, and instead of being calmer, she got even madder. Sydney was laughing at her! That's when she realized all of what happened. When she fell thought the trap door, her fall was momentarily stopped by a tarp. The tarp quickly gave way and then she fell onto a pile of feathers. Seeing the feathers, it was no surprise to see that the tarp's purpose was not only to slow her down, but to also coat her in honey. When she hit the pile, feathers were launched into the air and came down, sticking to her honey-covered clothes. Jarod had effectively tar and feathered her.

Broots tried the door again, but still nothing happened. Miss Parker walked over to the other side and unlatched it with a disgusted flick of her hand. She swung the door open, almost hitting the techie, and stormed out.

Broots looked up at Sydney, who was still standing on the box. He hoped that his normally somber friend could stop the laughter that was about to erupt at the expense of his boss. Sydney was hoping the same thing. Both failed.

Miss Parker stopped walking and turned slowly around. She glared at them. "If I *ever* hear about this again, you two will be covered with honey and sharp thorns!"

Broots and Sydney stopped laughing at her words. However, once she left, and thy began to survey what Jarod left behind, they started laughing again.


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