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G. Barton

It was Halloween and he was still on the run. Watching parents get their children
ready for the night, Jarod didn't know what to think. Ghost, goblins, witches,
black cats, vampires, Power Rangers, and many many more, he was so amazed. What is
Halloween? he thought.

He sent a nice little present to his dear friend, Miss Parker, which is something
he liked to do often. Since it was Halloween what better time to send her a present.

When Miss Parker arrives to her office early Halloween morning, she finds a box addressed
to her. It starts to make a noise and moves. Scared to see what it was. She opens the box,
to seewhat kind of sick joke someone is playing on her. A black cat jumps out. The cat
scares her so that she jumps out of her chair. Just when she is about to read the card
to see who it is from. The phone rings, "What" she answered.

Who else but Jarod is on the other end. "I hope you like my gift." he replied.

"It was lovely," replied Miss Parker sarcastically as she lights up a cigarette.

Sydney walks in about that time and finds a black cat laying on her desk. Jarod hangs up the phone.

"I see you are into the spirit of Halloween this year Miss Parker." replies Sydney with a smile.

Exhaling a cloud of smoke Parker answered, "Very funny Syd. It is a present from your boy. He thinks
this is funny but I have news for him, I'll get even. Get this cat away from me, will you Syd. You
know I can't stand them."

Putting the cigarette out, Sydney and Miss Parker walk down the hall and run into Mr. Broots. "See
if you can find something on Jarod's where abouts, Broots, since he left me a little present."
replied Parker.


Meanwhile after his phone call with Miss Parker, Jarod noticed a little girl sitting on some steps,
crying. He goes over to see what's the matter. She tells him, she doesn't have a caostume for the
Halloween party. Jarod not understanding what Halloween is, asked her about it. She thinks Jarod
is funny. She introduces herself, "Hi, I'm Ryan and what is your name?"

"I'm Jarod and it is a pleasure to meet you Ryan." answers Jarod sweetly.

"Here comes my mom and she doesn't look happy." replied Ryan softly.

"Mom this is Jarod, Jarod this is my mom." replied Ryan.

"Hello" they both said at the same time.

"My name is Susan and I am sorry my daughter is bothering you. I have told her about talkingto strangers."

Jarod said, "It's no problem. She was telling me about not having a costume for the party. If you
don't mind, I would like to help."

"I appreicate it but we will come up with something. We have to go now." Susan responded.

She takes Ryan's hand and walks away.

"Bye, Jarod." Ryan yells to him.

"Bye, Ryan" Jarod yells back.


Later in the afternoon, Jarod calls Sydney. "What is Halloween? I don't understand why people dress up in costumes
and beg for candy." replied Jarod.

Sydney replied, "It is a holiday that children dress up and people hand out candy from door to door. By the way,
Jarod, what was the black cat for?"

"I thought Miss Parker might be lonely and would like some company. Besides it is Halloween. There are stories
about black cats and Halloween." Jarod said as he hung up the phone.

Broots and Parker enter Sydney's office at the same time.

"Have you found anything Broots?" Parker asked hastly.

"No, I haven't but if you don't mind I will continue searching from my desktop at the house. Debbie has a party to get
to and I promised her I would be home early to help her with her costume." replied Broots softly hoping Miss Parker
would not be upset.

Raising her voice, Parker replied, "Not until you find something Broots. I want Jarod and I want him now."

"Come on Miss Parker, this is Debbie's and my first year together. I want to be there. I promised her.
I bet your mother was there for you." replied Broots as he lowered his voice.

"let him go, Parker." replied Sydney.

"Okay Broots but you better have something by tomorrow ot you will wish you were here tonight. By the way,
what is Debbie going to be?" Parker replied.

"She going to be a business woman. She wants to be like you, Miss Parker, when she grows up." replied Broots.

"You better get going before I cahnge my mind Broots." parker said with a smirk in her voice.

"I'm going, I'm going." replied Broots heading for the door.


It is starting to get dark so, Jarod gets ready for his first Halloween. First, he stops by to see Ryan
and gives her a Princess costume. Ryan and Susan tell him, "Thank you, but you didn't have to."

Jarod answered in a sweet voice, "I like to help my friends." Then, he explains he has to get going.
Ryan smiles at him has he walks out the door.


Now for his next plan. He has to get ready. He dresses in black, putting on a cape. He adds white makeup with red blood
drops coming from his chin, with fangs in his mouth, he is ready. He has a few people to visit. As Jarod walks down the
sidewalk on his way to visit his old friends, in Blue Cove, he runs into Miss Parker, smiling at her. She was just the
old friend he wanted to see. She walks right by him and stops to turn around. Thinking she just saw Jarod, Sydeny yells,
"Wait up, Miss Parker."

When he catches up with her, he says, "What is wrong? You look like you saw someone you knew."

She said, "That vampire that went by looked like Jarod."

Sydney replied, "You are imagining things."

"No, it was him. It was Jarod. After him Syd!" replied Parker.

"Come on, Miss Parker you have been after Jarod for so long now. You think everybody is him.
Besides if it was him, he is gone now. Do you really think he would be in Blue Cove? He wouldn't
be this close to us. Come on, I'll walk you home." replied Sydney.

Sydney gets Miss Parker home saftly. She puts her key in the lock and turns the knob when she
hears, "How did you like the cat?"

She turns around to find no one standing there. Thinking she has imagined the whole thing, the
black cat runs into her house as she opened the door. Closing the door behind her and thinking
'What a day?' She gets ready for bed when she hears a knock at her door. She goes to the door
and finds a vampire standing there.

He replied, "You didn't answer my question. How did you like the cat?"

She reaches over to the table and grabs her gun and says, "Jarod, I know it is you and this is
not fuuny. I'm tired of your little jokes and games."

He stands there smiling at her, not saying a word. She starts yelling, "I mean it, Jarod I'm
tired of it. i am taking you in."

He just standing there again, smiling and not saying a word.

She is getting pissed becasue Jarod is not saying anything. he is just standing there like he
doesn't hear a word she says. Then hearing an alarm, she turns to see where it is. She realizes
it was her alarm and it was all a dream. She gets gets up and starts to get ready for work,
hoping today she will be closer to bringing in Jarod.

The End

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