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Disclaimer: We all know who owns 'em, and it certainly isn't me. Also, I have to apologize to KB and Danielle :-) for this - I just couldn't resist. I'm coming down off a stress high (flute recital today...), so I'm in a bit of a strange mood....

Pretender Payback
PART 13: Throw a little light:
Sequel to Prism and Light
by Trisha

"So who do you want to start with," the writer asked him, "That is as soon as you finish dressing."

"Then would you mind waiting outside the door," Jarod asked politely.

"No problem," the writer left her perch and closed the door.

"Well did he accept?" the burnished-haired writer asked.

"Yep! Now to see who he plans on torturing?"the other writer smiled, knowingly. The door opened and Jarod emerged refreshed and dressed in black chinos and a form fitting tee.

"So Jarod, since you agreed to this act of retribution. We are willing to let you decide just who you want to exact revenge on."

"Oh that's easy," Jarod strolled puposefully into the office of the librarian and walked directly behind Lyle.

"Hey! Thumbs! Do you know that old saying that paybacks are a b****?" Jarod growled lowly, "well guess what?"

Realizing that he was in trouble, Lyle cowered in the office and glared as if trapped in a steel cage used for rabbits. He could do nothing as Jarod advanced, pressing his fingers against his neck, backing him up against the desk.

"I was always afraid of you? You're just a little coward, a quivering bowl of jello. Do you think they are going to help you? Not a chance. This is payback time for my brother. You're alone!" Jarod hissed.

Lyle was pressed against the desk.

All of Jarod's rage and frustration came to the surface, his fingers grasping Lyle's throat. He choked and gagged, his face turning red for strain. Jarod glared into the hated face, saw only desperation and fear, he then growled as if looking into a port-a-potty. He stopped. He eased up.

"Damn," he muttered, "You're not worth it! You're pond scum."

To everyone's amazement, he pulled Lyle to his feet and turned a frightened Lyle over to Parker.

Jarod found himself strangely amused and pleased by Lyle's pitiful display. Sydney was smiling at him in some kind of ironic pride. It felt good. Shaking his head, he leaned one hip against the desk and commented," Thanks! It was worth losing control if only for a moment!"

The writers had gathered in the doorway and rewarded him with a laugh and a round of applause that made him feel like----well, like royalty.

"Hey, Parker, perhaps you would like to torture someone. To tell the truth it felt absolutely wonderful," Jarod whispered in her ear, grinning.

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