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Title: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
Author: Rising Sun
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Summary: Four men sit in a bar and lament the loss of love.
Classification: Cross Over
Disclaimer: NONE of these characters are mine! No copyright infringement intended. All other characters depicted are purely fictional and any similarities to actual people are purely coincidental.

Author’s note: Desiderata is by Anonymous.
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Story written – May 15, 2002



Submitted for your approval: Four men in a bar, three Commanders and a bartender on a stop over on a hot summer night.

It looks like a bar like any other that will serve what you what. But this bar is different. On this night this bar will serve what is needed for this bar is located in … The Twilight Zone.

First Man:

I am now reduced to this… sitting at a bar instead of going home. Staring into my flat beer and thinking of what could have been. Ten years I formed the ass and I finally lost her. It’s not as if Mac left me. We were never together but like all others she got tired of waiting and moved on. Now she’s Dogrobber to SECNAV and I’m still waiting to be made JAG.

Life sucks.

Second Man:

This had got to be a low of all lows. I’m pretending to be a bartender. I’ve been astronauts and doctors, FBI Agents and drug addicts and now a bartender in this dive.

God look at these three all military and all sorry excuses for men.

“Hey!” one calls me “another beer!”

This’ll make four. I know the brand by now. I saunter over and place the bottle in front of him.

Harm’s POV:

That bartender looks like he’s in no hurry as he moves to answer my order and when he does arrive he slams the bottle down spilling half of it.

“Watch it!” I yelp.

“The name is Jarod.” He turns round and addressed the others. “Not oi or hey… but Jarod.” He moves back to the bar.

I fell compelled to reciprocate “I’m Harm.”

The one at the bar says “I’m Will Riker.”

The other at the door says “Crichton.”

Crichton POV

Oh just fine and dandy, one without a will and the other who looks harmed and me in a corner.

Ayren – where are you!

Ricker POV

I suppose the force that creates an Imzadi can only suffer so much. It’s bad enough being apart but when faced with the assembly line of woman that have come my way it was only a matter of time. I need a plan. Now that she’s gone I know I need her.

Jarod POV

If these three leave I’m locking up and never coming back here. Oh no! Another one is walking in.

A woman entered the bar and the four men stare.

“Mac.” Harm would know her anywhere.

“Ayren.” Crichton was relived to see her safe and sound.

“Deanna.” Will sighed.

“Miss Parker!” Jarod was stunned.

Not one man had vocalized his emotion.

The woman made her way to the bar. “May I have a drink of water please?”

She’d ordered water yet each man heard …

“Tonic water and lime.” Good she was still on the wagon. Harm was glad.

“Samarian Sunset.” Deanna’s taste hadn’t changed Riker observed.

Crichton wondered at whether Ayren should be drinking.

“… Vodka!”

Jarod didn’t argue. Parker’s ulcer would do that soon enough. “Coming right up!” He placed the glass before her and the four men were hypnotized by the simple action of her drinking. Once finished she placed the glass down. “Thank you.”

She began to feel uncomfortable as the four men studied her. “Is something wrong?” she asked.

“Not a thing.” Crichton assured her. “In fact come have a seat.”

At the suggestion the other men came to life. “Yes! Have a seat!”

“No!” She said too quickly. “I’m fine. I’m waiting for someone. He’ll be here soon.”

The word HE’LL stopped the onslaught.

Harm slumped back into his chair and the words tumbled through his mind He’ll be here soon. HE’LL!

Crichton just stared… another man!

Riker and Jaord thoughts echoed the shock of the other men.

The atmosphere of the room thickened as the door opened and a man walked in. “Hey.” He greeted the woman, moved to her side and gently oh so tenderly gave her a quick kiss on her lips. She kissed him back.

Brumby! Harms’ blood ran cold. She went back to … to… that… Brumby!

Jarod became resigned. If somehow Thomas had escaped his perceived fate and made his way back to Parker then so be it.

Riker stared. He’d heard about Deanna and Worf but only now that he was seeing for himself did he believe.

Crichton’s thoughts were murderous. If I had a disrupter I’d shoot both she and that half-breed Scorpious. I think I’m going to be sick! My Ayren and Scorpious – how sick is that!

“Let’s get the hell out of here.” The woman whispered urgently to the man.

The men watched as the couple walked out the door. As they approached the threshold the woman stopped and turned. Each man watched his lost love as she looked from one to the next. She was moved to say something but changed her mind, turned and left.

The door closed after her leaving the four as she had found them. Three Commanders and a Bartender.


It has been said, “With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.” For these four men of action – inaction has been their downfall.

As time wound its web around them – they may have been able to break the first thin thread but with each opportunity ignored another revolution occurred until the rope that time has spun now mummifies them.

And so as the beautiful world ticks by they’ll remain seated in …

The Twilight Zone.

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