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Disclaimer: NBC and MTM own them, I don't (who else will do in the near future?? If I had enough money, I'd buy them and produce the next season myself!). This is a piece of non-profit fanfiction, written for amusement only. Please don't sue. The lyrics are taken from "The Corrs" and belong to them.. This is a sequel to "When you wish.."(which is a sequel to "Only when I sleep" and "What can I do"). I suggest you read the others first.

Title: Don't say you love me
By: Chris
Rated: PG-13

I've seen this place a thousand times
I've felt this all before
And every time you call
I've waited there as though
you might not call at all

Parker was still standing in her garden, holding her cell phone. She stared at it and wondered if this call had really happened. Had she really invited him to come over? Did he really say yes? She couldn't believe that she had done it, that she had actually asked him. Her garden suddenly seemed so different, the color of the sky seemed to change, everything seemed to smell different, seemed to look different. She stared at the glass in her hands, wondering if she had taken another bottle than the one with the whiskey. She put the cell phone on the table inside and put the glass down. Then she decided otherwise and went to the kitchen, poured herself another drink and went back outside.

I know this face I'm wearing now
I've seen this in my eyes
And though it feels so great I'm still afraid
That you'll be leaving anytime

Jarod stared at the phone in his hands, not quite believing what Parker had just said. I could use some company. Oh my, that meant that she was really lonely right now, else she would never have admitted it, and he would be the last she would tell. He wanted to see her right now, take her in his arms, smell her, breathe her, take her. He looked around the room. His latest pretend was over and he had planned to visit someone he hadn't seen for a long time but he decided otherwise. Parker needed him now, and he needed her. He packed his bags and left the usual red folder. He knew Broots and Greene or Lyle would show up here soon. He locked the door and went to his car. When he reached his car he decided it was time to change tactics and went back upstairs to his apartment. He took the red folder, ripped out a side and tossed it onto the table. He took the folder with him and left the house again.

We've done this once and then you closed the door
Don't let me fall again for nothing more.

Parker sat down on the wet grass and stared at the stars. Last night she had dreamed of someone kissing her. Why did she dream such a thing? Did she really love him or was this just a make-believe? No, she really had to love him because she invited him to come over and had told him that she was lonely. When was the last time that she had admitted a felling to someone? And who cared anyway? Maybe Sydney and the techie. He adored her but-- No, no distractions right now. She thought back to her teenage years when she had kissed Jarod for the first time, when she had told him her name, her real name. Then she had went to college and had left him behind. Not only him but her feelings as well. Since then she had changed to become an icy princess with no love to warm her heart. And today would be the day to change things.

Don't say you love me unless forever
Don't tell me you need me if you're not gonna stay
Don't give me this feeling I'll only believe it
Make it real or take it all away

She was afraid. Afraid of really falling in love with him. Afraid of the Centre finding out that she had found him and hadn't told anyone. Afraid of being killed like her mother had been. But otherwise she was curious. Curious how Jarod managed these things. Curious how he had changed since their last encounter. Curious how he would be as a lover. AS A LOVER?? Where the hell did that thought come from? Was is desire? The desire of being loved or being taken?

I've caught myself smiling alone
Just thinking of your voice
And dreaming of your touch is all too much
You know I don't have any choice

Jarod drove down the road in a rather fast pace. He knew Parker was in the same town he was in. Did she know he was in Blue Cove as well? He hoped not. He wanted to surprise her, wanted to see something in her eyes, that special glow he had seen when he had seen her the last time. He imagined her surprised look when she faced him. What would she do? Kiss him? Fall into his arms? Or would she play icy princess again? Would she deny their talk on the phone? He thought back of her change in tone during the phone call. At first hard and somehow far away. Then her tone had softened and she had nearly sounded vulnerable.
Somehow he was afraid that she would reject him again, that she was only playing with him, that she had set a trap for catching him. He wanted to believe this was just his imagination, that he somehow suffered from persecution mania but he couldn't get the thought out of his mind.
His car stopped in the neighborhood of Parker's house. He got out and sneaked through the darkness. He reached her house and stared at it for a while. There were no lights, no sign of someone being at home. He went around the house and stood there, hidden from the moonlight. Parker was lying on the grass, the moonlight reflecting on her auburn hair and her white night-gown. She looked so vulnerable, just like a dream, like an angel. He stepped out of the shadow and approached her. The thought of a trap still in his mind, he looked around. She was alone. Not only in the sense of nobody else being there but also lonely.
"Parker?" he whispered.
She jumped at his voice and a sharp scream escaped her lips.
"Don't you dare doing this again, Thom--. Jarod?"
A sad smile played around her lips.
"You've been dreaming of him again, did you?" Jarod asked.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to--"
"It's alright. By the way, nice to see you."
"This isn't a trap, is it?" Jarod asked, still conspicuous.
"A what? -- No, it certainly isn't. I just wanted to see you."

Don't say you love me unless forever
Don't tell me you need me if you're not gonna stay
Don't give me this feeling I'll only believe it
Make it real or take it all away.

They stared at each other without saying a word until Jarod took a step forward and brushed her cheeks with his lips. Parker said nothing, just stared at him after he had stepped back again. Then she stepped forwards and kissed him. Hesitantly she took his hand and dragged him towards the door. Jarod shook his head. He took her other hand and then sat down on the grass and motioned for her to do the same. Jarod's white shirt and her night-gown shone in the moonlight and she leaned against him. From the distance their frames merged and they virtually became one.
Only virtually?


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